TexShare Card Program Application

Libraries may use this form to apply for the Card Program, or to update their existing lending policy.

If you are updating your lending policy you only need to enter the information that is to be changed, or send minor changes to texshare@tsl.texas.gov

The information submitted on this form is public Information. This form is intended for LIBRARIES ONLY. Library patrons should contact their local TexShare member library to receive a TexShare Card.

If this is the first time your library has used this form, please read the following information:
  1. Information about the application process
  2. How to complete the application

Please Be Aware of the Following:

When you have filled out the online application and clicked the submit button, a page will appear to re-direct you to a PDF page of the TexShare Card Participation Agreement form.

You must print, sign, and return the TexShare Card Participation Agreement form to the Texas State Library for your application to be complete.

If you are already a card program member and wish to update your TexShare Card lending policy, you may use this same form. Boxes you leave blank will not be changed. You may also send minor changes to: texshare@tsl.texas.gov

You do not need to submit the TexShare Card Program Participation Agreement form if you are using this page to update a lending policy.

Please review your information before clicking on the submit button. Submissions may not be edited for punctuation or spelling before being posted on the Web site.

TexShare Card Program Application And Lending Policy Submisson/Lending Policy Update

* Indicates required information

* Library Name:  

* Liaison Name:     Title: 

Mailing Address1: 

Mailing Address2: 

Mailing Address3: 

City:      Texas     Zip:     Zip Ext:   

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E-mail Address:  

Library Web Address (URL): 

 (Borrowing restrictions or limitations on library use. For example, limit on number of items checked out or on number of renewals; services or collections not available to TexShare borrowers; blocking of borrowing privileges due to unpaid bills.)

(How TexShare borrowers may apply for borrowing privileges at your library. For example, where do they apply? other identification required, such as a photo ID?)

Check-out Card Availability: 
(Hours that borrowing privileges are granted or cards issued to TexShare borrowers, if these differ from hours of operation. Indicate if borrowing privileges must be renewed at any set time period such as the end of a semester or year.)

Hours of Operation: 
(Hours your library is open. Do hours change during holiday and intersession periods?)

(Renewal methods available for your materials. For example, renewal in person only, by phone, by e-mail, self-service through your online catalog or library information system.)

(How and where borrowers must return items. For example, to the same desk as checked out; to other designated returns; to remote or 24-hour returns; by mail; etc. Are there categories of materials which have special restrictions on methods of return?)

Returns by U.S. Mail: 
(Address to be used for returns by U.S. mail.)

UPS/Express Mail: 
(Address to be used for returns by UPS/Express mail, if different than fo U.S. mail.)

Overdue Reminders: 
(Whether and how your library reminds borrowers of overdue materials. For example, overdue notice sent by mail, e-mail notice, no reminder, etc.)

(Policy on return of materials needed by someone else. For example, how do you notify a borrower that an item has been recalled? Does the due date or fine rate change upon recall?)

Non-circulating Items: 
(Categories of materials that do not circulate.)

Loan Policies: 
(Length of loan allowed TexShare borrowers (students, faculty and staff) at your library; any special restrictions that apply.)

Fines and Fees: 
(Fine rates and fees charged to TexShare students, faculty and staff at your library for late and/or damaged materials.)

(When is an item considered to be "lost", and what does your library charge for lost items.)

Billing Information:
(When are bills due, where payment may be made, and what the consequences are of failure to pay.)

Additional information on circulation policies and procedures: 
(If available, please indicate a URL or other means of access to information on circulation policies.)

After you submit this form you will see a page with a re-direct to the TexShare Card Program Participation Agreement Form In Adobe format. Please note: Your application will not be complete until you sign and return this form.


Please answer the question below before submitting your form. Answering this question will help ensure that a person, not an automated program, is sending the information on this form.

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