April 23, 2002�

Dallas, Texas ����������������������� ����������������������� ����������� �����������

Present:�������� Clark, Bardyn, Brown, Davis, Dodson, Justiss, McAnna, Tirrell, and Johnson

Absent:����������� MacDonald and Stobbe

Agenda Items


A.� Report form Valerie Johnson

TexShare Coordinator


She reported that 12,500 TexShare Cards were distributed in 2002.� The State Library was able to print 10 cards to a page and by using one less color was able to achieve savings.�

She reported that Paul Orr of Dallas Public Library asked that the DPL lending policies be removed from the TexShare web page since they were not yet members.� Paul said that Dallas was still considering membership.�

New members of the Card Program included a Library of Clinical Medicine, the Farmers Brans PL, the Everman PL; and the Fannie Brown Booth PL.

Statistically, TexShare Card Program membership included 49 academic libraries, 50 community colleges, 294 public libraries, and 9 other libraries.


B.Report from Deborah Littrell,

Library Development Division


She reported on the favorable impact that the Legislature's new funding formula was having on encouraging public libraries to join the Card Program.� Public libraries funded under the top tier of the Lone Star Program would not need to , and in fact should not, require TexShare cards of Texas citizens whom they serve; although they may continue to issue TexShare cards to their own patrons for use at libraries that do require the cards.� She indicated this might cause some reduction in TexShare Card use.


C.     Reorganizing the Working Group


Jay Clark indicated that a number of committee member's terms would be expiring and some recommendations should be made to the State Library Director.� He suggested that he had served for a number of years as chair and that another chair should be considered.� Suzanne McAnna who had served two years on the Working Group was nominated and recommended to the State Director as the new Chair.� The Board Liaison that was nominated.� The Working Group asked the State Library Director to reappoint these members.�


D.     Houston Public Library


Brenda Tirrell announced that Houston Public Library has joined the TexShare Card Program this April.


E.     New Medical Library Members


The Legislature had added several Libraries of Clinical Medicine Research to TexShare.� One of these libraries had opened their collection for on-site use by TexShare libraries. �The implications were briefly discussed.


F.� Review of the Card Agreement The Card Agreement is reviewed annually.� Suzanne McAnna suggested new language that would make the statistics statement more clear.� See below.� This language was discussed and approved by the Working Group as more clearly expressing the information that was requested each year of the members.� The Committee believes this change clearly falls within the rule that allows minor changes to be made without requiring resigning of the Agreement.

Changes to text of TexShare Card Program Agreement, section 7

Approved by TexShare Card Working group, 4/23/02

The following text should be substituted for the first paragraph, including bullets, of Section 7., Review and Assessment:

Each library will maintain, to the extent possible, the following statistics:

Number of TexShare cards issued.

Number of items circulated to TexShare card visitors.

Number of TexShare visitors registered for borrower privileges.

Total number of your library's materials that patrons from other libraries lost and paid for.

Total dollar value of these materials.

Total number of your library's materials lost by patrons that other libraries reimbursed your library for.

Total dollar value of these materials.

Total number of other libraries' materials that patrons of your library lost.

Total dollar value that your library paid to other libraries for these materials.

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