Commercial Index Working Group

Meeting Notes

June 6, 1996

Present: Bonnie McNeely (UT Pan American), Virginia Andrews (Texas Tech), Anne Chandler (Stephen F. Austin State University), Roberta Pitts (Texas A&M, Kingsville), Greg Pratt (HAM-TMC), Rajia Tobia (UT Health Science Center San Antonio), Ellen Safley (UT Dallas), Tommie Wingfield (UT Arlington), Paul Dumont (Dallas County Community College), Sue Phillips (UT Austin), Mark McFarland (UT Austin). Guest: Mary Castle (UT Arlington)

The meeting began with a discussion of the current TexShare commercial index services, ABI/Inform and Periodical Abstracts on the Ovid platform, managed by UT Austin. Each group member described how ABI and Periodical Abstracts fit within the services offered by their library. The discussion covered all aspects of the service: database coverage, user interface, system performance, response time, and technical support. Although usage levels vary with the size of the library and the individual technical environments, all those present were satisfied with the current service.

The Working Group recommended that the service, as currently configured, be renewed for one additional year. The Working Group further recommended that Ovid Z39.50 server software and Web Gateway software be licensed for TexShare libraries, for the upcoming contract period. The number of simultaneous users should be increased from 70 to 100, based on current usage levels. The renewal period will be August 1, 1996 through July 30, 1997. Renewal beyond this one year period will not be possible due to the terms of the original agreement. TexShare index services will be rebid for service beginning August 1, 1997.

The Working Group noted the desirability of having a separate database for training purposes, so that actual users of the service are not impacted by training users. This will be investigated for next year.

The discussion turned to the concept of pursuing TexShare consortial pricing for other electronic information services, in addition to those services subsidized as part of the TexShare program. With "TexShare Select," a suggested name for the program, the entire cost would be paid by the library and each service would be at the option of each library. A lively discussion took place, covering all types of possible services. Services of particular interest to the group included full-text sources, current newspapers, and sci/tech, legal, and health resources.

The Working Group recommended that the TexShare Advisory Board consider establishing the "TexShare Select" program to leverage group purchasing power in order to obtain consortial prices for services desired by TexShare libraries. The principles of the program would be:

  • all services offered through TexShare Select be reviewed and approved by the appropriate TexShare working group
  • all costs would paid by the participating libraries
  • participation would be at the option of each library
The current document delivery program through UMI ProQuest Direct was discussed. The Working Group recommended that the document delivery service be continued for a longer period of time and that requests should be submitted via OCLC.

The meeting concluded with a general discussion of policies in regard to printing by the libraries present.

  • Texas Tech - free printing, 1 laser printer, others dot matrix; encourage email, downloading.
  • Stephen F. Austin - $0.10 laser printing, free dot matrix.
  • TAMU Kingsville - free dot matrix.
  • UTHSCSA - free dot matrix, $0.10 laser in computer lab.
  • HAM / TMC - $0.10 laser printing, free dot matrix; encourage downloading.
  • UT Dallas - $0.10 laser printing; have debit card printing.
  • UT Arlington - prints two pages on one piece of paper at no charge; have vending machine with computer disks; encourage downloading.
  • UT Pan American - 2 laser printers for 26 microcomputers, no charge.
  • UT-Austin - Testing copy card printing using network printers and queues so that users select their job and use a copy card to pay for the printing.
  • Dallas County Community Colleges - do not charge fees.
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