TexShare Advisory Board Meeting

1:00 pm until 4:00 PM on February 28, 2008

Thompson Conference Center, Univ. of Texas at Austin

2405 Robert Dedman Dr., Room 2.110

Austin, TX


1. Welcome New School Library Representatives: State Librarian Peggy Rudd welcomed the addition of Megan Cooper of Leander ISD and Melissa Rippy of Pasadena ISD to the board. They will represent public K-12 schools, participating as non-voting members of the board. Ms. Rudd also acknowledged the passing of Jo Anne Hawkins, who had served as the TexShare liaison for UT Austin since the beginning of the program until she retired in January 2007.

2. Approval of Minutes From September 27, 2007: The minutes from September 27, 2007 were approved.

3. Public Comment: No public comments at this time.

4. TSLAC Update: Ms. Rudd reported that progress is continuing on the renovation of the de Zavala building.

Ms. Rudd also reported that had TSLAC received a $40,000 IMLS Connecting to Collections grant. TSLAC, in collaboration with five project partners (Texas Historical Commission, Amigos Library Services, The Texas Association of Museums, the Texas Library Association, and the Kilgarlin Center for Preservation of the Cultural Record), will develop a pilot survey to identify and inventory a limited number of special collections throughout the state and address access needs for several types of cultural institutions such as libraries, museums, archives, and government agencies. If this project is successful, the survey results from this project could be used to apply for $500,000 application grant, which, if awarded, would be used to implement this survey tool statewide.

5. Discussion of the Agency Budget for FY2009 and Preparation of the Legislative Appropriations Request for 2010-2011: Assistant State Librarian Ed Seidenberg presented an overview of theFY2009 Agency budget. Actual LSTA federal funding was $460,000 less than was anticipated for the FY09 budget. As a result, possible funding reductions for a number of programs will be proposed at the Commission meeting on April 15th. Potentially affected programs include:

  • TexShare Databases ($96,000)
  • TexNet ILL grants ($50,000)
  • TexTreasures grants (5,000)
  • Library of Texas ($3,000)
  • Library System Grants ($300,000)
  • Continuing education ($17,500)
  • Special Project, Library Cooperation, and System Competitive grants ($35,000)

The board expressed concern about the future of affected TexShare programs in the face of proposed cuts. Mr. Seidenberg emphasized that these funding reductions do not reflect any dissatisfaction with the current administration of the affected programs, and TSLAC will continue to find ways to support them. Mr. Seidenberg asked the board to submit further recommendations before the April 15th Commission meeting.

6. Debrief of the Statewide Resource Sharing Summit: Chairman Douglas Ferrier debriefed the board on the findings of the Statewide Resource Sharing Summit that immediately preceded the TSAB Meeting. Major ideas to emerge from the summit included:

  • Expand visible presence of TexShare in local communities/improve marketing strategies
  • Establishing more inclusive TexShare membership requirements
  • Find new sources of funding to enable the realization of initiative priorities
  • Expanded access to database resources, especially for K-12 schools and home-schoolers

In light of the above proposed budget cuts, Mr. Ferrier pointed out the need for a continued discussion by the board over how to secure funding in order to sustain current programs and develop new initiatives.

7. Public School Library Study Update: Deborah Littrell reported on the progress of a joint TSLAC/TEA study to identify the needs of Texas public school libraries. The collaborating agencies appointed a steering committee in December 2007 to draft strategies. In February 2008, agency staff conducted a statewide survey of the public school and library community. TSLAC and TEA will submit a joint written report containing the findings of the survey and recommendations of the agencies no later than December 31, 2008.

8. Adopt Guidelines for Organizational Sponsorship of TexShare Activities: Beverley Shirley requested that board adopt tentative agency sponsorship guidelines. Vendor sponsorships can mitigate some expenses for participating libraries, while vendors benefit from community recognition. Ms. Shirley highlighted the importance of defining what an “appropriate sponsor” is and establishing well defined rules for sponsors to follow. The board endorsed the proposed guidelines.

9. Approve Database Fees Task Force Roles and Responsibilities: Ms. Shirley requested that the board approve changes to the roles and responsibilities of the Database Fees Task Force. The changes in the roles and responsibilities were approved with the request that they be reformatted to match those of other working groups.

10. IMLS Connecting to Collections Grant Report: THDI Coordinator Danielle Plumer reported on the progress of the IMLS Connecting to Collection Grant. (See #4).

11. Working Group Reports:

a. Card Program: Diane Bruxvoort and Jay Clark had no report.

b. Interlibrary Loan/Courier Service: Sue Bennett reported for Mark Dolive. The working group held the Eighth Annual Interlibrary Loan Workshop in Austin, February 14-15, with 143 people attending, setting a new attendance record. Pre-workshops including Clio training, Iliad training, and “ILL 101” for new interlibrary loan staff were held the first day. The workshop topics included a Keynote address by Joyce Sparks, Director Governor’s Center for Management Development, discussion about the future of ILL in Texas and the results from an Interlibrary Loan Study, Odyssey demonstration by OCLC, Electronic Resource Licensing Issues, and the Different Flavors of WorldCat by OCLC. 2008 Library of the Year Awards went to Austin Public Library, Houston Academy of Medicine, Baylo9r University. Special Recognition was made to a library outside of Texas – the Library of Virginia.

