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TexShare Card Working Group

Minutes April 12, 2000

Members present: Jackie Dodson, Larry Justiss, Ann Stobbe, Brenda Tirrell, Deborah Littrell, Jay Clark, Chair

Members absent: Tania Bardyn, Aline Collins, Hugh MacDonald, Suzanne McAnna, Ricki Brown

Jay Clark welcomed members and reported that the Advisory Board had approved the revised Card Program Agreement and the program integrating public libraries into TexShare with the following exceptions:

  • Move the Program’s beginning from May 1, to August 1 to give academic libraries more time for preparation.
  • Asked the Work Group to develop procedures to allow academic libraries to restrict Youth’s use of their collections if they choose.
  • Requested the Work Group to draft a proposal to provide some subsidy for losses in the Card Program.

First, the Work Group discussed the draft of Frequently Asked Questions about the Card Program presented by Brenda Tirrell. Some amendments were suggested and Brenda Tirrell will repost the revised document for the Group’s final review. The Group also discussed the Youth option and recommended two user categories: Adult and Youth for public libraries. This would provide the option of restricting use by category. The Work Group encourages all libraries to draft their new user policies for TexShare users to be as close to their own as possible. Each home public library will define "youth" and "adult" according to their own rules. There will not be a statewide definition.

Suzanne McAnna had prepared a net subsidy proposal and will submit it later by email. Unfortunately, her plane could not land in time for the meeting.

Jay Clark discussed a subsidy to cover books lost in the TexShare Card Program. Assuming that the individual institution would continue to be responsible for losses up to $100, only $4,000 would have been required in 1999. Since the number of libraries could easily double in the coming year, he suggested $8,000 as a reasonable subsidy level to help cover losses. This option was discussed briefly. Both the loss subsidy and the net user subsidy will be discussed by email. prior to the July Board meeting.

Deborah Littrell reviewed the steps in the Card Program including: 1) Posting the FAQ to the TexShare Web, 2) Sending out a letter of explanation and the revised Card Agreement to all academic libraries as soon as possible, 3) Send out a letter of explanation to public libraries, 4)Academic and public libraries will post their lending policies to the TexShare Web, 5 ) Academic libraries will return their signed agreements by August 1, 6) Beginning August 1, the new program will begin.

Deborah Littrell invited all the members to attend the TexShare presentations on Thursday morning in the George Brown Convention Center. The meeting closed at noon.

Submitted by:

Jay Clark, Chair

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