Meeting Minutes

Texshare Electronic Information Working Group
Conference Call, June 27, 2013
2:00 – 3:00 pm


Attending:  Shelly Almgren, Karen Blankenship, Vicki Chiavetta, Steve Clegg,  Eric Elmore, Lisa Herbet,  Mary Jarvis, Janis C. Test, Greg Tramel, John Weed, Lexie Thompson-Young, Russlene Waukechon.


TSLAC EIWG Fact Sheet.  Two items were to be discontinued as of June 30, 2013, as a result of changes in funding with the 2011 legislative session – Infotrac Newsstand (Gale) and Consumer Health Complete (Ebsco).   The group followed up with discussion and questions regarding this decision. Questions concerned restoration of one or both resources and the potential loss of federal funding to the TexShare program.

  • Both Infotrac Newsstand(Gale) and Consumer Health Complete(EBSCO) were discussed at some length with the consensus of opinion being that neither needs to be restored to the Core for the coming fiscal year.

Literature Resource Center (Gale) is available through June, 2014. We will re-evaluate it prior to the time it might be discontinued. Duplication among resources is to be avoided when renewing databases.

Steve asked if an item can be moved to the Core from TexSelect (since databases can be moved from the Core to TexSelect. Russlene asked members to send suggestions for items to move to the Core from TexSelect.


The 2013 Legislature restored monies to TSLAC which must be spent for databases. 

  • Greg indicated the lack of a science database in the Core.  Science database suggestions were provided.Janis suggested looking at Reference USA to help with business content.
  • Janis also suggested looking at language learning/acquisition databases as requests for these are becoming more frequent – both for English speakers wanting to learn a foreign language and for ESL users.  Suggestions included Mango and Pronunciator.
  • Eric suggested moving Encyclopedia Britannica from TexSelect to the Core as a very general resource.


Sole Source.

TSLAC has some additional end of year funds and has approached TexShare about using these funds to acquire a one-time purchase for the program. The resource must have an emphasis on Texas/Westward expansion history. A list of suggestions has been provided to Russlene which she will forward to the group. Responses are needed ASAP. Purchase of an e-book collection is not an option at this time. Several resources were suggested for purchase.

Russlene asked that we look at links that she is sending us and that we send comments to the EIWG mailing list.

Meeting was concluded at 3:12 pm.

Minutes prepared by: Mary Jarvis

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