Texshare Electronic Information Working Group
Conference Call, February 14, 2011
11am-12:00 pm


In attendance: Attending: Working Group members: Kerry Keck (chair); Karen Blankenship; Victoria Chiavetta; Marilu Chavez; Eric Elmore; Gayle Gordon; Lisa Harris Hebert; Sandra Munger; Sue Phillips; Susan Smith; Russlene Waukechon, Guest: Beverley Shirley; Rosemary Willrich

Following attendance, Russlene Waukechon and Beverley Shirley reviewed HB1 and what the proposed legislative budget recommendations would mean for the TexShare database budget.

Beverley outlined the TexShare budget over the next biennium and what choices the EIWG face in selecting database resources for the core menu this year and for the next 2 years. Due to loss of funding, the EIWG must make decisions regarding what resources have to be retained for this subscription year and what could not be renewed with the funds available this subscription year. Database usage statistics and vendor renewal policies, were reviewed by the group as renewal decisions for FY 11 and FY12 must be made soon. Dropping packages was discussed.

Losing General Revenue also directly impacts the amount of federal funding TSLAC will receive which could have gone to support TexShare.

Beverley discussed how libraries were to pick up $ 4 million in fees to make up the difference in the loss of funding for the databases. Concern was expressed that libraries may not be able to increase their fees especially among community colleges.

Lisa Hebert and Karen Blankenship both stated they would look at cutting database subscriptions held by their libraries over cutting TexShare databases.

HeritageQuest was mentioned as a key resource for libraries esp. public libraries.

Russlene offered to create a table with renewal information and options for what could be cut in order to make our budget goal for this year. A new poll in Doodle will be created to poll the EIWG in order to arrive at a consensus on what will not be renewed for July, 2011.

A bid for 2012 was discussed and how people will need to plan for travel to Austin.

Meeting was concluded by noon.

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