TexShare Standard Texas Higher Education

Library Card Working Group

December 9, 1994

Clarion Hotel

Dallas, Texas


 Present:  Jo Anne Hawkins, Chair (University of Texas at Austin), Gary
           Ives (University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston), Doug
           Birdsall (Texas Tech University), Jay Clark, Community College
           Liaison (San Jacinto College Central), Charles Harrell
           (University of Texas at Tyler), Rodney Webb (Texas A&M
           International University), William Mears (Southwest Texas State
           University), Virginia Allen (Lamar University), Abby Kratz
           (University of Texas at Dallas), Linda Thompson (University of

The group briefly reviewed its purpose:  To develop policies and
procedures for a statewide borrower's card that will enable faculty and
students affiliated with any TEX-SHARE institution to use the materials
and services of any TEX-SHARE library.  The group then reviewed and
discussed similar plans that had been implemented in other states as well
as issues that had been raised during a discussion of this topic at the
TCSUL meeting in September.

Some of the key issues agreed upon include the following.  The plan will
allow free borrowing of circulating materials from TEX-SHARE libraries by
approved borrowers.  Each borrower will sign an agreement which specifies
the privileges and obligations associated with participation in the
program.  The lending library may restrict the number of items that can
be borrowed at one time by a TEX-SHARE borrower.  Access to electronic
resources will be as permitted by licensing agreements and to the extent
that local computing capabilities are able to support.  Approved
borrowers will include staff as well as faculty and students.

A question arose as to whether a "home" library would be able to penalize
users (e.g., blocks on circulation privileges, holds on transcripts,
etc.) who are delinquent TEX-SHARE borrowers.  Linda Thompson will seek a
legal opinion on this.

It also was decided that there should be a physical card which will be
issued by the borrower's "home" library.  This card will be valid for one
semester for students, and for one year for faculty and staff.  The
expiration date will appear on the card.  The group felt that the term
"THEcard" was too nebulous, and would not lend itself to strong
identification with the TEX-SHARE program in the users' minds.  Instead,
the group agreed on calling it the TEX-SHARE Card, which will readily
identify it with a coordinated set of programs and services available
through TEX-SHARE.  A TEX-SHARE logo used on the card (and on TEX-SHARE
publications such as brochures) would be an asset in making the program
more visible to users.  A logo will be discussed with the Advisory Board
and Coordinating Board staff, and details will be forthcoming. Generally,
it was agreed that the introduction of the TEX-SHARE Card should generate
a lot of publicity, e.g., articles in student newspapers, press releases,
brochures, etc.

It was agreed that the following statistics will be kept by each library,
and will be compiled by TEX-SHARE staff:  (1) number of cards issued at
each library, (2) number of transactions, (3) number of patrons who use
the card, and (4) number and value of items lost.

The policies and basic tenets of the TEX-SHARE Card program will be set
forth in a document that will be similar in structure to that used by the
University of Texas Passport program and the OCLC research library
members reciprocal borrowing program.  It is anticipated that a draft
document will be ready for the group to review by late January.

The reciprocal borrowing program will have a trial period of May -
December 1995.  The program will be evaluated in early 1996 by the
Working Group, and appropriate adjustments and recommendations will be
made at that time.  The group will recommend that provisions be made for
ongoing oversight of the program at the conclusion of the trial period.

The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for February 24.

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