Count of Materials Found in the TexShare Databases Core FY20

Updated 10/13/2019

Number of databases: 68

TexShare Core Materials Count FY2020

Vendor: Resource e-media
e-book titles
e-serials titles
BiblioBoard: E-Read Texas Unlimited (new)*   2,088  
Credo: Complete Core Collection 333,062 1,236 6
EBSCO: EBSCOhost 7,389,573 7,868 16,686
EBSCO: LearningExpress Library   1,636  
EBSCO: NetLibrary   32,516  
GaleCengage Learning 935,763 19,537 3,771
ProQuest: HeritageQuest Online 7,875,731 22,181  
ProQuest: Sanborn Maps of Texas 2,118    
ProQuest: eBook Central   130,063  
ProQuest: SciTech Premium 1,700 126 7,288 144,017    
Total: 16,681,964 217,251 27,751

*The BiblioBoard E-Read Texas Collection is not a TexShare resource but is available statewide from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission E-Read Texas Program.

Materials Counts definitions match the requirements for reporting on the current IPEDS Academic Libraries annual survey:

  • Number of e-media materials. E-media materials are media materials that are in digital format and are available for download or streaming. Include digital graphic materials and cartographic materials.
  • Number of e-book titles (full-text). E-books are digital documents (including those digitized by the library), licensed or not, where searchable text is prevalent, and which can be seen in analogy to a printed book (monograph). Include open access (OA) titles, except do not count e-book titles from HathiTrust, Center for Research Libraries, Internet Archive, and similar collections. Do not include titles in Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) or Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) collections until they have been purchased by the library.
  • Number of e-serials titles (full-text). An e-serial is a periodical publication that is published in digital form to be displayed on a computer screen. Include open access (OA) serials. If possible, report the count of only those de-duplicated or otherwise unique serial titles included in each resource. If possible include ceased titles. If possible, do not count earlier title changes; however, do not worry about removing them if it is not possible/feasible. 

Additional materials not matching these definitions are excluded. These include abstracts and indexes, tests, individual articles, and supplemental content.

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