Electronic Information Working Group
Minutes of December 15, 2003

Present: Present: Don Dowdey, Robert Gaines, Alice Nixon, Todd Peters, Sue Phillips, Tracy Pineda, Janis Test, JoAnn Van Schaik, Marian Jackson, Russlene Waukechon (Database Coordinator), and Syma Zerkow.
Absent: Elizabeth Norman; Jane Dillon
Guests: Peggy D. Rudd; Beverley Shirley; Sharon Herfurth (from CTLS)


All in attendance introduced themselves. New EIWG members: Marion Jackson, Tyler Junior College - Vaughn Libraryand JoAnn VanSchaik, Preston Smith Library of the Health Sciences, Texas Tech University Health Sciences introduced themselves.

IB. Discussion with Peggy Rudd

Rudd discussed:

  • Statewide Resource Sharing Summit to be held in Austin at UT’s JJ Pickle Center on Jan. 20th & 21st which will revisit and revision the goals set in 2000. Ann Joslin, Asst. State Librarian of Idaho, will facilitate the meeting. Ann’s summary of this meeting will become our roadmap for the future.
  • Her recent meeting with the interim commissioner of TEA, Robert Scott, and TSLAC Commissioner Sandy Pickett, concerning TSLAC assumption of the TEA union catalog.
  • Funding for the TexShare database program
  • TSLAC’s over sight committee,the State Cultural and Recreational Resources Committee. (see http://www.house.state.tx.us/committees/430.htm).

IC. Round Robin Discussion

Working group members noted:

  • Library staff in TexShare libraries don’t understand the economic difficulties facing the program; they believe the only cuts that are going to be made have already taken place
  • In some locations, public libraries are seeing more use of the TexShare databases by k-12 students because the TLC databases are no longer available
  • Increases in academic institutional enrollment has brought on increased use of the TexShare databases
  • Because of cuts in locally funded-databases, libraries are depending more on TexShare databases

II. Core Collection

  • It was decided what a core collection would consist of:

o WorldCat
o Aggregated multidisciplinary database
o General reference database: i.e. an encyclopedia
o Literature resources
o Business information
o Health: both consumer and academic resources
o Newspapers

  • Another poll of librarians to determine what databases they want to maintain
  • All current databases need to be thoroughly compared by EIWG members
  • Price differences between Ebsco’s Elite and Premier with an add-on package allowing individual libraries to purchase an upgrade from elite to premier could be considered.

III. Models of Service From Other States

  • Some alternative models includeState funded model: Databases purchased with fees from TSLAC and library assessment. Are available to all consortium members as a “core” set.
  • TexSelect: negotiated discount that allows libraries to purchase databases, a buy-into program
  • TexSelect “A” model: TexShare would create groups of willing participants, participants get access to a) core database(s) and b) their “buy-up” program choices
  • Groups could consist of libraries with like needs (multi-type) TSLAC could facilitate putting groups together.

IV. HeritageQuest, Sanborn Maps, and Stat!Ref


  • Review statistics on number and types of libraries using TexSelect options
  • Conduct poll to see if there is interest in TexShare pursuing a fund raising campaign for the purchase of Heritage Quest, Sanborn & Stat!Ref Include some idea of appropriate amount of contribution
  • Based on poll, develop fees, perhaps analogous to the TexShare fees, for Heritage Quest and Stat!Ref
  • Use fund raising campaign as an educational tool to inform public & professionals about budget cuts

Determine how extra money could be brought into the TSLAC budget if we are already at our capital spending cap

  • Consider using TSLAC to form groups of database users such as academic or public
  • Inform potential contributors that, while not all libraries will pay for Heritage Quest, the contribution they make will enable all libraries in TexShare to use the database
  • Determine purchase process for FY04 and FY05 and develop a time line
  • Inclues a contingency for k-12 inclusion in contracts

Meeting adjourned at 3:00pm.

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