TexShare Courier Service Working Group Minutes

Conference Call April 17, 2001

Participants: Jerilynn Williams (Chair), April Bennington, Linda Hughes, Connie Moss, Mike Robinson, Jo Anne Hawkins, Lee Hilyer, Beverly Shirley (State Library), Bonnie Grobar (State Library), Susie Thompson (AMIGOS), Judy Glick (AMIGOS)

1.     Jerilynn Williams called the meeting to order at 1:30. She said the minutes of the TexShare Advisory Board meeting, December 2000, indicated several charges for the Courier Service Working Group [Monitor & make recommendations on shipping guidelines; Survey turnaround times; Assist in evaluation of courier service and marketing TExpress].  These would be the focus of discussion as well as Beverly Shirley�'s request that the group review the 60/40 subsidy formula.

2.     Discussion of  User�'s Guide:

  1. References to Susie Thompson at AMIGOS should be changed to AMIGOS Support Desk since all 3 of the people who staff the desk will be responsible for assisting with issues about the courier service, although Nye will have primary responsible for statistics
  2. Email address for the support desk is tae@amigos.org
  3. Lee will ensure that all links mentioned in the Guide are valid and functioning
  4. Lee will update the comparison chart for cost effectiveness to ensure currency of information and he will delete Jo Anne�'s "unscientific survey results�"
  5. Reference to service to Oklahoma, New Mexico, and other states as added is still valid
  6. Lee�'s Goal is for the Guide to be finalized by May 1

3.     TexShare Advisory Board April 5, 2001 meeting report highlights:

a.       Beverly reported that legislation (HB3591) that would expand TexShare membership to the TMA library introduced by Rep. Hunter will probably pass; TSLAC will write the rules to say that any further expansion must be planned; the legislation may pertain also to other non-profit medial or health libraries, but there are not many in the State.

b.      Jo Anne reported that 64 public libraries have joined the TexShare card program although there are 75 public libraries in the courier program

c.       Jo Anne reported that the TexNet ILL workshop scheduled for June 1 in Dallas will cost participants for the first time; smaller attendance may result, because of the need to pay

d.      Bonnie reported 12 applications for the upcoming TexTreasures grants

e.       Beverly reported that Peggy Rudd, State Librarian, informed the Board that in the next fiscal year, beginning September 1, 2001, TexShare funding is likely to come from TIF; the Lone Star libraries project will receive the $2.9 million from general revenue that used to come to TSL for TexShare

4.     Discussion of the 60/40 subsidy for the courier program:

  1. History: cost of the service came from the courier service, but the subsidy has always been 60/40
  2. Beverly reported that AMIGOS costs will not remain stable; rising fuel prices may increase the courier�'s costs
  3. Current budget from TexShare is $328,270; will probably be the same for fiscal 2002-03
  4. Recommendation from the working group to TSL:

Notify current and eligible libraries that they must send a letter of intent to continue participation or to join TExpress by a certain date (to be determined) if they want to be considered to receive a subsidy for the courier service; the letter will contain a general statement of the cost range; the letter will allow libraries to budget for a maximum cost of the service and give TSL a better opportunity to plan for adding libraries; libraries that do not commit by the specified date and decide to join later might receive a subsidy, if available, or they might be placed on a waiting list for a future subsidy or could join but pay the full cost of the courier service.

5.     Discussion of survey:

  1. AMIGOS contract with TSLAC stipulates development of a survey of  TExpress which will include turnaround times as well as a customer satisfaction component; R&D is already working on this instrument
  2. Results are due by June 30
  3. AMIGOS will send draft of the survey to the working group when they send it to TSL for feedback

6.     Discussion of marketing courier service:

  1. Jerilynn suggested advocating for the service whenever working group members are in meetings with other librarians
  2. Beverly said a Public Information position, which will coordinate this effort, has been opened in the Library Resource Sharing division at TSL
  3. Letters from customers are currently kept on file at the AMIGOS help desk and will be available for use in the marketing plans

7.     Working group members will respond individually to the draft survey, the letter of intent, and additional revisions to the TExpress Users�' Guide.

8.    Unless the need for group discussion arises, the Courier Service Working Group will have its next meeting, �"face-to-face,�" in the fall on a date to be determined.

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