Database Registration
(Texas Librarians Only)

If you are a librarian for a Texas library that meets the eligibility requirements, contact for information on how to register your library and participate in the TexShare Database program.

Facts For Librarian Professionals About Online Databases

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1. Information About Online Databases

The TexShare Databases are commercial database subscriptions that are licensed by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) for use by participating Texas public libraries, Texas State governmental agencies, Texas academic libraries>, and libraries of clinical medicine.

TexShare enables all participating libraries to offer a broad range of databases in order to serve the information needs of their constituents. The following illustrates just some of what you will find in the TexShare Databases:

  • Full-text articles from popular periodicals
  • Medical resources and health information
  • E-books and academic reference materials
  • Newspapers and magazines from around the world
  • Research on public and private companies, here and abroad
  • Genealogy resources
  • Hundreds of popular periodicals, including Business Week, Rolling Stone, and Smithsonian

2. Is there a charge?

TexShare member libraries, including public, academic, and medical libraries, must pay an annual fee, equivalent to a membership fee, to participate in the program. See our Cost Share FAQ for more information.

3. How does my library register for and access the databases?

If you are a librarian for a Texas library that meets the eligibility requirements, contact for information on how to register your library so that you can participate in the TexShare Database program.

4. Can my library provide TexShare Database access to our patrons from their homes?

Yes. Patrons may access the TexShare electronic resources both on-site at their library and at home or other remote location. If your library has been provided with a TexShare login and password, you may share those credentials with your card-holding patrons. Please note that you must NOT publish the TexShare login and password on your library's website; or on any library blog, listserv, or forum.

Alternatively, you can use a proxy server such as EZproxy or WAM to authenticate patrons using their library or institution-specific credentials. See our URLs list for EZproxy stanzas and more information.

Send an e-mail to for additional information.

5. How do I track my library's usage of the databases?

Libraries which provide access to the TexShare Databases through a portal hosted on their own website OR through the Library of Texas can track their database usage through the individual database vendor sites. For complete instructions, see

6. How are databases selected?

The TexShare Electronic Information Working Group (EIWG), in consultation with TexShare member libraries, selects the suite of TexShare databases. This stellar group of librarians includes representatives from all types of TexShare member libraries (4-year academic, community college, medical and public). TexShare member libraries are surveyed regularly to establish priorities for future purchases. The EIWG recommends databases purchases to the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.

Libraries can participate in the database selection by:

  • sending comments and recommendations to the EIWG
  • sending recommendations about databases to TexShare staff
  • filling out and sending back databases surveys
  • sending comments throughout the statewide database trial period

7. How do I get help with searches on the databases?

8. How do I let my users know about the database resources available to them?

It is important to identify the TexShare databases in order to increase name recognition and to gather support for continued funding. The Texas State Library provides outreach materials to help libraries spread the word about TexShare; email TexShare staff for more information.

9. Are K-12 students allowed to access the TexShare Databases?

K-12 students are encouraged to access the TexShare Databases through their public libraries and may be given a password or other method to access them from their homes. Some of the databases that contain scholarly and medical journals may be a little advanced for young children, but many of the databases will have relevant information. Also, many databases in TexShare are of great benefit to K-12 student research and homework help, such as MasterFILE Premier, Literature Research Center, and many others.

K-12 libraries are not allowed to provide access to TexShare electronic resources. Public K-12 libraries may participate in TSLAC's TexQuest electronic resource program: See the TexShare Authorized Access statement for more information.

10. How do I contact the Texas State Library?

Contact the Library Resource Sharing Division:

  • By e-mail
  • By telephone: 512-463-5465 or toll free 800-252-9386.
  • By FAX: (512) 936-2306
Page last modified: February 23, 2018