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Access Help

Access to the TexShare Databases is provided to patrons through their local public or academic libraries.

Find your library's web site for TexShare Database links, login instructions, and contact information.

Trouble Accessing HeritageQuest?

ProQuest -- the company which produces HeritageQuest-- has identified a number issues that may affect your ability to access HeritageQuest from your home computer.

Please note the following potential issues, and follow the links to ProQuest's Customer Service pages:

What if one of databases asks me for a login and password?

If you click on one of the databases and you are prompted for a login and password, this usually means something has gone wrong with your "authentication." First, make sure that you've used the TexShare menu page to access the database, not directly bookmarked it from a previous visit. Next, double-check that your web browser is configured to "accept cookies." (This is generally the default setting.) Many of the databases require "cookies" for authentication and to enable certain kinds of searches on their systems. If you are running some kind of "personal firewall" system, you must also enable the option for transmitting your "referring URL" and "IP address."

You may also need to "clear the cache" on your browser, see below.

How do I "clear the cache" on my browser?"

In Microsoft Internet Explorer, pull down the TOOLS > INTERNET OPTIONS > TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES and click on the "Delete Files" button. When it asks if you wish to "delete offline content" choose yes.

In Netscape or Mozilla, select Preferences > Advanced > Cache and choose "clear disk cache" and "clear memory cache."

Quit your browser, then restart it. Return to the TexShare menu page, hit "Enter Databases" and key in your login and password if necessary.

Then try accessing the resources again.

With so many databases, where do I start?

It's true, the number and variety of TexShare Database can be overwhelming. Some of the databases provide serious resources for academic research while others are more suitable for casual, general reference. Each database on the menu has a "more info" link next to it that provides additional information. You can either take some time to explore the different databases... or ask your local librarian for assistance.

Who Can I Call for Technical Assistance?

While your local librarian can assist you with your research, keep in mind that he or she may not be able to assist you with the specific operation of your personal computer. If you're having trouble connecting your modem, if your browser is "acting funny," or you keep getting unexplained error messages, you may want to consult a tech-savvy friend or family member... or the customer service representative where you purchased your computer.

If it appears that one of the databases is malfunctioning, please report the problem to your local library so they may report the problem. Please be as specific as possible when reporting the malfunction.

Can I share my login and password with my family and friends in Indiana? Or Indonesia?

Please don't share your TexShare Database Remote Access login and password with anyone outside of Texas. Our licenses for these commercial database products permit access exclusively for residents of Texas. Misuse of these logins and passwords would be considered a violation of our licensing agreements with the vendors, which could put the entire program at risk.

But isn't everything on the Internet free?

No. Unlike most information on the internet, the TexShare Databases are authoritative, up-to-date, and completely commercial-free. They provide full-text access to journals, encyclopedias, and other publications unavailable anywhere else.

Will my login and password ever change?

Yes. Logins and passwords may occasionally change without notice; if you find your login and password no longer works, contact the reference librarian at your local library for the new credentials.

Technical Help

Comments, suggestions, and other messages (including problems) can be e-mailed directly to Texshare at

To Report a Problem...

with Database Searching or Content Assistance...

Users requiring assistance with searching any of the TexShare Databases should contact their home library's Reference Desk for assistance. Each TexShare member library should have one or more staff members trained in using the TexShare Databases.

with Technical or Home Access Issues...

Users requiring technical assistance or who are having trouble reaching the TexShare Databases from their homes should first contact the Reference Desk at their local library for help. Each library authenticates users into the TexShare Databases in its own way, so local library staff members are best able to address their patrons' technical questions.

Many technical or home access problems, however, are local to the the user's home computer. As such, certain technical or access issues may be beyond the scope of their local library's -- or of TexShare staff's -- abilities to troubleshoot, diagnose, and solve. Users, ultimately, are responsible for their own home computers' maintenance, security, and Internet access.

To Submit Updated Technical Contact or IP Information for Your Library

send an e-mail (with complete professional signature lines) to

Be sure to include:

  • any new IP addresses to be added
  • any old IP addresses to be removed
  • any other special instructions
  • your complete name, job title, phone number, and e-mail address

To Contact the TexShare Vendors Directly

Vendor Contacts - Technical and Sales Contact Information.

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