TexShare Database Cost Subsidy for FY2020

The TexShare Databases are funded by the State of Texas, TexShare member institutions, and a grant from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services. In state Fiscal Year 2020, member participation fees provided roughly one-quarter of the funding, with 46% coming from current state appropriations and reserve funds and the remaining 29% from federal funds. The total cost of the TexShare electronic resources was slightly more than $9.97 million.

Graph showing breakdown of funding for TexShare Databases in state fiscal year 2020

TexShare Databases Program Funding, State Fiscal Year 2020

For FY20, institutions may calculate the state and federal portion of the total cost of the TexShare electronic resources as a per user subsidy. The subsidy amounts by type of institution are:

  Per Capita Subsidy Basis Total Population
Academic - Community College $2.59 Undergraduate FTE 400,083
Academic - 4 Year $2.46 Undergraduate FTE 647,631
Academic - Graduate Only $21.40 Total FTE 2,576
Academic - Medical/Health Science $5.29 Total FTE plus faculty 38,744
Library of Clinical Medicine $1.65 Bed count plus staff 71,001
Public Library $0.16 Service population 25,748,620


The total fee paid by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission in FY20 was multiplied by the percentage of total retail cost for each class of library. The fees paid by the class of library were subtracted, and the result was divided by the total population for that class.

Page last modified: August 28, 2020