Electronic Information Working Group
Minutes of Decmeber 6, 2004
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Present: Alice Nixon, Janis Test, Russlene Waukechon, Sue Phillips (arrived after another morning meeting), Elizabeth Norman, Don Dowdy, Bob Gaines, Jo Ann Van Shaik, Marion Jackson, Syma Zerkow, Jane Dillon, Todd Peters, and Tracey Pineda

Meeting convened at 9:30 a.m. with discussion lead by Russlene on contract renewals for FY06.

I. Core Database Decisions for FY06

A. Ebsco databases

  • It was decided to renew the Ebsco contract before 12/31/05 because of the significant savings that could be realized
  • The FY06 contract reflects lost subsets, newspapers, and reference books but Ebsco did move Texas specific books into Masterfile.
  • A K-8 interface was created in Masterfile for students from our negotiations with Ebsco.
  • A list of the titles we are losing in Ebsco will be created and put on the website.

    B. Gale databases

TexShare is currently negotiating for Gale resources. One or more resources will need to be dropped due to budget concerns.

  • There was much discussion about the merits of each of the Business Resource Center vs. the Health Reference Center
  • After everyone had expressed his or her opinion and consensus was reached, and HRC was preferred over Business Resource Center to remain in the Gale package for FY06.

    C. OCLC

  • There was much discussion about attempting to renew the entire FristSearch package which included WorldCat and the FirstSearch Base package vs. just renewing WorldCat alone
  • It was decided more information was needed on several things:
  • pricing on WorldCat unlimited - this would provide unlimited simultaneous and remote access to WorldCat
  • pricing on Unbundled purchasing options for FirstSearch Base package - more information is needed about this option; this option would not enable TexShare libraries to receive an OCLC package discount on other FirstSearch databases libraries purchase, this option includes the same databases as the OCLC Base Package, but they are priced individually rather than as part of a package
  • pricing on TexSelect upgrade for libraries that want the full base package —let OCLC know that we may only be able to afford WorldCat unlimited
  • WorldCat holdings in Google more information is needed about this topic. With the development of Google Scholar which is dependent on Open WorldCat, what do libraries have to have to maintain their participation in Open WorldCat? It was decided to discuss these questions more in depth with OCLC to get clarification.
  • Another conference call to discuss OCLC will probably be needed

II. TDNet, Ebooks & NetLibrary

  • All were in agreement that we want to keep TDNet.
  • The TexShare NetLibrary collection is closed to K-12.
  • Any reconsiderations of NetLibrary titles stay at the local level because TSLAC works through local libraries. Libraries will have to disable the titles at the local level if titles are reconsidered and the decision is made to remove them from the local collection.
  • Todd Peteres explained NetLibrary turnaways using the handouts he provided.
  • We have access to poetry this year


  • StatRef! will still be available as a TexSelect option.
  • Access Medicine may become an additional offering as part of TexSelect.
  • A discussion followed on what exactly is TexSelect. It was decided that the definition ties back in with the collection development policy. The Collection Development subcommittee will come up with TexShare and TexSelect definitions
  • A discussion followed on various choices to add to TexSelect. Group decided to continue with the TexSelect offerings and vendors currently in the TexShare program.
  • A discussion about our Ovid contract was held. The group declined to pursue a purchasing offer by Ovid as it was not deemed equitable to every member of the consortium. Also this year’s contract will have new pricing for licenses that should reflect more accurately the number of seats needed per campuses to prevent turn-aways.
  • The idea from the Strategic Planning Session in January 2003 was discussed about TexShare acting as a facilitator for matching libraries up who want to purchase databases and form mini-consortias for the purpose of purchasing specific databases TexShare does not offer. It was noted that TexShare doesn’t have the staff to do anything intensive on this type of a project. EIWG offered to form a subcommittee to work on this concept: Tracey, Marion and Janis.
  • There will be another pledge drive to fund HeritageQuest. Publicity about the pledge drive needs to go out soon.

IV. Scenarios for 2006

  • The database purchase for FY07 will probably be done through a bid process
  • K-12 involvement with TexShare will have an impact on the database program. These issues will have to be addressed and worked out. Questions about K-12 were discussed. Further discussion will be needed on this issue.
  • American Chemical Society. There was discussion about extending the type of billing arrangement the TICUL libraries have now to the other libraries not in TICUL but with ACS subscriptions. Russlene will explore this further.

This is Bob Gaines last meeting because he will retire December 31. The group gave him thanks and their best wishes for his retirement.

The meeting ended at 3:10 p.m.

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