TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

October 23, 1997

Meeting Notes

Meeting Location: Texas State Library, Austin, Texas 


Advisory Board Members: Martha C. Adamson (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), Paul Dumont (Dallas County Community College District), Marsha W. Harper (Abilene Christian University), William P. Hobby, Dr. S. Joe McCord (University of Houston - Clear Lake), Gilda Baeza Ortego (Sul Ross State University), Robert A. Seal (Texas Christian University)

Management Team: Dr. M. Lisa deGruyter (Texas State Library), Jo Anne Hawkins (University of Texas at Austin), Joan Heath (Southwest Texas State University), Kathy Hoffman (University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center), Bonnie Juergens (AMIGOS Bibliographic Council, Inc.), Sue Phillips (University of Texas at Austin)

Recorder: Ellen Cunningham-Kruppa (University of Texas at Austin)


Advisory Board: George Huffman (Amarillo College), Nelda Laney



FY97 Chair Joe McCord welcomed members to the 1st meeting of the FY98 Board. Board members introduced themselves.



Bonnie Juergens commented that meeting agendas would address broad planning and management topics in the early part of each meeting; reports on working group activities would be the focus of the latter half of the agenda.



Joe McCord nominated Bob Seal for FY98 Board Chair. Marty Adamson seconded the nomination. The vote for Bob was unanimous.

Paul Dumont nominated George Huffman for Board Vice-Chair. Marsha Harper seconded the nomination. The vote for George was unanimous.

Bob Seal nominated Gilda Baeza Ortego for Board Secretary. Marty Adamson seconded the nomination. The vote for Gilda was unanimous.

Joe McCord turned the meeting over to Bob Seal.


TexShare FY97-FY98 Transition Review

New Member Start-up Activities Report

FY98 Membership:

Bonnie Juergens referred to the list of TexShare Member Libraries, noting that the list is current as of September 20 and that it is posted on the TexShare Web site. Member libraries are listed by their tier.

Bonnie referred to a letter from Bob Martin addressed to Presidents or Chancellors of Texas institutions of higher education, informing them of the expanded TexShare and of their institution's eligibility to participate in TexShare. Bonnie referred Board members to the list of attachments that accompanied the letter.

Bonnie referred to her e-mail message detailing implementation dates for TexShare programs that was sent to TexShare members October 22. The following dates apply:

TExpress Courier Service: November 3, 1997, for libraries signed up by October 15, 1997

TexShare ILL Protocol: November 15, 1997

TexShare Card Program: DATE NOT SET. 

The TexShare Card Program Working Group will provide guidance about expansion of this program. The revised Working Group, which will include representatives from the community college and independent members of TexShare, will not be able to address this before December 1997. A start date and procedural guidance from the Working Group are expected in early 1998. Bonnie commented that library cards are good only at libraries participating in this part of the TexShare program.
Bonnie referred to the "FY98 New TexShare Members" list, which details the various programs in which individual institutions are participating. Sue Phillips commented that this list is now on the the TexShare Web site.


TexShare Tier Assignments for 1997/98:

Bonnie discussed the TexShare tier guidelines:

Tier 1: 10,000+ FTE students or 750,000+ volumes

Tier 2: 2,000-10,000 FTE students or 100,000-750,000 volumes

Tier 3: <2,000 FTE students or <100,000 volumes

Membership at each tier level as of 10/22/97 is:


Tier 1 7 8 5
Tier 2 26 28 23
Tier 3 18 15 11

Bill Hobby asked if TexShare had investigated extending participation to private corporations. Bob Martin commented that the Texas State Library could investigate the economic development of doing this with the Department of Commerce.

Non-Subsidized Programs:

Bonnie discussed programs which are not subsidized by TexShare, e.g. TexShare Select, for which charges are passed through to institutions choosing to participate in those programs. TExpress is an example of a program for which the charge is based on the service itself, e.g. if an institution elects to have multiple pick-up and delivery sites, the institution would be charged for each site.

Working Group Nominations:

Bonnie commented on the process of nominations for working groups . She sent out a call for nominations October 22. There is a two-week turnaround on nominations, and only directors of member libraries may nominate individuals.

