Count of Materials Found in the TexShare Databases Core FY22

Updated 01/18/2022

Number of databases: 68

TexShare Core Materials Count FY2022*

Vendor: Resource e-media
e-book titles
e-serials titles
BiblioBoard: E-Read Texas Unlimited**   5,504  
Credo: Complete Core Collection 900,595 1,438 5
EBSCO: EBSCOhost 3,279,011 8,070 16,890
EBSCO: LearningExpress Library   219  
EBSCO: NetLibrary   31,724  
Gale / Cengage Learning: Chilton Library   20,000  
Gale / Cengage Learning: Legal Forms 16,858    
Gale / Cengage Learning: TexShare package 949,142 1,485 3,827
ProQuest: HeritageQuest Online 8,054,645 22,181  
ProQuest: Sanborn Maps of Texas 2,118    
ProQuest: eBook Central   136,071  
ProQuest: eBook Central (eLibro)   96,810  
ProQuest: SciTech Premium 8 128 8,271 442,788    
Total: 13,645,165 318,126 28,993

*as of October 25, 2021. Counts come from vendor-supplied information.

**The BiblioBoard E-Read Texas Collection is not a TexShare resource but is available statewide from the Texas State Library and Archives Commission E-Read Texas Program.

Materials Counts definitions match the requirements for reporting on the current IPEDS Academic Libraries annual survey:

  • Number of e-media materials. E-media materials are media materials that are in digital format and are available for download or streaming. Include digital graphic materials and cartographic materials.
  • Number of e-book titles (full-text). E-books are digital documents (including those digitized by the library), licensed or not, where searchable text is prevalent, and which can be seen in analogy to a printed book (monograph). Include open access (OA) titles, except do not count e-book titles from HathiTrust, Center for Research Libraries, Internet Archive, and similar collections. Do not include titles in Demand-Driven Acquisition (DDA) or Patron-Driven Acquisition (PDA) collections, until they have been purchased by the library.
  • Number of e-serials titles (full-text). An e-serial is a publication issued in successive parts bearing numerical or chronological designations, is intended to be continued indefinitely, and is published in digital form to be displayed on a computer screen in any medium. This definition includes digital and digitized periodicals, newspapers, and annuals (reports, yearbooks, etc.); the journals, memoirs, proceedings, transactions, etc. of societies; and numbered monographic series. Include open access (OA) serials, except do not count titles from HathiTrust, Center for Research Libraries, Internet Archive, and similar collections. If possible, report the count of only those de-duplicated or otherwise unique serial titles included in each resource. If possible, include ceased titles. If possible, do not count earlier title changes; however, don’t worry about removing them if it is not possible/feasible..

Additional materials not matching these definitions are excluded. These include abstracts and indexes, tests, individual articles, and supplemental content.

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