TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

February 26, 1997

Meeting Notes

Meeting Location: Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, Austin Texas 

PRESENT: Advisory Board Members: Marty Adamson (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), Arne Almquist (University of North Texas), Dr. M. Lisa De Gruyter (Texas State Library), George Huffman (Amarillo College - Ex Officio), Dr. S. Joe McCord (University of Houston - Clear Lake), Elaine Wells (University of Texas Health Center at Tyler)

Management Team: Jo Anne Hawkins (University of Texas at Austin), Joan Heath (Southwest Texas State University), Kathryn Hoffman (University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), Sue Phillips (University of Texas at Austin)

Recorder: Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa (University of Texas at Austin)

ABSENT: Advisory Board Members: Dr. E. Dale Cluff (Texas Tech University), Gilda Baeza Ortego (Sul Ross State University), Benjamin Wakashige (Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi), Robert A. Seal (Texas Christian University - Ex Officio)

Management Team: Bonnie Juergens (AMIGOS)


The meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. by Joe McCord, TexShare Advisory Board Chair, who welcomed everyone in attendance. Joe introduced new board member, Marty Adamson, director of The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Library. Members introduced themselves. 


Electronic Information Programs:

Sue Phillips reported that ABI Inform and Periodical Abstracts had 88 simultaneous users in fall 1996 (user capacity is 100). The maximum use in January was 79 users. At any one time there are 19 users on average. Peak use time is 3:00 p.m. There have been no complaints about response time, data problems, etc. The databases are most heavily accessed by Texas Tech University and The University of Texas at Arlington.

Board members discussed the possibility of providing training sessions for TexShare member institutions regarding the electronic information resources. Members felt this was definitely an option that needed to be pursued.

TexShare Interface: Sue passed out color printouts of the TexShare web interface. The homepage spotlights the TexShare Z39.50 Gateway (in beta) and the Results of the 1996 Automation Survey.

TexShare Select: The deadline for institutions to express interest in purchasing the Minolta Overhead Scanner through RACOM at the special TexShare price is February 28th.

The Electronic Information Working Group will be meeting in Dallas on February 27. Agenda items include service for 1997 and TexShare Select. Sue will present information on Dialog at CARL and Literature On-Line by Chadwick-Healy for the group's consideration. Dialog at CARL consists of 200 Dialog databases on a Web interface through CARL. Literature On-Line requires no license agreement.

Sue commented that the Working Group may consider electronic journal databases in PDF format. PDF format would require that TexShare have more sophisticated equipment to access files in PDF format. Sue asked Board members for advice on this issue. The consensus of the Board was to remain open to the possible purchase of PDF-format databases.

Library Card Program:

Jo Anne Hawkins reported that the Library Card Working Group met on January 31 in Dallas. The group reviewed the success of the program and found that it is well-used and that problems have been few. Forty-six of 52 TexShare members are participating in the program. AMIGOS produced a press release about the Library Card Program dated February 20, 1997, which was sent to local newspapers in all TexShare member cities.

The University of Texas at Austin will soon be mounting a template on the TexShare Web interface for member institutions to use for supplying circulation policies.

TexShare brochure and card: The Working Group decided that there is a sufficient stock of brochures and cards and that the wording is still up-to-date. Changes may be made after Legislative intent is clear on the future of the TexShare program.

The Working Group reviewed the TexShare Library Card Agreement and made modest wording changes. TexShare member institutions will receive the updated version of the agreement.

The Working Group decided that statistics would be collected annually instead of semi-annually from now on.

Courier Service Program:

Jo Anne Hawkins provided copies of the "TexShare Request for Proposals for TExpress State-Wide Document Delivery Service," dated February 21, 1997, along with the list, "TexShare Libraries by Zip Code," dated January 9, 1997. The deadline for courier responses to the RFP is March 28. It is anticipated that document delivery service will commence in late spring.

ILL Protocol and Document Delivery:

Joan Heath reported that the revised "TexShare Interlibrary Loan Protocol" was distributed to TexShare member institutions along with a request that they state if they will participate in the Interlibrary Loan Program. To date, 34 libraries have responded that they will participate; 5 will not. Thirteen institutions have not responded. All medical libraries have responded (6 will participate; 6 will not).

Joan thanked Marty Adamson for responding positively to The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas Library's participation. 

Joan Heath commented that it is time to focus on load-leveling with the goal that more medical libraries might be able to participate. There will soon be a focus group meeting including general academic and medical libraries to discuss load-leveling.

Joan commented that Nancy Paine, member of the Interlibrary Loan Protocol Working Group, recently completed a report on load-leveling based on OCLC statistics. The report will be mounted on the TexShare listserv soon.

It was suggested that the medical libraries be polled to determine what titles they are loaning. There might be a database that can be purchased that will cover many of the titles in question, thus decreasing the load on medical libraries.

Joan Heath recently put out a call for nominations for filling two seats on the Interlibrary Loan Protocol Working Group. One of the seats is for a medical science library; the other for a general academic library. Joan received nominations for 12 individuals. New members will be announced soon.

Document Delivery: Accuracy of account statements is still a concern with the TexShare Document Delivery Service. Joan will further encourage TexShare members to use the service and to provide feedback to her.

Acquisitions Council:

Kathryn Hoffman reported that the vacancies on the two councils have been filled. However, chairs for the councils need to be filled. There has not recently been a meeting of the Texas Acquisitions Council or the regional councils. When the councils meet they will discuss revising and updating the local holdings survey which is now two years old.

A press release targeted for the general public is being produced for the TexShare Access to Local Holdings Program grants awarded this October to five institutions.


Joe McCord reported that two of the three major items the Texas Library Association requested from the legislature have appeared in House Bill 997. The request for additional funding for TexShare to expand to include community and private institutions has not been filed in the House.

Joe reported that the TIF Board has appointed a Library and Telehealth Advisory Committee.

Joe requested help from board members to statistically quantify the cost effectiveness of TexShare.


Sue Phillips reported the following: 

  • The next two meetings of the board will be May 21 in Dallas, and August 12 in Austin. 
  • A draft of a color brochure for TexShare was passed around. Bonnie Juergens requests input from Board members on changes in approach or content. 
  • TexShare funds paid for each requesting TexShare member library to receive a copy of updated Ariel software. Requests must be received by March 28. 
  • TexShare funds paid for TexShare library staff to attend the video conference on the OCLC ILL Microenhancer conducted by AMIGOS on February 25. 
  • Sue and Bonnie traveled to St. Louis to participate in the Consortium of Consortia meeting. Over the three days of the meeting, 12 vendors gave 1.25-hour presentations to Consortium members. The Board meeting packet included a list of Consortium attendees and participating vendors. 
  • Susie Thompson has begun her job at AMIGOS as the TexShare Administration Assistant. 

Chair Joe McCord adjourned the meeting at 1:35 p.m. 

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