Start-up Training:

Bonnie discussed the three categories of start-up training currently provided: Mark McFarland and his staff who are working with technical support staff at TexShare libraries

Training of reference staff of TexShare libraries participating in the Electronic Information Program on how to use the OVID interface

Introduction to TexShare for administrators. Bonnie has been providing this training around the state and invited Board members to participate.


TEXSHARE Activities at The State Library

Bob Martin reported that the search is ongoing for the head of the Resource Sharing Division. Some candidates have been interviewed.

Bob referred to two letters with regard to reimbursement of expenses for Board members: one from Representative Bob Hunter to John Keel, Director, Legislative Budget Board; the other from John Keel to Bob Martin. The latter letter affirms that reimbursement is available only for the expenses of the public members of the TexShare Advisory Board. Thus, there will be no meeting expense reimbursement for Board members who are representing library constituencies. It is assumed that their institutions will cover travel expenses. However, working groups will receive reimbursement for meeting expenses under the Texas State Library's contract with AMIGOS and The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries.

Bob also announced that David Gardner will serve as liaison from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board to the TexShare Advisory Board.


Working Group Reports

Electronic Information Programs:

Sue Phillips noted that AMIGOS, The University of Texas at Austin General Libraries, and the Texas State Library are working together to make certain that the TexShare Web site is inclusive of all information needed by participating libraries.

ABI/Inform and Periodical Abstracts:

The peak use of libraries entering via Telnet access was 63 users in September. Many libraries are migrating to Web access. The server is nearing its limit and the UT Austin General Libraries is arranging a server upgrade installation, which should occur by November 1.

The Working Group is focused on making ABI/Inform and Periodical Abstracts available to all TexShare libraries as of November 1. Fifty-three new member libraries have registered IP addresses with TexShare as of October 22. Bonnie commented that AMIGOS will be invoicing new participants soon.

A preview server for OVID has been available to TexShare libraries. This service will be coming down in mid-November.

Federal Register and Commerce Business Daily:

The licensing agreement with Counterpoint has been renewed.


The Working Group is in discussion with Chadwyck-Healey to set up a four week TexShare trial of LION and other products in January, 1998.

ERIC/TexShare Library Instruction Sessions:

OVID has offered to make the ERIC database available at no additional cost. TexShare will purchase a more robust server on which to put the TexShare copy of ERIC, and use a UT General Libraries server as an ERIC training server. ERIC's availability will be announced as soon as the new server is up.

Bob Martin presented a number of issues to the Board with regard to providing access to databases to TexShare institutions and to public libraries, both constituencies now served through the Texas State Library. A discussion ensued with regard to the future direction and make-up of TexShare.

Bob commented on the economies of scale and combined purchasing power that might be realized by planning jointly for the resource needs of TexShare program participants as well as public and school participants in other TSL programs.

Bob Seal asked Bob Martin to appoint a working group to consider and make recommendations on the future technology basis for TexShare programs. The technological strategies for TexShare recommended by this group will be used in planning the TexShare budget submission for the next legislative session. Bob Seal would like to see a preliminary report from the working group by the next Board meeting in January.

Joe McCord commented that TexShare is spending just over $1.00 per higher education student in Texas. Georgia's GALILEO is spending over $11.00 per student. Bonnie will distribute to the Advisory Board Members the comparison statistics Joe has compiled.

Interlibrary Loan:

Joan Heath reported that the ILL Protocol becomes active for new members November 15. No changes have been made to the Protocol.

Statistics for ILL activity have been mounted on the TexShare Web.

A notice has been posted to charter TexShare members that this is the last semester for UMI service.

Bonnie commented that she projects that TexShare will have somewhere around $75,000 left in the UMI account at the end of the calendar year. The use of these resources will be addressed by the Board and the Management Team at the end of the year.

Joan commented that she will convene the ILL Protocol Working Group this semester to discuss a variety of issues that have been arising and, depending on how the issues are resolved, determine whether changes to the protocol are necessary.

Bonnie commented that institutions should not sign the Protocol unless they can meet the requirements. However, not signing does not mean that an institution cannot participate in ILL with other TexShare libraries. They will participate using the some procedures and tools they have used in the past.

