TexShare Advisory Board Meeting Minutes

10:00 AM until 2:00 PM on Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Commission Meeting Room, 2nd Floor
Lorenzo de Zavala State Archives and Library Building
1201 Brazos Street
Austin, TX


1.        Elect Chair & Vice Chair: Larry Justiss became Chair and Candice Scott became Vice Chair, both by acclamation.

2.        Recognize Departing Board Members and Welcome New Members: Peggy Rudd reported.

The Texas State Library and Archives Commission expressed its appreciation to Kathy Hoffman for her service on the board. Ms. Hoffman served two terms on the board, including service as board chair 2009 – 2010; and to Joan Heath, who recently served one term on the board (Ms. Heath also served on the Board in the early years of the consortium), including service as board chair 2008 – 2009. The commission also expressed appreciation to Sheila Henderson and best wishes to her upon her retirement. Ms. Henderson served one term on the board, providing valuable insight to the needs of public libraries.

TSLAC welcomed new Advisory Board members Dana Rooks, Dean of Libraries at the University of Houston, and Laurie Thompson, Assistant Vice President for Library Services at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Carol Herrington, Library Director at Palestine Public Library, will be joining the TSAB at its next meeting.

3.        Approval of Minutes from May 17, 2010: The minutes were approved.

4.        Public Comment: none

5.        Set Date for Next Meeting:Ann Mason will poll board about meeting sometime after January 17, 2011.  

6.        Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) Update: Peggy Rudd reported.

Legislative Appropriation Request (LAR): Due to state funding shortfalls, TSLAC was required to reduce General Revenue expenditures by 5% this biennium, as were all state agencies. State agencies also were told to submit their FY2012 – FY2013 budgets with a 10% cut in 5% increments. Director and Librarian Peggy Rudd has been asked by the legislature if we can increase database fees. Ms. Rudd’s response has been “no,” because individual libraries are being cut as well; they don’t have the funds to pay additional fees for access to the databases. At the 10% budget reduction level, TSLAC would have to lay off staff and cut programs. A 10% budget reduction would require several databases to be eliminated from the TexShare core and potentially a rebid of the core service. TSLAC would work with the TexShare Electronic Information Working Group to accomplish this. In exceptional item requests, TSLAC has asked the legislature for funds for a new Archive building at Shoal Creek; additional funds for Loan Star Libraries grant program, TexShare databases, the Talking Book Program; and funds for TSLAC to become a model for Texas Government for eRecords and eArchives. 

Other Administrative Issues: The Rededication of the Lorenzo de Zavala building will be in November.

7.        TexShare Rule Changes: Beverley Shirley presented.

TexTreasures grants

After some discussion, the board recommended against a change in administrative rules that would enable affiliate members to apply for TexTreasures grants. In accordance with that recommendation, TSLAC staff will not pursue such a rule change at this time.

Fee Assessment

The board recommended posting a rule change that would allow TSLAC to assess fees to affiliated members in the Texas Register for 30 day comment period. TSLAC staff will take this recommendation to the next meeting of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

8.        TexShare Affiliate Membership Petitions: Ann Mason presented several issues regarding affiliate membership to the board for their consideration and recommendations.

A.    Recommendation to Grant or Deny Petitions. TSLAC received two petitions from library groups for affiliate membership. Ms. Mason brought these petitions to an ad hoc committee comprised of the chairs and/or liaisons of the working groups that would be impacted by the proposals.

·         Science &Technology Libraries of South Texas – the ad hoc TexShare Expansion Committee that reviewed this petition recommended that their affiliate TexShare membership petition be granted. The board agreed to make this recommendation to Peggy Rudd.

·         Non-profit Hospital Libraries of Texas – the ad hoc committee reviewing this petition recommended that their affiliate TexShare membership petition be granted. After some discussion, the board tabled this petition pending additional information.

B.    Recommendation on Affiliates participation in the core database and TexSelect services.

The board agreed with the ad hoc committee recommendation that affiliate members should be allowed to participate in the core database service, the TexSelect service, or both services depending upon the choice of the individual library and its ability to fund its own participation.

C.   Recommendation on Adding Affiliate Representatives to Working Groups.

The board agreed with the ad hoc committee recommendation that, while working groups may use affiliate members a resource when deliberating on various issues, affiliate members should not have representation on working groups.

