Database Fees FAQ for FY2010
(July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011)

1. How much will my library pay in fees?
A. Fee schedules for TexShare member libraries are available:
FY10 fee schedule for academic libraries
FY10 fee schedule for public libraries
Libraries are invoiced a TexShare Database Program participation fee in August of each year to help pay for the databases.

2. What is the formula used to determine the fee schedule?
A. The fee schedule is based upon a formula created by the TexShare Task Force on Database Fees.
The total $1.58 million that needs to be collected was split into 75% academic libraries and 25% public libraries based on database usage. The formula for the fee is a weighted combination of 30% undergraduate FTE's and 70% information resources expenditures for academic libraries, and 30% population served and 70% collection expenditures for public libraries. Several ceilings and floors were added for the academic libraries and one ceiling and floor was added for the public libraries.

3. How was this fee schedule determined?
A.The TexShare Task Force on Database Fees reviewed a great deal of information, including:

  • Information on Academic and Public library collections and expenditures
  • List price of major databases by library type and size
  • Database use statistics by library type
  • TSLAC budget information
  • Past history of database fees
  • Recommendations of Task Force on Fees, FY2000
  • Results of survey on fees
  • Other states' multi-type database funding

More information on how the fees were determined available here.

4. When will TSLAC invoice libraries? When are payments due?
A. AMIGOS Library Services will invoice libraries in August of each year. All fee payments are due by October 31 to allow the Electronic Information Working Group to finalize the next year's choices. The deadline is extended for public libraries using their Loan Star Libraries grant funds to pay their database fee.

5. What if I can't afford the fee assessed to me?
A. TSLAC hopes that libraries will explore as many options as possible for funding to meet their fee assessments. Some potential sources for funds include:

  • Public library Loan Star Libraries grants
  • Money from Friends groups, donations, corporate sponsorships

However, if a library has explored all possible sources of funding and still is unable to pay the fee assessed to them, there is an appeals process that may result in a library receiving a lower fee assessment or a waiver of the fee assessment.

6. What is the appeals process?
A. Go to the links below to view the protest procedures written in Texas Administrative Code, Title 13, Part 1, Chapter 2, Subchapter A, Rule §2.55. Available in Word and PDF formats. Word | PDF

7. How much revenue will be generated by this fee schedule?
A. This fee schedule will generate $1.58 million.

8. How does this compare with other sources of revenue for TexShare databases?
A. Actual FY2009
State money = $3,882,000 54%
Federal money = $1,657,000 23%
Cost Share = $1,620,000 23%

9. What databases will the fees buy?
A. The collection of fees in the fall does not impact the databases currently available to TexShare member libraries. The Electronic Information Working Group determines the next year's databases after the money is collected.

10. I need more information. Who can I contact?
A. Send e-mail to or call 512-463-0188.
More information can be found at the Database Fees Forms and Information Page as well.

Page last modified: October 31, 2011