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If you have questions please contact:

Russlene Waukechon

TexShare Database Coordinator

Texas State Library and Archives Commission


512.936.2306 Fax

 Name of Library: 

1. Do the TexShare Databases meet your information needs?

( For a list of core collection TexShare databases go here: )

1 - Always

2 - More than 50% of the Time

3 - Less Than 50% of the Time

4 - Never 

2. Do you access the TexShare Databases from (check all that apply):

1 - From home

2 - From your office

3 - From a public library

4 - From a university or college library

5 - From a library of clinical medicine

3. Are you satisfied with the knowledge and assistance you have received from the library staff regarding use of the TexShare databases?

1 -  Yes

2 - No

3 - Have not asked for assistance

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Page last modified: July 22, 2015