9.        K-12 Database Program Advisory Council Report: Carlyn Gray reported on the September 1, 2010 meeting of the K-12 Database Advisory Council Meeting:

·         Statistics reflected marked increase in the usage of the K-12 databases.

·         ESC-20’s K12 Databases website redesign included the addition of school administrators page, and showed marked improvements in communicating information about the K-12 database program to administrators, teachers and students.

·         The number of instructional materials for teachers to use with students that are available on the K12 Databases web site has significantly increased.

·         ESC- 20 surveyed members of the Texas Association of School Library Administrators in June 2010; responses indicated that school library administrators believe the K-12 databases provided equity of information for K-12 public schools who have activated access to these resources.

·         The council approved an evaluation plan for the K-12 database program with changes that broadened the language from the use of the word “librarian” to “educators.”

·         Funding for the K-12 Database program and the upcoming legislative session was discussed and suggestions solicited as to what might be the best approach for securing more revenue for the program. Rebidding all the databases was discussed, as well as only rebidding the encyclopedia database.

·         Cost sharing was discussed as an option for supplementing the needed funding. Members of the council had mixed feelings about cost sharing in the present economy. Some feared this might discourage or prevent some school districts from participating in the program. As a whole, the council was not opposed to cost sharing, but felt it should be address some time in the future as opposed to now.

·         The Texas Education Agency’s Project Share was briefly discussed, and the council recommended a meeting between the agencies’ staffs to discuss how to incorporate the K-12 databases into the Epsilen learning platform.


10.      Review of Working Group Member Appointment Procedures: Ann Mason presented.

At a recent meeting of the Library and Archives Commission, the commissioners asked how persons are appointed to TexShare working groups. Ann reported the process.

TSLAC staff appoints members to the TexShare Working Groups by putting out a call for nominations to the TexShare member email lists. After the nominations come in, staff reviews the nominees’ qualifications, taking into consideration the type of institution, size of institution, and geography to ensure the make-up of the group is representative of the TexShare membership. Staff identifies the person(s) best fit to serve based on these criteria. Staff asks for input and approval from TSAB members who represent that constituency group (public library, community college library, etc).    

The board agreed that this is an appropriate process.


11.      Working Group Reports:

A.    Card Program Working Group: no report

B.    Database Cost Sharing Working Group: no report

C.   Electronic Information Working Group:  submitted by Chair Kerry Keck.

In April 2010, TexShare announced a new partnership with the Statewide California Electronic Library Consortium (SCELC). This partnership enables the private institutions in TexShare to become affiliates or full members of SCLEC, expanding their purchasing options for digital resources. Twelve Texas schools have joined the partnership to date.

The status of current databases activity is as follows:

·         Renewal of all TexShare core databases has been completed.

·         eLibrary has been moved from the core to the TexSelect menu, and additional selections from ProQuest have been added to the TexSelect menu.

·         Stat!Ref renewal (a health resource on the TexSelect menu) has been completed. Amigos is collecting subscription fees.

·         American Chemical Society has begun talking with us about the upcoming renewal of their journal package (a TexSelect menu title). Talks are ongoing.

·         Oxford University Press (electronic access to all OUP journals; a SCELC menu title) - six of the 12 TexShare/SCELC libraries have subscribed.

·         SAGE Publications (electronic front-file of all Sage journals) - two of TexShare/SCELC libraries have subscribed.

·         Springer eBooks (FTE 2010 Full Collection STM collection) has no subscribers to date.

·         RAND Texas (a comprehensive portfolio of statistics for the state of Texas) - one TexShare/SCELC library has subscribed.

·         Cambridge University Press (electronic access to all CUP journals) - one TexShare/SCELC library has subscribed.


The following changes have been made to promote information about the TexShare database program to libraries and members of the public:

·         TexSelect web page has been updated to reflect our partnership with Amigos.

·         TexZine has been updated to a newer version of Wordpress. It is being updated more often, and with more information about TexShare (as well as vendor updates).


D.   Interlibrary Loan/Courier Service Working Group: Susan Bennettreported.

The working group organizes the ILL Workshop that is held about every 18 months. The group decided to wait until fall 2011 to have the next workshop either in Austin or San Antonio.

