TexShare Card Working Group Minutes

Thursday, August 21, 1997

Members Participating: Virginia Allen, Doug Birdsall, Jay Clark, Charles Harrell, Jo Anne Hawkins, Abby Kratz, Bill Mears, Rodney Webb.

Member Absent: Gary Ives

The TexShare Card Working Group met via a telephone conference call arranged by Susie Thompson of Amigos on Thursday, August 21, 1997, at 10 AM. Chair Bill Mears led the discussion according to an agenda he had previously distributed to members.

  1. Appreciation of Service - Jo Anne Hawkins, the first chair of the TexShare Card Working Group and present Management Team Liaison, thanked the committee for their efforts in making the TexShare Card Program the great success it has been. She noted the willingness of the group to contribute their time and talents to launching the card program in good order. Chair Bill Mears seconded Jo Anne's comments and thanked the team for being so easy to work with.
  2. Future TexShare Card Working Group Membership - At this time it appears that each working group will include two representatives from libraries of public higher education institutions, two from private universities, two from community colleges, and perhaps two others to represent and balance geographical areas and type of library. This decision will be finalized by the TexShare Management Team in the near future.

    III. House Bill 2721 - The group briefly reviewed H.B. 2721. It was pointed out that there is no specific mention of the TexShare Card Program in House Bill 2721, although under Role and Scope in the Consortium Section it is noted that the consortium will engage in activities designed to facilitate library resource sharing. In the Definitions Section, institutions of higher education including private and independent institutions are defined as in the Education Code.

  3. Review of the TexShare Agreement - The Group reviewed the TexShare Agreement to insure that comprehensive/inclusive language exists to reflect the expanded institutional membership mandated in House Bill 2721. In the title, it was suggested that "TexShare Higher Education" be changed to "TexShare Library Consortium." In the Introduction it was suggested that the first sentence should read, "The TexShare Libraries.... scholarly research among the Texas college and university community..." The last sentence in the first paragraph will be shifted to the end of the document and the original effective date should be added as well as the dates of revision and who revised the agreement. Wording would be as follows:

    Text of the TexShare Library Card Agreement recommended by the TexShare Card Working Group and approved by the TexShare Management Team.

    Original effective date: August 1995

    First revision: July 1997

    Second revision: September 1997

    Under Section 1. Scope, it was suggested that in A. the word "participating" be inserted between the words "each" and "TexShare". (See Appendix A) should read (See Appendix A or visit the TexShare Website.)

    The group discussed Section 2, Privileges, and whether it should be amended. The consensus was that the section should remain as written. The chair agreed to check the Appendix to be sure that the list of participating institutions is correct.

  4. Texshare Liaisons - After brief discussion, the group agreed that Amigos should be the keeper of the TexShare Card Program Liaison List and should continue to maintain and update it.
  5. New and Additional Cards - The group reviewed the Texshare Card's text and design agreed that the card required no revision except for the printing date which should be changed when new cards are produced.
  6. The TexShare Library Card Brochure - The group recommended that the new TexShare Card Working Group consider updating the TexShare Library Card Brochure.
  7. TexShare Statistics - The Chair asked the members to check to see if their institutions had submitted their TexShare Card statistics for the past year. He is completing his statistics collection and compilation for 1996-97.
  8. The Texas State Library - The group recommended to the new TexShare Card Working Group that in future the Texas State Library include in its annual collection of academic library statistics the same statistics on TexShare Card distribution and use that the Working Group has collected for the first two years of the program. The group reviewed the statistics and recommended no deletions or additions to those already collected.
  9. Other - In response to a question concerning the TEXSHARE ADVISORY BOARD, Jo Anne Hawkins replied that members appointed included William P. Hobby, Houston, and Nelda Laney, Hale Center, representing the public; S. Joe McCord, University of Houston-Clear Lake, and Gilda Baeza Ortego, Sul Ross State University, representing four-year public universities; George Huffman, Amarillo College, and Paul E. Dumont, Dallas Community College, representing community colleges. Robert A. Seal of Texas Christian University and Marsha W. Harper, Abilene Christian University, will represent private institutions of higher education, and Martha C. Adamson of the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in San Antonio will serve as member-at-large. Appointments are for staggered one-to-three year terms beginning September 1, 1997.

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