TexShare Card and TExpress:

TexShare Card Program

Jo Anne Hawkins presented the following:

Second full year of the program ended August 31, 1997

46 participating libraries

Will mount program statistics on the TexShare Web Site

Next steps for TexShare Card Working Group
Address issues of transition to expanded TexShare membership 
Production of cards, brochures 
Work with TSL on new procedures to gather and compile program statistics
Establish mailing list for Card Program liaisons at participating libraries 
Goal is to extend 1998 program new Texshare members by early 1998. 
TExpress Courier Program 
Service provided by Corporate Express Delivery Systems, Dallas 
33 libraries participating on start day, Monday, October 6, 1997 
Next start date November 3 for libraries signed up by October 15, 1997 
Libraries will receive service for one year from startup date 
Participating libraries must use custom labels (will be provided by AMIGOS at cost) 
All original 33 participating at the five-days-a-week level 
Libraries asked to maintain basic statistics on TExpress use 
Working Group to provide guidance re evaluation of service, stats collection, etc. 
Jo Anne passed around the Library Card Program brochure (with card attached) and comprehensive statistics for the program.

Jo Anne and Kathy commented that, with regard to the Library Card Program statistics, we want to know how much is going out and coming in. It was suggested that the statistics might differentiate between ILL and all other transactions. The Working Group will be looking into this.

Marsha Harper brought concerns to the Board from TICUL libraries. Eleven institutions have responded that they will use the courier service, four will not, and eleven are uncertain. Marsha thinks that many of those institutions in the uncertain category find that the cost is too high to participate. If the cost were adjusted to a tier cost, then the participation might increase. Bonnie explained the "direct cost" principle upon which the cost structure is established for this year. Joe further commented that a sliding scale would not be practical since there is no subsidization for this program. Bob Martin noted that a budget request to subsidize this program could be considered by the Texas State Library in the future. The Board concurred in recognizing the value of broad participation and requested ongoing analysis of the pricing approach for this program.

Texas Collections:

Kathy Hoffman reported that the new Texas Collections Working Group will administer the TexTreasures program (previously the Access to Local Holdings Program). She referred to the October 20 TexShare press release describing the TexShare Access to Local Holdings grant project awarded to the Bryan Wildenthal Memorial Library, Sul Ross State University, for the translation, transcription, and cataloging of 300 oral history interviews covering the culture, folklore, military activities, and commerce of the Big Bend region.

Kathy commented that grant funds have been distributed to newly awarded institutions. The Working Group is hoping to make three additional awards, pending the availability of TexShare funds.

Awards for the TexTreasures program will be done via state-mandated procedures in the future. Bob Martin commented that he is looking into what will need to be done technically on the State Library's end to award grants through the state for this program.



Bonnie commented on the reallocation of funds activity. The Management Team is in the process of listing outstanding needed or highly desirable projects that could be accomplished with TexShare moneys remaining in various budget lines. The Management Team will bring the final list to Bob Martin and the Board for a decision on what projects should be pursued with the available funds.

The Management Team is defining more clearly what vehicles should be used for various types of communication/information needs with regard to the various TexShare mailing lists. Guidelines about TexShare mailing list use will be posted on the TexShare Web site.

Bonnie commented that certificates of appreciation were sent to FY97 working groups and Advisory Board members.

Future meeting dates:

Week of January 19 or 26 at University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas

Week of May 11 in Austin

August (open) in Dallas

There was no old or new business. Chair Robert Seal adjourned the meeting at 2:45. 


5,142 TexShare cards issued by home libraries in 1996-97 
Compares with 5,125 cards issued in first year of program 1995-96 
Top libraries issuing more than 200 cards 
SWTSU, 1,783, 34.68% of total 
Texas A&M Kingsville, 542, 10.54% 
Texas Southern University, 331, 6.44% 
Texas Women's University, 312, 6.07% 
UT San Antonio, 223, 4.34% 
UT Brownsville, 204, 3.97% 
Prairie View A&M University, 201, 3.91%
1,680 borrowers used their TexShare cards at other libraries in 1996-97 
Compares with 1,363 borrowers in 1995-96 
Libraries used most by borrowers 
UT Austin, 783, 46.61% 
University of Houston, 201, 11.96% 
Sam Houston State University, 154, 9.17% 
UT San Antonio, 116, 6.9%
17,490 circulation transactions to users with TexShare cards in 1996-97 
Compares with 14,022 circulations in 1995-96 
Top three libraries 
UT Austin 12,379, 70.78% of total 
University of Houston, 1,531, 8.75% of total 

UT San Antonio, 1332, 7.62% of total

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