TexShare Courier Service Working Group Meeting
Conference Call
October 21, 2003

Lee Hilyer (Chair)
Jackie Crinion
Victoria Duff
Cristi Ferguson
Connie Moss
Jeff Steely
Jerilynn Williams
Judye Glick (Amigos Liaison)
Ann Mason (TSL Liaison)

Chair Lee Hilyer convened the meeting at 1:00 p.m.

Working Group Membership
Victoria Duff, Jo Anne Hawkins, and Jerilynn Williams have been reappointed to the working group. Please review listing information on the website and let Ann Mason know if any changes are necessary.
One replacement is needed for Linda Hughes position. Five nominations have been received.

Discussion centered on the need to receive statistical information from all participants. Suggestions included sending out a note to everyone reminding them when statistics are due as well as putting the information out on the listserv. Amigos does have a new list of e-mail contacts from the recent sign-up forms for TexShare contracts. This information could be used for the Gazette, statistics requests, etc. Concern was expressed about libraries understanding their obligation to comply and provide statistics. Every Friday statistics are routed for input at Amigos. A program could be generated to pull names and e-mails. A quarterly report goes to the State Library, which could then contact the non-compliant libraries. Mailings could be sent via the courier. One final push is being made to complete the statistics (2002/2003) in hand.

1. Establish a way to respond to web form entries so libraries will know their information has been received.
2. Pass on contact information from Amigos to Ann in order to get e-mail addresses and add them to the listserv.
3. Jackie Crinion will contact the Colorado statewide courier service to see how they are managing to collect statistics.

In 2002/2003 there were 186 participants and 178 subsidies. In 2003/2004, 176 subsidies are allowed.
Judye Glick will put together a table showing total numbers, cancellations, etc. in order to establish the baseline.

Cost Avoidance
Beverly Shirley has produced some information on cost avoidance based on number and weight of packages sent. The question is how we can produce reliable cost avoidance figures. One suggestion was for Amigos to weigh the items that come through them for shipping. This, of course, is a very limited number of items. Most members of the committee agreed they could attempt trial runs to get a better sense of the weight of the packages that are typically sent. Other reasons for participation however are not so measurable including ease or convenience of use, avoidance of mail room operations, staff time in other areas, and speed of service – i.e. quicker, faster, easier.

1. Judye Glick will meet with Beverly Shirley to see how she might want to proceed. How does she think we can help her and how specific does she want to be.
2. Frisco and Wilson Counties may be able to provide testimonials from dropping the program and then reinstating it.
3. Encourage staff to send ‘good news’ notes to Judye Glick for the courier service.

TexShare Card Program
The Committee will wait for developments from the card program.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results
92% overall rated the service ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. 89% rated the value of service compared to price (before the increase) as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’. The response rate was 70%. Possible PR suggestions/opportunities include an article in TLA Journal, a TLA program event, and a FAQ sheet.

Members of the Committee should review the TExpress Information Page under Courier Service and make recommendations to Lee Hilyer. He will send a note to Ann Mason.

There was also discussion of how other items are sent through the courier, such as distance learning material or the State Library sending shipments to depositories. Please let Amigos know if you have examples any non-ILL use of TExpress. Lee Hilyer will write an article on this topic. (Article was written and delivered to Amigos for the TAE Gazette) Suggestions included Jeff Steely working on a performance article for the Gazette and Victoria Duff writing about her experience at Wilson County leaving the courier service and then coming back to the service.

A future agenda item: requests for standardized delivery bags, baskets, etc.

Meeting Adjourned at approximately 2:15pm



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