Some of the courier members worked with Amigos on a pilot program to test the package bar code tracking system. They determined that the time it took to do the scanning and bar-codes was prohibitive, given the very few packages lost, so Amigos decided not to go forward with the project.

E.    Library of Texas Working Group: Bev Shirley reported.

TSLAC contracted with the iSchool at the University of Texas at Austin to complete a usability study of the Library of Texas tool. The working group is reviewing the study and prioritizing elements to change as a result of the findings.

The contract with OCLC for a new ILL system also includes a metasearch tool. TSLAC is exploring the possibility of using the OCLC metasearch tool in the future in place of the current LoT.

F.    TexTreasures Working Group:  Kam McEvoy reported.

The working group met May 24, 2010, to review and score 18 applications requesting TexTreasures grant funding. Agency staff recommended the ten highest-ranked projects for funding at the August 3 meeting of the Texas State Library & Archives Commission. The Commission approved these recommendations of the working group at this meeting, and designated $166,461 to support the Fiscal Year 2011 TexTreasures projects. These are:

·         Bexar Archives Online-- Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at The University of Texas at Austin ($12,833) to make the Bexar Archives available online.

·         Houston Oral History Project-- Houston Public Library ($20,000) to digitize and transcribe Houston Metropolitan Research Center oral histories.

·         Early Texas Newspapers II-- University of North Texas ($25,000) to digitize and provide free public access to the earliest Texas newspapers held by the Dolph Briscoe Center for American History at UT Austin.

·         Making Cancer History® Oral History Project– The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center ($20,000).

·         The Jones Texas Photographs Collection-- Southern Methodist University ($20,000) to digitize 19th century photographs that depict Texans from a variety of cultural groups: Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, and American Indian, as well as locations from all regions of the state.

·         Mexican Revolution Project-- University of Texas at El Paso ($19,540) to make materials documenting the history of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920) on the U.S.-Mexico border and the military buildup that occurred on the U.S. side of the border during those years available.

·         KUHT Documentary Project-- University of Houston ($19,863) to digitize filmed programming from KUHT, Houston’s Public television station. 

·         Area History Photograph Project-- Helen Hall Library, League City ($4,000) to digitize photographs documenting the history of League City, North Galveston County and the surrounding Bay Area.

·         Ranching in the Coastal Bend, 1845–1920-- Victoria College ($17,225) to digitize and provide access to the exhibit. 

·         Military Veterans Video Oral History Project-- Sam Houston State University ($8,000) to document the lives of Texas military veterans through video oral histories. 

Jennifer Peters, LSTA Grant Coordinator, is now going to be administering the TexTreasures Grants.

G.   Outreach and Instruction Working Group:  Deanna Frazee reported.

The Outreach and Instruction Working Group met on August 20, 2010.

Staff noted that there has been an increase in full-text document downloads from TexShare core databases. This may be attributable to a “correction” EBSCO made in the statistical tool from the prior year’s reporting. There has also been an increase in federated search use. Academic usage is doing very well, but public libraries still seem to have an issue with training users. Due to the nature of public libraries, the training issue is expected to continue.

The Working Group indicated a desire to see more trainer-the-trainer type training to make sure library staff are comfortable assisting users. It was noted that training sessions at TLA on homework help and basic reference were very well-attended. TSLAC is also working on “Dozen Ways to TexShare” training

Smart phones offer the opportunity to bring TexShare and libraries to the users anytime, anywhere. The Working Group discussed the pros and cons of mobile websites and mobile applications.

Social media also offers another opportunity to communicate with users in the place of their choosing online, such as Facebook or Twitter. It has been noted that a firm policy must be in place to govern posting and commenting before the TexShare staff can communicate via social media. It was also noted that the usefulness of social media may be more beneficial for academic libraries since public libraries may have policies from their governing entities that prohibit library staff from using social media while on the job.

Vendor costs are rising but TexShare funding is not. It is anticipated that more databases will have to move to TexSelect in the future. The group looked at three models of how the TexSelect webpage could be set up to help navigate the choices.

The Working Group reviewed the TSL videos for the K-12 databases that won the TLA Branding Iron awards. The group tabled the issue of doing a survey for now; it will be readdressed at a future meeting.

