TexShare Task Force on Database Fees

Conference Call Minutes

April 16, 2007


Attendees: Willie Braudaway, Diane Graves, Joan Heath, Pamela Hutchison, Meller Langford, Deborah Littrell, Ann Mason, Sue Phillips, Beverley Shirley, Martha Tandy, Laurie Thompson, Russlene Waukechon

Discussion on gradually expanding cost sharing over the next few years.

Background: At its last conference call, the task force determined that an increase of 3% - 5% would not be burdensome to member libraries and that a good target for medical library share of cost would be $40,000.

Discussion: Members of the task force reviewed spreadsheets reflecting various ways of increasing the total revenue from member cost share to $1,580,000 and the impact that changes would have on various constituencies.


The cost share formula in place for academic and public libraries should be maintained.

A revised cost share formula, targeting $40,000 (approximately 2.5% of the total) for medical libraries should be developed per the recommendations at the February conference call.

The “floor” amounts (minimum amount paid for participation) should be raised by 10% ($5) for public libraries and 5% for academic libraries ($25 for academic libraries with small populations and specialized collections; $125 for other academic libraries)

The “ceiling” that caps the amount assessed to libraries, should be raised 7% for all libraries.

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