TexShare Electronic Information Working Group

Meeting Notes, 3/21/2000

Attendance: Deborah Littrell (TexShare Coordinator); Tommie Wingfied, Chair; Jennifer Duncan for Marianne Bobich; Tracy Cuellar; Jane Dillon; Don Dowdey; Robert Gaines; Linda Levy; Alice Nixon; Elizabeth Norman; Todd Peters; Sue Phillips; Janis Test; Syma Zerkow; Beverley Shirley; Rue Ramirez (guest); Mark McFarland (guest);


Make recommendations on how we finish up the biennium (Identify and rank products for renewal and purchase)

Set direction for the future (The role of the Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG) within the context of TexShare vision and strategic planning)


It is acceptable to purchase e-books through NetLibrary should funds become available in the form of a TIF grant.

Continue negotiations with Gale on Option E, Statewide access to Health Reference Center Academic, Gale Literature Databases, Discovering Science, Info Trac Newspapers and Texas Almanac

Request information on upgrading Gale Option E to include Literature Resource Center in place of Literary Databases

Request information on adding What Do I Read Next to Gale Option E

Request information on History Resource Center, Biography Resource Center, or Associations Unlimited.

Proceed with a statewide trial of Health Reference Center Academic

Request statewide trial of InfoTrak newspapers (Texas)

Request a trial for academic libraries of the Literature Databases

Proceed with a statewide trial of Ebsco HealthSource Plus

If negotiations on Gale Option E and/or Ebsco HealthSource Plus fall through, transfer TexSelect products CINAHL, Books In Print, MLA Bibliography to Core selections.

If there is TIF money available beyond what is required to purchase NetLibrary and if Option E has already been contracted with TexShare/TSEL money, use the additional TIF money to , transfer TexSelect products CINAHL, Books In Print, MLA Bibliography to Core selections.

Upgrade from MasterFile Elite to MasterFile Premier for public libraries.

The TexSelect Gale discount should be offered again this year

Request pricing on ERS Select as a TexSelect offering.

ATLA may make a good TexSelect product next year. It should be revisited then.

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