TexShare Card Program Working Group Meeting

April 11, 2007

San Antionio, Texas

In attendance: Gene Rollins, Kathy Fulton, Melissa De Santis, Jay Clark, Diane Bruxvoort, Ann Mason.

The discussion on whether or not to create of an online database of Texshare card “offenders” resulted in the decision to instead post the names on the listserv and let individual libraries keep a list of names in-house as they see fit. An online database would have to be password protected and therefore extremely difficult to maintain.

Texshare statistics were revised to be more understandable and useful. The phrase “to your patrons” will be added to question 1, the position of questions 2 and 3 will be switched and question 8 will be eliminated.

The FAQ was reviewed for possible revision:

#5 - A form/link will be added to question 5 for requesting card and brochures.

#6 - Libraries will be reminded to put their local library card number on all card

Texshare card they issue.

#11- Libraries will be reminded to send the offenders name to the listserv.

Jay Clark reviewed the annual Texshare card statistics.

Greg Trammel from the Communications Working Group asked us to continue marketing the card program to the public.

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