Electronic Information Working Group
EIWG Conference Call Minutes 12/14/05
Texas State Library and Archives Commission

Syma Zerkow
Laura K. Alfaro
Lisa M. Borden
Kerry Keck
Martha Knott (had to leave at 1:00 pm)
Marian D. Jackson
Karen Locher
Carolyn McCown
Sandra Munger
Tracey Pineda
Janis Test
JoAnn VanSchaik
Russlene Waukechon
Guests: Beverley Shirley
Donna Osborne
Absent: Jane Dillon
Sue Phillips

Meeting convened at 12:30 p.m.

I. Discussion revolved around what types of database will be included in the RFO

A. Syma began the conversation by reviewing the results of the TexShare member survey and the database rankings resulting from the survey. Members of working group reviewed overall rank of database categories (by all members) as well as rank of database categories by constituency type (university, community college, public library, medical library). It was decided that the top database categories in the overall ranking as well as the top database category for each constituency would be included in the RFO.

B. Budget was reviewed including funding sources used for purchasing databases such as HeritageQuest.

C. After considerable discussion, the group decided to not place WorldCat in the RFO process, as it is a sole source, proprietary purchase.

D. Also, after considerable discussion, the group decided to include a genealogy database in the RFO process, in spite of its medium-level ranking, due to the importance of this resource to advocates and supporters of public libraries.

E. Director of Administrative Services for TSLAC Donna Osborne provided guidance on how to structure the RFO.
It was determined that this will be one RFO for all of the databases we are trying to purchase.

F. The following categories will be placed in the RFO for vendors to bid on:

  • General Periodicals
  • Literary Criticism& Literature
  • Health – Consumer & clinical
  • Newspapers
  • General Ref
  • Business
  • Genealogy

G. Vendors may choose to bid on only which category they are
interested in.
They can submit bids on only one category or all categories.
Vendors may offer additional databases as part of a “database package” for free (or minimal cost) if they wish.
Statewide trials and demonstrations will be part of the selection process.

Meeting was adjoined at 1:55 p.m.

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