Ms. Bennett provided a brief summary of the recent ILL study, which analyzed current ILL practices and identified the need to eventually transition to a new cost effective ILL model. The study proposed six possible models for ILL in Texas.

c. Education Services Program: Mary Sikes introduced herself, but had no report.

d. Electronic Information: Kerry Keck reported.

The Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG) recommended implementing a policy that would allow vendors to offer supplemental content to a subset of TexShare libraries. Ms. Keck also reported that Transition Task Force members and the EIWG worked together to standardize the K-12 public school library and TexShare interfaces for the EBSCOhost databases.

e. Communications: Greg Tramel reported.

The Communications Working Group is sponsoring a program to promote TexShare resources at 2008 TLA Annual Meeting. The event, “Breakfast Bytes with TexShare: Your TexShare Open House,” would provide programming and informational materials related to TexShare in an open house setting.

f. Library of Texas: Judith Hiott reported.

A major upgrade to Library of Texas is in the final stages and expected to be launched by the end of March. New features of LoT 2.0 include faceted searching, ranked search results, and more options for user customization. LoT 2.0 also has OpenURL capability, and Houston Public Library has been selected as the test site for this functionality. After the rollout, the LoT working group will shift their focus on how to further develop current marketing strategies.

g. TexTreasures: Ellen Safley reported.

TexTreasures grant funding is available for FY2009. The grant will help qualifying public and academic libraries across the state increase access to special or unique collections. The due date for applications is March 14, 2008.

12. Strategic Partner Reports:

a. University of Texas at Austin: Sue Phillips had no report.

b. Amigos Library Services: Bonnie Juergens reported. Amigos is working to improve the courier service and reduce the number of misdirected packages. Amigos has introduced a second, less-expensive level of TExpress service with two-day pick up and delivery rather than five days per week.

c. Education Service Center, Region 20: Marty Rossi reported. Ms Rossi presented information on the progress of database training workshops for K-12 students.

13. Administrative Report: Beverley Shirley reported on the following:

  • Welcome new K-12 representatives, Megan Cooper and Melissa Rippy (See #1)
  • TSLAC has collected $1,518,353 (96%) of the TexShare FY08 Database Program Fees. As recommended by the board, the Task Force on Database fees was established as a permanent committee of TexShare. (See #9)
  • Though still an increase, Federal LSTA funding was significantly lower than anticipated. Database subscriptions will still be covered by federal funds, but grant programs, including TexTreasures, may face cuts in grant award amounts. (See # 5)
  • TexTreasures grants are available for FY2009. Applications are due March 14, 2008. (See #11.g)
  • SB 480 was passed by the 80th Legislature, which changes the definition of a private university to include institutions accredited by the American Bar Association. Newly eligible, South Texas College has joined TexShare and participates in the database program.
  • In December, Encyclopedia Britannica was added to the resources available to K-12 public school libraries. On February 7, 2008, TSLAC testified before the Select Committee on Higher and Public Education Finance regarding the K-12 database.
  • The final report of the ILL study is available. (See #11.b)

Next board meeting will be Monday, July 7, 2008.


TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Evelyn Bonner, Wiley College

Megan Cooper, Leander ISD

Cathy Dean, San Antonio Public Library

Kathy Fair, Kilgore College

Doug Ferrier, UT Brownsville/Texas Southmost College

Joan Heath, Texas State University San Marcos

Larry Justiss, Tom Green County Library System

Melissa Rippy, Pasadena ISD

Sheila Ross Henderson, Pasadena Public Library System

Candice Scott, Schreiner University

Martha Tandy, Weatherford College

Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Mike Avila, Library Resource Sharing Division

Sue Bennett, Library Resource Sharing Division

Deborah Littrell, Library Development Division

Kevin Marsh, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Chris McCoy, Library Resource Sharing Division

Danielle Plumer, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd, Director and Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ed Seidenberg, Assistant State Librarian

Russlene Waukechon, Library Resource Sharing Division

Working Group Chairs/Liaisons:

Diane Bruxvoort, University of Houston, Card WG

Jay Clark, San Jacinto College, Card WG

Judith Hiott, Houston Public Library, Library of Texas WG

Kerry Keck, Rice University, Electronic Information WG

Ellen Safley, University of Texas at Dallas, Texas Collections WG

Mary Sikes, Fort Worth Public Library, Education Services WG

Greg Tramel, Montgomery County Memorial Library System, Communications WG

Strategic Partners:

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services

Sue Phillips, University of Texas at Austin

Marty Rossi, ESC-20


Carlyn Gray, Round Rock ISD

Tracey Mendoza, Northeast Lakeview College, ACCD

Gloria Meraz, TLA

Sam Miller, Legislative Budget Board

Sandra Pickett, Texas State Library and Archives Commission Chair

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