TexShare Courier Service Working Group Minutes

Texas State Library and Archives Building

Room 314

1201 Brazos Street

Austin, Texas

March 4, 2002 --- 10 A.M. to 3 P.M.

TexShare Courier Service Working Group Meeting Minutes

1. Introduction of Participants Cathy Wilt of Amigos attended in Judye Glick's place.

2. Designation of a Recorder Valerie Johnson and Dayna Jones agreed to record minutes of the meeting.

3. Report on the TexShare Advisory Board Meeting--Valerie Johnson The Expansion Task Force identified the libraries to be considered for future membership in TexShare. The Task Force agreed to include only non-profit institutions in Texas. Kathleen Walls, Grants Coordinator, reported on LSTA Grants. Joe McCord requested that TexShare members identify that the databases are provided by TexShare through a TIF grant. The board wants more advertising for the databases.

4. Update on Courier Service:

A. Provider: Implications of the Merger--Cathy Wilt Marquis Messenger has merged with a California Company called Consolidated Routing. Jim Hoffnagle, the former manager of Marquis, is now the regional manager of Consolidated. Amigos is now getting direct email communication from the hubs.Discussion ensued as to whether libraries should have direct contact with the hubs. There is still a concern that packages are not precisely labeled, and thus lost. There are some drivers who do not stop at a location if they have no packages to deliver.

B. Users - New and Potential Additions The group discussed the lack of availability of new slots for the courier service and asked if the funding. The amount set aside for service is $328,270, and this will not be increased in the foreseeable future. They discussed the possibility of raising each library's contribution, thus allowing for more members as well as the possibility of tiered fees, according to library size. No conclusions or recommendations were reached.5. Missing Items and Complaints Missing items should be reported to Amigos' Help Desk first and then announced on LoanStar. If an item was declared lost on LoanStar, then an announcement should follow if the item is found. Amigos should always be the first point of contact for members.

6. Subsidized Slots There are currently no more subsidized slots on the Courier Service. While there is no existing strategy for adding slots, there is a waiting list for new members. The group agreed that there ought always to be a possibility for growth. There should be a means to allow the program to thrive.

7. Revisions to the Users' Guide Lee Andrew Hilyer has taken the lead in the revision of the Users' Guide. Among suggested changes were that libraries should take responsibility for mislabeled packages. They should forward a misdelivered package to its intended destination, return it to its owner, or send it to the Amigos Dead Letter office. Lee will continue to work on suggested changes to the Users' Guide.

8. Development of the TExpress Service Satisfaction Survey The TExpress User Satisfaction Survey is the contracted responsibility of the vendor, Amigos. It has traditionally been sent to Interlibrary Loan Librarians, and should continue to do so. Satisfactory delivery time is defined in the contract as 51% of items arriving within 2 days. Amigos makes no guarantees of this, however. Packages should be described as "returnables" and "non-returnables". The term "shipping library" is recommended by the Working Group.

9. Statistics & the Type of Library Information Amigos is having a problem with the timely reporting of monthly statistics, thus resulting in the delay of their statistical reports. The group suggested that TSL could notify directors when their library's statistics are late.New wording for statistics was proposed.

10. Potential for Courier Insurance The regional manager of Consolidated Routing quoted that, in order to provide an insurance component without a recorded history of loss, the courier would consider surcharging the total billing by 3% --approximately $1300/month. This type of plan could cover up to $50 per individual item for an item lost in the courier system and reported to the discussion lists and then claim filed within 15 days of shipment. Any plan initiated would be subject to review at the end of 6 months.Connie Moss moved and Lee Hilyer seconded a motion that there be no insurance on TExpress packages. Discussion followed that: (1) paperwork would be a nightmare; (2) Books eventually do come back; (3) The intent of the service was for general materials, and (4) it is not likely that the service would lose $1300 worth of materials per month. The motion was unanimously approved.

11.Other business: Gerard Middelstadt would like to be considered for another term on the Working Group.

12. Next Meeting: Date and Format

Members present:

Jerilynn Williams, Montgomery County Library System; Mike Robinson, Sul Ross State University; Gerard Mittlestadt, McAllen Memorial Library; Connie Moss, Cosby Public Library; Jackie Crinion, UTSA; Lee Andrew Hilyer, Rice University; Cathy Wilt, Amigos, Valerie Johnson, TSL; Dayna Jones, TSL. Absent: JoAnne Hawkins, UTAustin; Linda Hughes, Wichita Falls Public Library.

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