12.      Strategic Partner Reports:

A.    Amigos Library Services: Bonnie Juergens reported.

TExpress Courier service: Amigos is doubling the number of courier bags available. The service has just undergone a smooth transition to a new service provider, Celerity, and libraries are already seeing service enhancements. There was no pricing increase for courier service this year.

B.    Education Service Center, Region 20 (ESC 20): no report

C.   University of Texas at Austin: no report

13.      Administrative Report:

TexShare Database Fees.TSLAC collected $1,579,796 (100%) of the TexShare FY10 Database Program Fees. 668 libraries have paid (100%).

TexShare Mentoring.  TSLAC will ask TexShare member libraries to volunteer to assist new affiliate members through a TexShare Mentoring program. A mentoring program could help new members to:

·      Fulfill the roles and responsibilities of TexShare members

·      Take advantage of all the benefits of TexShare services for which they have signed up

·      Communicate effectively with their administration and/or boards about the advantages of sharing library resources

·      Promote the use of TexShare services among their users

·      Appropriately balance their responsibilities to local users and their responsibilities to the consortium

If the mentoring program is successful, we will consider expanding mentoring to current members who would like to have a more active role in the consortium.

International Coalition of Library Consortia – Meeting in Austin.  The International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) is an informal, self-organized group whose active participants comprise over 200 library consortia from around the world. The University of Texas System Digital Library, Amigos Library Services, and TexShare will co-host the ICOLC spring meeting at the AT&T Executive Education and Conference Center at the University of Texas on March 20 – 23, 2011. Members of the Advisory Board who would like to learn more about how consortia support their members and each other are encouraged to register for the conference.

Key Issues Facing TexShare.

Resource Sharing in tough times.The TexShare Working Groups are being asked to prioritize needs and to identify areas where we can help members gain maximum benefit from the free or low cost resources that are available. One example is the “TexFree” service recommended by the Electronic Information Working Group.

Keeping up technically. TexShare member libraries must meet their customers’ demands for information delivery via the most convenient technology. TexShare must assure that consortia services are also available through these technologies. To this end, TSLAC is working with EBSCO to enable instant access to the TexShare databases via Smartphone bar code scanner apps, piloting this service with Huston Tillotson College in Austin. 

TexShare Expansion. Two library collaborative groups have petitioned for TexShare affiliate status. These two groups will serve as pilots for our process and policies. 

Outreach.The new, combined Outreach and Instruction Working Group met for the first time on August 20 and discussed many exciting opportunities for providing information and training to TexShare libraries and their customers. TexShare must work smart and in partnership with vendors, regional library systems, the Texas Library Association, and other Texas library stakeholders to encourage libraries to make the best use of the shared resources TexShare provides.

Interlibrary Loan. Last year, members of the ILL/Courier Working Group helped TSLAC select a new system for delivering statewide ILL services to public library customers. TSLAC is currently implementing the OCLC Navigator system for interlibrary loan. We hope that, as this system matures, it will provide a platform for improved resource sharing among all kinds of libraries.

Next board meeting Monday, January 24, 2011.



TexShare Advisory Board Members:

Larry Justiss, Tom Green County Library System, Chair

Candice Scott, Schreiner University, Vice Chair

Kathy Fair, Kilgore College

Tracey Mendoza, Northeast Lakeview College

Farzaneh Razzaghi,University of Texas-Pan American

Dana Rooks, University of Houston

Alice Specht, Hardin-Simmons University

Laurie Thompson, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas


Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Sue Bennett, Library Resource Sharing Division

Ann Mason, Library Resource Sharing Division

Peggy Rudd, TSLAC Director and Librarian

Beverley Shirley, Library Resource Sharing Division Director

Rosemary Willrich, Library Resource Sharing Division


Working Group Chairs/Representatives:

Deanna Frazee, Outreach & Instruction Working Group

Kam McEvoy, TexTreasures Working Group

Martha Rinn, Database Cost Sharing Working Group


Strategic Partners:

Bonnie Juergens, Amigos Library Services



Marty De Leon, Texas Library Association

Carlyn Gray, Round Rock ISD

Daniel Jones, Southwest Foundation for Biomedical Research

Sally Krash, Southwest Research Institute

Gloria Meraz, Texas Library Association

Laura Venhaus, Southwest Research Institute

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