TexShare Standard Texas Higher Education

Library Card Working Group

February 27, 1995

Clarion Hotel

Dallas, Texas


  Present:  Jo Anne Hawkins, Chair (University of Texas at Austin), Gary
           Ives (University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston), Doug
           Birdsall (Texas Tech University), Jay Clark, Community College
           Liaison (San Jacinto College Central), Charles Harrell
           (University of Texas at Tyler), William Mears (Southwest Texas
           State University), Virginia Allen (Lamar University), Abby
           Kratz (University of Texas at Dallas), Linda Thompson
           (University of Houston)

 The group examined the documents that provide the mandate for the
 statewide borrower's card.  These include the July 15, 1994 memorandum
 from Kenneth Ashworth, Commissioner of the Texas Higher Education
 Coordinating Board to the presidents and chancellors of Texas public
 universities and health science centers in which participants agree to
 adopt such a card.  This document has been signed by university CEOs.
 The statement of work included in the proposal request issued by the
 Coordinating Board last summer indicates that one of the components of
 TEX-SHARE that will be implemented under the terms of the contract
 awarded is a Standard Texas Higher Education Library Card.  This
 supporting documentation will be appended to the borrower's card
 agreement.  A question arose as to whether or not it will be necessary to
 have this agreement signed, since the university CEOs have signed one
 TEX-SHARE agreement already; and, if it is deemed necessary, who should
 sign it: the university president or the library director?

 Another question that needs to be resolved is whether or not the
 borrower's home library can reimburse the lending library for lost or
 damaged materials, or whether or not the home institution can collect
 payment for these damages from the delinquent borrower on behalf of the
 lending library.  A draft of the agreement will be sent to the
 Coordinating Board for legal review with particular attention being
 addressed to these issues as well as to the question of whether or not
 the agreement should be signed.

 When the above legal questions have been resolved, the draft agreement
 will be posted to the TexShare mailing list and sent to each library
 director.  The Working Group will then review the comments that are
 engendered by this review and revise the agreement as necessary before
 releasing it in its final form.  It is anticipated that the agreement
 will be ready in May for implementation during the summer.

 Jo Anne Hawkins presented a design for the card.  The group approved the
 general concept and artwork.  The wording was revised, and it was
 recommended that the term TexShare should appear on the card without the
 hyphen in the following manner:  TexShare.  This is a typographically
 more pleasing style.  Linda Thompson will use the copy provided by Jo
 Anne to obtain cost estimates for printing the card.  Each library will
 be contacted to determine how many cards it needs so that a decision can
 be made regarding how many to print.  Each borrower who requests a
 TexShare Card also will receive a list of TexShare libraries.

 Each library will be responsible for submitting information that will be
 used to create a file on the TexShare gopher that describes the
 library's collections, any limitations under the TexShare agreement, and
 indicates a contact person.  This information should be updated at least
 annually.  The Working Group will design a form and guidelines to be used
 when creating these records.  Linda will prepare a draft for the group to

 It was decided that the official implementation date will be June 1,

 If an additional meeting is necessary, an attempt will be made to
 schedule it during the TLA conference when many of the Working Group
 members will be in Dallas already.

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