TexShare Card Working Group Meeting
Conference Call

November 29, 2011


  1. Welcome and Introductions: The group welcomes new members Chip Hadley of Round Rock Public Library and Fred Schumacher of Houston Public Library.
  1. Discussion on Card Program Member Changes in Response to elimination of Loan Star Libraries Program:  The only official request has been submitted by Arlington Public Library, but there are other public libraries have indicated that they wish to discontinue program participation.  Staff are in the process of following up with library directors who have indicated that they would like to withdraw from the program Oftentimes, library directors  do not understand that the program allows them to charge non-resident fees and stay in the program.  Some libraries are indicating that they would like to discontinue participation because of lack of patron interest or because they will no longer receive an incentive for participation through the Loan Star Library program. 

Notice of Withdraw – Sample Form:   Working Group members discussed the draft withdrawal form and recommended several changes to the form:

  • Include the latest expiration date of the cards they have issued to their patrons
  • Withdrawing library must guarantee any cards they have issued to their patrons through the expiration dates on these outstanding cards
  • If the withdrawing library has issued cards to patrons of other libraries based on the TexShare card, they should honor the cards they have issued through the expiration date on those cards.

.TSLAC staff will update the withdrawal form and send to the working group for their approval no later than December 15, 2011. Staff will bring down the lending policies from libraries that have withdrawn; they will generate a list of libraries that have withdrawn with the date of withdrawal.


  1. Affiliate Member and Card Program:  Seven schools the Houston Area Independent Schools Library Network (HAISLN) have indicated that they are interested in the Card program..   The working group .requested staff follow-up with these schools to encourage those with interest to submit a registration and lending policy.  If any of these libraries would like to talk with persons already in the program, TSLAC staff could arrange a mentor conference call.  In addition, staff will update the TexShare section of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) website announcing new members.
  1. Discussion on procedures regarding patrons with revoked TexShare Cards:

Discussion focused on the advisability of posting a list of patrons whose lending privileges have been revoked by member libraries.  Working group members decided against posting such a list, recommending that if a patron’s Card privileges are revoked…that the librarysend an email which includes tboth the patron name and expiration date of the patron’s TexShare Card. 

  1. Review of Card Program Statistics

While libraries are doing a good job of reporting program statistics, patron use is down.    Working group members discussed possible reasons for this decline, including ease of access to materials in electronic format. The working group will continue to monitor this trend.

  1. Mobile App for Lending Policies:
  2. Last year, TSLAC started work on a mobile friendly app for patrons to look up library lending policies. With loss of staff due to budget reduction, TSLAC must carefully prioritize new projects. The working group was asked to suggest a priority for completion of the Card program app.  The working group decided that further development of a mobile app. is not a priority at this time.
  1. New Business:

Staff asked that members review the Card program web pages and recommend needed changes and improvements.

  1. Next meeting date: Staff will follow-up  in  Sspring 2012 to set  a date for the next meeting. 

 In attendance via conference call:
Working Group:

Tom Moran, Chair, Austin Public Library

Corine Barberena, Irving Public Library

Kathy Fulton, Temple College

Katie Prentice, UTHSC-San Antonio

Fred Schumacher, Houston Public Library

Angela Skaggs, Angelo State University

Leta Tillman, Hardin-Simmons University,


Texas State Library and Archives Commission:

Beverley Shirley, Consortium Programs

 Wendy Clark, Loan Star Library Grant Coordinator

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