TexShare Database Cost Sharing Working Group
Conference Call Minutes
November 4, 2008

Attendees:  Willie Braudaway, Diane Graves, Joan Heath, Deborah Littrell, Ann Mason, Sue Phillips, Martha Rinn, Beverley Shirley, Martha Tandy, Laurie Thompson, Russlene Waukechon

1) Designate a Working Group Chair

Martha Rinn volunteered to be Chair. Martha will preside over working group meetings and represent the working group at the TexShare Advisory Board meetings. Sue Phillips volunteered to report at advisory board meetings if there are times Martha is unable to attend.

2) Recommendation on revising the medical library fees

Background: Currently medical libraries pay a set TexShare database fee of $2,500.  The TexShare Advisory Board has requested that the working group review this assessment and consider an approach more reflective of the different needs of the various medical libraries in the constituency.

The working group decided:

  1. To target $40,000 as the share of the total fee assessment to be assigned to medical libraries as this is a fair reflection of medical libraries’ usage.
  2. A subcommittee of the group reviewed medical library size, budgets, and other criteria and recommended the following redistribution of the fees, based on a split with large medical libraries paying $3,000 and smaller medical libraries paying $2,000.
  3. A chart with medical libraries listed along with the fees they will pay
  4. The working group approved the recommendation of the subcommittee. Their recommendation will go to the board. If the board concurs, the invoices sent in August 2009 will reflect this change.

The working group asked TSLAC to explore mechanisms for collecting statistical data on medical libraries in a comprehensive and uniform way in order to assure the accuracy of fee assignments.

3) Determine an appropriate database fee for professional graduate programs.

Background:The South Texas College of Law was added to the TexShare consortium as a result of a change in the definition of “Private or independent institution of higher education” enacted in the last session. This institution does not fit into any of the fee categories that have already been established. We have temporarily assigned them a fee commensurate with that of medical libraries. We’ve asked the working group to determine a permanent fee assignment for them.

The working group decided to take the following recommendation to the advisory board:

1.    Establish the South Texas College of Law fee the same level as the medical libraries that have similar information resources expenditures ($3,000 for FY2010).

2.    Expand the category to include all “professional graduate programs” for any future similar institutions.

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