Minutes, ILL Working Group, 6/9/00


Present: Nancy Paine, Rebecca Linton, Deborah Littrell, Marilyn Comte, Ashley Schimelman, Michael Duncan, Tim Prather, Linda Lupro, Scott Downing, Kate Cordts, Sara Lowman, Jeanette Mosey, Heather Perkins, Maria Gonzales (guest–student mentee)

1) Housekeeping–rosters verified; handouts distributed, including information about past workshops. Deborah to send updated rosters for correction to Norma DeVries, the TexShare web coordinator.

2) Notes from other working groups:

a) Alice Specht, chair of the Education Working Group, requested that a liaison be appointed from the ILL Working Group to the Education Working Group in order to better coordinate educational opportunities. The ILL Workshop will be planned by the ILL Working Group, with funding to come from the Education Working Group’s budget. Deborah is compiling survey results from an Education Working Group survey–there was some interest in ILL training (Ariel and Clio) indicated on this survey. Tim Prather is exploring coordinating a "distributed ILL" workshop with TexShare and Amigos.


ACTION: Nancy Paine volunteered to serve as the liaison between the ILL Working Group and the Education Working Group.

ACTION: Recommendation to Education Working Group–the ILL Working group suggests "Prospero" training.

ACTION: Deborah will distribute results of the Education Working Group survey once the data is compiled.

b) Courier Working Group update (Rebecca Linton)–this working group is discussing how to manage bad publicity from missing books–libraries are posting messages about missing books on LoanStar, with little follow up on-line when books are found. The group discussed that there are actually very few items lost, and additional follow up on LoanStar be pursued. Note: 49 public libraries now using the courier service.

Details surrounding getting libraries to mail items to the "ship to" address were discussed. Protocol procedures need to be updated to indicate to lending libraries where to ship. This is a problem for public libraries that serve as referral hub for smaller public libraries (they want materials sent directly to small public library–not the library listed in the requesting code field). Note: This information was covered later in the protocol discussion.

3) Public Libraries Update (Deborah Littrell)–43 have signed the ILL protocol. A list was distributed. The Texas State Library will follow up by contacting the libraries that haven’t signed yet–some had questions about what it meant to sign the protocol. The protocol is meant to serve as a guideline, not a mandate. Deborah has traveled to various groups, and spoken about TexShare and how the protocol has affected other procedures; however, some confusion still exists about TexShare programs.


ACTION: Deborah and Nancy will draft a message that will be sent to the LoanStar and TexShare message lists explaining the meaning of the protocol, general information about the TexShare ILL program, etc. The same information will be written for a newsletter from the Texas State Library; contents of the letter will also be sent to system consultants. The letter/message will hopefully clear up confusion, remind people to sign protocol, inform them that they don’t need to purchase Ariel, and that there is no cost involved with signing the protocol. The letter will also remind libraries that they need to be a member of Texas group using OCLC to sign the protocol.

The group then discussed general publicity related to the TexShare ILL program. Following discussion, the group decided that a bookmark or some identification that the materials were provided by a TexShare library was a good idea.

ACTION: Pursue marketing of TexShare ILL by providing sticker, bookmark or some indication that Item was provided by TExpress or TexShare ILL, etc. This would be a very good publicity tool. Deborah will check with Jay Velgas at the TSLAC about the feasibility and cost of doing this.

5) Protocol Revisions and Discussion–see printed protocol for revisions. The revisions were procedural in nature, and included changes such as clarification of labeling procedures. These suggested changes will make deliveries to branch libraries more efficient.


ACTION: Nancy will submit protocol revisions to Norma DeVries for inclusion on the web site.

The group discussed ongoing problems with materials checked out via the TexShare card from other libraries being returned to ILL departments. ILL staff often do not know how to handle this procedurally.

ACTION: Deborah will send bookmarks to all libraries that have signed the protocol indicating items returned to ILL that are non-ILL items and should be sent to circulation departments.

ACTION: Tim will request a report from OCLC for the most requested items from TexShare libraries that could NOT be filled within the state. Deborah will investigate funding for the report after Tim checks on pricing from OCLC. The report could then be used for cooperative collection development projects statewide.

ACTION: The Group plans to submit a project to the TexShare Advisory Board–consider examining list of journals indexed in PsycInfo (or some mutually agreed upon database) and see which libraries own the titles in order to generate a list of journal titles not held by any library in Texas. This would be an effort to generate a list of titles that aren’t held statewide, request funding from the state–look at how to meet information needs in Texas–generate a report that could be given to the Advisory Board–model report look at OhioLINK project. Tim Prather, Nancy Paine, Scott Downing, Ashley Schimelman, and Sara Lowman will work on this proposal. This is a Cooperative Collection Development project.

