TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

December 13, 1999

Meeting Minutes

Meeting Location: UT Southwestern Medical Center

TexShare Advisory Board Chairman Robert Seal convened the meeting and welcomed guests.

Agenda Review

The agenda was accepted as presented.

Strategic Directions

State Librarian Peggy Rudd presented her proposal for a group to look at the future of TexShare, as recommended by the Advisory Board in the September 22, 1999 meeting. Ms. Rudd commended the Advisory Board members for their work to make TexShare a strong multitype resource sharing network and stated she wants to strengthen relationships among libraries to benefit the people of Texas. She said the group will work together to form a vision for TexShare and she will appoint the members of the group, to include the Advisory Board, the working group chairs, the working group liaisons, and other stakeholders. Ms. Rudd said public libraries need adequate representation and she will appoint a few additional public librarians to the group, as well as Gloria McLanahan from the Texas Education Agency. She stated the consultant would be Nancy Bolt of the Colorado State Library. Ms. Rudd is considering dates in February for a two-day session.

Ms. Rudd said Michael Piper, Director of the Library Resource Sharing Division, will serve as the State Library’s official liaison at future TexShare Advisory Board meetings.

Ad Hoc Task Force on Fees and Services

Joe McCord chairs the task force and delivered the report for the group. He presented the group’s recommendations for two issues:

  • that TexShare funds be used to buy online databases for both public and academic libraries
  • that the working group emphasize core databases, with the option of recommending TexSelect offerings when prudent.

He stated that the group will present a recommendation on the third issue concerning fees at the March Board meeting. The Advisory Board approved the recommendations.

Working Group reports

Card Program working group

Jay Clark presented the report for the group. He presented a proposed revised card program agreement and a recommendation for the Advisory Board to approve the revised agreement and to implement the agreement with public libraries by spring. He also presented a recommendation for a policy of "non-substantial changes," that the agreement not be mailed again to program participants unless the changes made are substantial. The Board approved the recommendations in principle, with the stipulation that the revised agreement needs an explicit statement that lending libraries may set their own lending policies. Joe McCord asked the group to investigate the issue of net lender subsidies for this program.

Courier working group

Jo Anne Hawkins presented the report for the group. She reported that the working group is dealing with two issues: some libraries want to share a single site and guidelines for this situation are needed, and how to provide service to Sul Ross in Alpine. Bonnie Juergens and Jo Anne Hawkins presented a proposed solution. They suggested that Sul Ross receive courier service by an air express delivery company with which Amigos has a corporate rate, and that TexShare subsidize this service for an additional $3,000. Michael Piper stated he will look at the ILL statistics for Sul Ross and the TexShare budget, work with the committee on a possible solution, and keep the Advisory Board informed.


Education working group

Bonnie Juergens presented the report for the group. She presented statistics on TexShare training for FY97-99 and stated the working group feels workshops on TexShare for public library administrators would be valuable. She reported the working group is surveying members on training needs and is examining evaluation methodology.

She presented a report on the TexShare funds held by Amigos and suggested the remaining balance might be used to help with the Alpine courier situation.

Electronic Information working group

Sue Phillips presented the report for the group. She reported that an electronic mailing list has been set up for the group. The working group will meet again in March after the fees taskforce and strategic planning groups have met. She also reported that TexShare academic members will soon get an announcement about Britannica Online, offering them a choice of a refund or extension of their subscription.

Interlibrary Loan working group

Sara Lowman presented the report for the group. She reported that the ILL Workshop was successful and that Texas Christian University won the ILL Award. She presented three recommendations from the group:

  • that the Advisory Board approve the proposed revised ILL protocol,
  • that the working group drop "protocol" from its name,
  • that public libraries be offered the opportunity to sign the ILL protocol as soon as possible. The Board approved these recommendations.

Texas Collections working group

Ellen Safley presented the report for the group. She reported that the working group has three projects this fiscal year:

  • looking at how similar grant programs in other states work,
  • reviewing previous recipients of TexTreasures grants and evaluating the success of the grants,
  • surveying TexShare members on needs for special collections now that public libraries are part of TexShare.

Working Group nominations

Deborah Littrell presented the slate of nominees for terms on the working groups starting January 1, 2000. The Advisory Board accepted the nominations.

Strategic Partner reports

Amigos Library Services

Bonnie Juergens gave updated statistics on TExpress participants and reported on the support activities for TExpress performed by Amigos.

University of Texas at Austin

Sue Phillips presented the report for the University of Texas. She presented graphs and tables on database use. She stated there have been no turnaways this fall, that the server is still adequate to meet current needs, and that Spring 2000 will be a good opportunity to assess system use and determine if the system has reached saturation.

Administrative update

Michael Piper reported on three issues: the administrative rules for TexShare, the remaining balance in TexShare funds, and a marketing plan for TexShare.

He stated that we need to update the administrative rules to reflect HB1433 and that these are conforming, not substantive, changes, and that the process should be almost complete by the next board meeting. He reported TexShare has $8,300 left from TexTreasures and recommended these funds be spent on the strategic planning meeting and for a TexShare marketing plan. He presented several questions for the Advisory Board to consider as a marketing plan is developed and stated that Nancy Webb and Jay Velgos of the State Library staff will help with the marketing plan. The Advisory Board approved the recommendations for use of the fund balance.

Deborah Littrell reported on TLA program planning. She stated that the TexShare program would include presentations by the working groups, and time for questions. The program is scheduled for Thursday, April 13, 2000 from 12 noon — 1:50 p.m.

News from the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board approved the minutes from the September 22, 1999 meeting.

Rhoda Goldberg discussed the timetable for the TLA legislative committee and stated that the committee would like direction regarding TexShare for the upcoming legislative session. Ms. Rudd replied that the strategic planning session would play a role in the development of plans for TexShare. There was discussion of the possibilities for TIF funding for TexShare.

Robert Seal conducted the election of officers for the Advisory Board for FY00. He stated that there is no longer a secretary position. George Huffman nominated Robert Seal for Chairman. The nomination was seconded and the Advisory Board voted to re-elect Mr. Seal for another term as Chairman. George Huffman then nominated Eva Poole for Vice-Chair. The nomination was seconded and the Advisory Board elected Ms. Poole as Vice-Chair.



Advisory Board:

Marty Adamson, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Rhoda Goldberg, Harris County Public Library

Marsha Harper, Abilene Christian University

George Huffman, Amarillo College

J. Grant Jones, Abilene, TX

Joe McCord, University of Houston at Clear Lake

Gilda Ortego, Texas A&M at Kingsville

Eva Poole, Denton Public Library

Robert Seal, Texas Christian University

Darryl Tocker, Tocker Foundation

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Deborah Littrell, Library Resource Sharing Division

Michael Piper, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd , State Librarian

Working Group liaisons:

Jay Clark, San Jacinto Community College

Jo Anne Hawkins, University of Texas at Austin

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services

Sara Lowman, Rice University

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Working Group chair:

Ellen Safley, University of Texas at Dallas


Deborah Littrell, Texas State Library & Archives Commission

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