TexShare Courier Service Working Group Meeting Minutes

Austin Meeting

April 23, 2004


Lee Hilyer (Chair)

Victoria Duff

Cristie Ferguson

Connie Moss

Jeff Steely

Joan Morris

Judye Glick (Amigos Liaison)

Ann Mason (TSL Liaison)

Sue Bennett (TSL)


Chair Lee Hilyer convened the meeting at 10:05 a.m.

Attendees introduced themselves.

Web site update - discussion concerning currency of Courier Working Group information on TexShare Programs section of TSLAC website.

  • WG Roster was circulated, changes and updates requested.
  • Requested updated TExpress libraries list. Existing link to AMIGOS site includes TAE participants, it was agreed we need a listing of only Texas libraries participating in the courier program.
  • Suggested the form for bookmarks signifying returned materials that are not ILL be added to the site
  • Recommended the link to the Express Gazette be changed so that it always links to the current edition of the Gazette.
  • Add WG Report to the TexShare Advisory Board to the site.
  • WG requested some method of feedback from statistics entry form: confirmation of data entered or notification when data has not been entered in a timely fashion. (Update: Amigos added the email address as per this request.)

Discussion of Courier Guidelines – ensure that shipping guidelines in TexShare Courier document match language of guidelines authorized by TexShare Card WG for return of materials borrowed using TexShare Card Program.

  • Item 6.2 Lost Items was discussed. The WG determined that loss would be absorbed by the borrowing library or the “home” library of a TexShare Card borrower.
  • Proposed changes were approved, Lee will update and send draft for review.
  • Problems encountered by former TExpress libraries were presented (Materials addressed to TExpress address rather than postal address even after withdrawal). Alerts regarding libraries withdrawing from the system are needed. Alerts should remind users of ILL management systems to edit linked “ship to” addresses of withdrawing libraries in local database for proper addressing.

Resource Sharing Planning Session – Discussion at the January meeting was presented. Databases were the primary focus. Courier related discussion concerned obtaining feedback, difficulties and expense of package tracking and insurance, continuance of subsidy and discussion on loss and recovery of materials.

Subsidy – Under new agreement, cost for each stop is expected to rise from $2,800 to $2,925. Subsidy of $810 will not be reduced. WG briefly discussed a tiered system of funding and agreed the current flat charge was still most desirable funding arrangement. The WG recommended freezing the number of libraries subsidized at 170 and also recommended that subsidy funds that are not used be redistributed among subsidized libraries.

Cost Avoidance/Weight Study – Data is used for several purposes: promotion to libraries; contract discussions, information for Legislative Budget Board Strategic Plan. WG members agreed to weigh and record the weight of every TExpress package for 5 consecutive days in July. Results of this test period will be sent to Lee (copy to Ann) by August 1, 2004. Determination of average weight will be used to determine cost avoidance using various delivery methods.

Statistics – WG reviewed current statistics noting non-reporting libraries. Ann will contact libraries with reporting gaps. Once each quarter Ann will send the appropriate email lists a reminder to submit statistics before the quarter ends. The group discussed the desire for confirmation and possible automated responses generated by the statistics submittal process. Measurement of turn around time (TAT) and measure of average time in transit was discussed without resolution.

Satisfaction Survey – Questions on the Annual TExpress Service Satisfaction Survey were reviewed and unchanged. Results of the last survey reveal a high level of satisfaction with the service.

Election of new Chair – Deferred until next teleconference.

Adjournment – Meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Moss

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