September 6, 2001

Present:  T.Bardyn, R.Brown, J.Clark, V.W.Davis, J.Dodson, V.Johnson,

H.MacDonald, S.McAnna, B.Tirrell

Absent:    L. Justice, A.Stobbe

The committee met at 10:15 AM at the Texas State Library on September 6.  Beverley Shirley, Director of Library Resource Sharing, introduced Valerie Johnson, the new TexShare Coordinator.  She described Ms.Johnson���s wide work experience, which included public, university and state library service.

TexShare Card Experience

The Work Group reviewed TexShare Card experiences in all kinds of libraries over the last year.  Suzanne McAnna, Head Librarian, Circulation Services at the University of Texas reported an 87% increase in use from public libraries and that card use overall had risen 31%.  She indicated that book losses had been less than previous years.  Virginia Davis, Asst. Lib. at Southwest Texas Junior College reported on the use of community colleges, which remained stable.  She suggested that the TexShare webpage address be added to the card.  This had already been discussed and Valerie Johnson

promised to follow up on it.  Brenda Tirrell, Chief of Tech.Serv. at Houston Public Library, said that most large public libraries had elected not to join.  There were political problems as well as the loss of income from those patrons outside of the city.  Ricki Brown, Director of Abilene Public Library indicated that many small public libraries also elected not to join the program because they feared the loss of materials.

Hugh MacDonald, Coordinator of Public Services at Texas Christian University reviewed Card use among private universities in Texas.  He reported that the experience this past year had been good and losses had been very low.  He said that Baylor University was reviewing the possibility of relaxing their requirements, which would allow greater use of their collection.  His own university had lost only one book over the last year.  Tania Bardyn, Access Service Librarian at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio reported a positive experience by health science libraries this past year.  She had taken a survey of six libraries, which indicated regular use by primarily community college students and a low loss rate.  She suggested that the authorization be extended past a semester, which appeared to be the pattern.  Others in the work group indicated that the semester limit was determined by the length of registration of the students.  Finally, she suggested that the net lender reimbursement policy should be considered.  Most losses were now compensated by the users��� libraries.  The net lender policy would provide assurance that no losses would occur and be reassuring to all libraries.

The overall experience with the TexShare Card program reported from all types of libraries had been positive and losses had been small.

Report from the TexShare Coordinator

Valerie Johnson, the TexShare Coordinator, reported on the Loan Star Program and its impact on the TexShare Card.  This program provides public libraries $2.9 million in this year.  Libraries are encouraged to participate either in the TexShare Card Program or refrain from charging non-resident fees through a 15% penalty that is charged on those choosing not to participate in one or the other.  Public library participation in the TexShare Card Program jumped from an average of 2.5 libraries joining each month to 42 libraries joining in August when the Loan Star Program was made available.  There was also discussion of the multi-county library systems encouraging membership in the card program through reimbursement of losses.  So far only one system offers this support.  Valerie indicated that she would encourage their participation.

Valerie Johnson reported that non-profit corporations, defined as ���libraries of clinical medicine and the history of medicine,��� among them the Texas Medical Association, as defined in the Texas Administrative Code, are now allowed participation in TexShare by the Texas Legislature (HB 3591).

She also reported that the period that each person served on the committee had been changed from an annual term beginning in January to a fiscal one beginning October 1.  She asked those whose terms expired in January to continue to serve until September 31.

Traveling Exhibit

Tania Bardyn provided a written proposal for a traveling exhibit that would promote the TexShare Card Program.  Its estimated cost including design was $3500.  It would be designed to fold-up in a suitcase and could be distributed by the TexShare Courier system.  It would allow easy promotion of the Card Program at district and system meetings and would always be available for TLA annual meeting.  Members discussed its possibilities and recommended it to the State Library for development.  There was also discussion of seeking grant funds for its development.

The Web Page

Jackie Dodson, Assoc.Director of Waco-McLennan County Library reviewed the current web page of the Card Program.  Overall, she reported it in good condition.  She suggested creating a link between the list of participating public libraries and their lending policies.  It would make access easier.  She asked that the Dallas Public Library be removed from the list of participating libraries until they participated.  Suzanne McAnna pointed out that the statistical categories 4 & 5 were incorrect on the web and she had already sent the new wording adopted by the committee.

It was agreed that the next meeting would be held at the annual TLA meeting, April 23-26.  Jay Clark would make the arrangements.  A conference call could be held in the interim if there was a need for a vote.

Submitted by:

Jay B.Clark, Chair

TexShare Card Workgroup

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