Texshare Electronic Information Working Group
Conference Call, March 14, 2011
11am-12:00 pm


In attendance: Attending: Working Group members: Karen Blankenship; Victoria Chiavetta; Gayle Gordon; Lisa Harris Hebert; Karen Locher; Sandra Munger; Sue Phillips; Susan Smith; Russlene Waukechon, Guest: Beverley Shirley;

Russlene Waukechon and Beverley Shirley reviewed the proposed funding cuts to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission's budget per HB1, the proposed budget bill. They reviewed the potential impact of these cuts on the TexShare database service.

Bev reviewed what the core would look like if different databases were dropped from the menu for 2011-2012 and what our options with our vendors were for the 2011-2012 contract year. Russlene reminded participants they needed to come to a decision about what they would like the service to look like in the next several years given the economic forecast from the state.

Karen Locher revisited the budget cuts from 2003 and how decisions made that year affected the members of TexShare.

Karen asked what it would take to reach a consensus about which databases we needed to drop from the core for this year to obtain our budgetary goals.

Russlene reviewed the costs associated with each database and suggested combinations that would accomplish the needed reduction. Russlene called for a round robin vote on content to be dropped from the core. The committee decided to drop Gale's Health & Wellness Resource Center and Gale's Newsstand.

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