TexShare Database Cost Sharing Working Group

February 7, 2011

Summary of Meeting


The February 7, 2011 meeting of the TexShare Database Cost Sharing Working Group was held by conference call. Meeting was called to order by Martha Rinn at 10:00 am.

Beverley Shirley provided background regarding impact of HB 1 / SB 1 funding cuts on TexShare database service.  Ms. Shirley informed the working group that the consortium has a sum of money that constitutes a balance of member cost share that was not spent in prior years. This money could be applied to FY2012-FY2013 subscription costs. At the end of the FY2012-2013 biennium this money will be gone.

Members of the working group expressed concern over increasing cost share.

  • Academic and community college libraries are experiencing budgets cuts of up to 45%
  • Cuts to public library budgets and services have reached the point that libraries are struggling to maintain even the most basic programs
  • The proposed state budget also eliminates funding to public libraries through the Lone Star Library grant program, which many public libraries used to pay their database cost share assessments.
  • The proposed budget impacts funding available to regional library systems, cooperatives that supported many public libraries by paying their database cost share assessments.
  • In the current economic climate, medical libraries are being forced to eliminate everything except the resources that most directly address their core missions.

The working group agreed that, due to loss of state funding and the subsequent negative impact on federal funding, the consortium is in a difficult situation. Members will be asked to pay more money in cost share while experiencing a decrease in the amount of content that will be available to them. 

After reviewing the funding estimates for the FY2012-FY2013 biennium and the fiscal situation faced my Texas libraries, the working group recommended:

 The cost share for the upcoming biennium be increased by 30%.  The working group will have a future meeting to determine how that 30% increase will be distributed among the membership. Working group members state that Texas libraries will need to make reductions to other core services in order to shift budget money in support of this cost share amount. However, the committee believes that most libraries will make these shifts to an amount of up to 30% of their current assessment. Working group members expect the database program will lose cost share revenue from libraries that cannot pay their assessment and will, consequently, drop out of the program. Members pointed to an unfortunate negative impact on the Texans who rely on these libraries for access to informational resources.


Martha Rinn, Texas Lutheran University (Seguin, TX) – Chair

Meller Langford, Houston Public Library

Mary Merrell, Austin Memorial Library (Cleveland, TX)

John Pecoraro, Big Country Library System (Abilene, TX)

John Reid, Nicholson Memorial Library System (Garland, TX)

Paivi Rentz, Texas State University – San Marcos

Laurie Thompson, UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Joshua Wallace, South Texas College (McAllen, TX)

Antonella Ward, Angelo State University (San Angelo, TX)

Ann Mason, TSLAC liaison

Beverley Shirley, TSLAC – guest

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