TexShare Task Force on Database Fees

Meeting Summary
October 30, 2003

Members present:  Sue Phillips; Diane Graves (for Larry Hardesty); Martha Tandy; Brenda Branch; Willie Braudaway (for Katherine McMurrey), Beverley Shirley; Deborah Littrell; Jo Ann Oliphant; Ann Mason; Russlene Waukechon; Kathy Hoffman; Peggy Rudd; Meller Langford-Allen; Julie Todaro; Carol McDonald (guest)

The Task Force decided that:

  • Every library should pay something toward maintaining the database service.
  • The ratio of fees assessed to the academic and public library constituencies should be roughly equivalent to the ratio of use (the academic library constituency uses the databases about four times as much as public library constituency).
  • A set per capita assessment seems to fairly distribute the public library assessment among TexShare public libraries.
  • If public library fees will be based on a set per capita amount, there would need to be an established minimum “buy in” fee.
  • Before making a final determination on public library fee assessments, the task force wants to look at assessment based on a combination of demographic and financial factors.

The Task Force’s discussion indicated:

  • There are a wide variety of resources available to public libraries to help them pay their assessments.
  • While generally based on number of users, database costs also include other factors, including a minimum charge and a ceiling charge.
  • A fair assessment formula might look different for different constituent groups.
  • The Task Force discussed many factors that might go into the determination of academic library fees, including expenditure levels, student FTE, volumes held, and Carnegie Classification (as a reflection of mission.)
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