TexShare Courier Service Working Group Meeting Minutes

Austin Meeting

Teleconference January 18, 2005


Jeff Steely

Janet Burk

Victoria Duff

Cristie Ferguson

Gerard Mittelstaedt

Connie Moss

Lori Williamson

Judye Glick (Amigos Liaison)

Ann Mason (TSL Liaison)


Chair Jeff Steely convened the meeting at 9:00 a.m.

Attendees announced themselves.


Minutes of the April 23, 2004 meeting were approved without comment.

Connie Moss agreed to take minutes.

Review of Shipping Statistics

Discussion of non-reporting libraries ensued. Reporting for current year is over 80%. Ann has been sending quarterly email reminders to encourage reporting. Judye suggested Ann provide Amigos with a copy of her request for inclusion in the Express Gazette and/or other Amigos publications. As a result of the positive impact of Working Group members contacting formerly non-reporting libraries, members agreed to contact libraries based on need. Contact assignments will be determined at our next meeting.

Review of Quarterly Summary for TExpress: September, October, and November 2004

Judye discussed the narrative report. During the quarter the Amigos office was kept busy working with the 100 libraries adjusting to changes in courier delivery times. Nearly 200 packages were re-directed by Amigos staff. The courier service agreement with Marquis Messengers continues on a month-to-month basis.

Results of the June 2004 TExpress Satisfaction Survey

Survey indicates high degree of satisfaction with the service. Members request that survey results be tracked over several years to identify trends.

Review and Approval of Revised TExpress User’s Guide

Points of discussion:

  • “Sample label” is referenced in the guide; conferees agreed that a sample label should be included (or provided as a link) in the guide.
  • In Section 2.0 USPS library mail rate will continue to be the basis for comparing cost effectiveness and break-even points with TExpress fees.
  • Based on the weight sample of Summer 2004, the words “average package” will be added “2-lb package” to the two-column header in Section 2.0.

Subsidies are currently not mentioned in the Guide. Addition of a statement that “a number of subsidies are available for eligible institutions” perhaps as a link to further information was recommended.

Ann agreed to work on Section 4.6, the section addressing return of items borrowed by TexShare Card patrons by courier. The paragraph regarding marking materials to distinguish them from ILL materials should include a link to the bookmarks already posted on the TexShare site. Ann will re-word the last point to make it clear that the patron and the patron’s home library are responsible for materials until the materials are checked in at the owning library.

Review of Replies

Only one reply to the questions of current performance and satisfaction with the courier service was received. The reply indicated great service and friendly courier personnel.

TExpress Labels and ILLiad

Participants brainstormed methods of getting information needed for TExpress delivery on ILLiad labels. Jeff said Baylor was investigating use of labels and would report findings to the group. The topic was provided to the group by Sue Bennett, and it is recommended that Sue contact Tim Prather of Amigos for further investigation.

“Sunset Process”

Ann briefly outlined the Sunset Review Process and the scheduled review of the Texas State Library and Archives. The agency is evaluated every 12 years and the various projects are also reviewed. Ann alerted us to the fact that as Working Group members we may be involved as some level in the process.

Open Discussion

Noting the usefulness of the Summer 2004 package weight sample, the group agreed to sample turnaround times. Judye will send the group the materials used in the Amigos sample. Sampling is to be completed prior to our next meeting with results forwarded to Jeff for compilation.

Until recently, the link from the TexShare Courier site at http://www.texshare.edu/programs/courier/ pointed to a superseded edition of the Express Gazette. Judye will investigate the establishment of a static address for the most recent edition to preserve the integrity of our link. Judye will create an additional list to announce subsequent editions of the Express Gazette.

An in-person spring meeting in Austin was discussed. Jeff will contact members with several proposed dates.

Jeff will represent the WG at the January 28, 2005 Advisory Board meeting.

Adjournment --- The meeting was adjourned at 10:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Connie Moss

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