5) OCLC Statistics–Adding the public libraries to the statistics list has caused the list to become huge and unmanageable. Rekeying is a very large task. There is no electronic version available. However, if the information is not rekeyed, the information won’t be available for load leveling purposes. 78 additional libraries would have to be keyed into the system.


ACTION: A decision was made to input the top 10 lenders and top 10 borrowers monthly, and scan the entire year to date list quarterly. The August (annual report) will be remain on the web. Links will be maintained on the ILL web pages on the TexShare web site.

6) Lost Book Fund (Deborah Littrell)–The TexShare Advisory Board asked for recommendations regarding the formation of a Lost Book Fund. The Card Working Group, ILL Working Group, and the Courier Group are all to discuss and report back to the Advisory Board. Following discussion, the group decided that the loss rate from ILL is not a big problem. There is already an established procedure for reimbursing for lost books in ILL. There was a suggestion that libraries with hardships get funding, possibly with a sliding scale based on their budget. Another suggestion was that materials lost by the courier would be reimbursed–this would "insure" the delivery program. Another suggestion was that one free book would be reimbursed from the fund. The administrative overhead involved was felt to be prohibitive. The group agreed that reimbursement for net lenders would be a better use of the money. Or reimbursing for items lost in TExpress. By paying for materials lost by patrons, we are rewarding bad behavior.

ACTION: The group will recommend to the Advisory Board that reimbursement for net lenders would be a better use of the money. Also, the group will recommend that items lost by the courier should be reimbursed.

7) TexShare Web Database Project (Deborah Littrell)–Deborah updated the group on the TexShare web database project. The new web site will use a database driven system. Information will be updated in one database, and pages will be generated from the database. Contact information could be more easily maintained. Deborah asked for input on the types of fields useful in the database. Contact information, fax numbers, e-mail addresses, etc. will all be included.

7) ILL Working Group Web Site–The group reviewed the recently modified ILL web site, and suggested additional links and information to be included.


ACTION: Rebecca will send the evaluation and survey information to Deborah and then Norma DeVries for inclusion on the web site. Also, information about how to provide custom holdings.

ACTION: Jeanette will search for on-line tutorials to link to from web site, such as how to use Ariel. Bibliographies on ILL topics will be useful as well.

9) Success of the November ILL workshop–Plans for June 2001 workshop–Nancy distributed handout that summarized comments about the workshop. Evaluations showed that people were interested in more:



Electronic document delivery to patrons

Paperless ILL

Idea of mentoring librarians for new librarians.

Next workshop: Software managers and how they flow together and how technology ties together. The group wants a big name, enthusiastic speaker–suggestions included:

Thomas Delaney (paperless);

Mary Jackson–present report on high tech software packages–ILL management software systems.

Scott Downing to present Prospero

Emcee–Scott Downing

Speaker ideas-- Big 12 plus/OCLC test possibility;

Texas State Library discussion--Library of Texas–virtual Union Catalog;

Idea of sponsors for workshop; Will probably need to charge registration fee to cover food.

ACTION: Members of the committee are asked to think about which subcommittees they are interested in volunteering to serve on, including: Program; Promotion; Building/Facilities; Technical and Equipment needs; Lunch Tables.

Discussion: The group suggests returning to Dallas, using the same hotel. The anticipated expense is $10,000 to cover speakers and incidentals for next workshop.

ACTION: Nancy and Sara to generate a proposal and budget for workshop to present at the next Advisory Board meeting.

ACTION: Deborah to check on sponsors (and how sponsor money can be used). She will also find out if the Dallas hotel is available; TSLAC staff to cover arrangements details.

ACTION: Scott suggested a technology consultant or subcommittee work on handling the technology specifications for speakers.

10) Strategic Planning Session–Nancy distributed copies of a report generated from the visioning session led by Nancy Bolt. The "priorities for action" were discussed. The group discussed what else the ILL group can do to augment the vision of TexShare.

a) The idea of a Mentor program was discussed.


ACTION: Nancy to draft message to LoanStar about setting up mentoring system.

ACTION: The Cooperative Collection Development project was also discussed (see notes above).

b) The ILL group would also like to promote more liberal lending policies for media, microfilm, videos, etc. One idea was to promote this through various TLA roundtables. Suggestions included:

Ask people to reevaluate lending policies–ask for a program at TLA;

Request that libraries participate in a pilot project;

Bring the need to reevaluate lending policies to the attention of director level staff.

Request that libraries evaluate circulation policies of alternate formats.

Send letter to academic libraries from the working group requesting that lending policies be evaluated in light of the more liberal policies of public libraries.

Have more information available on the web site.

ACTION: Rebecca and Nancy will work on a draft letter to be sent requesting lending policies be evaluated.

Some participants left for the airport, others stayed for a tour on the Interlibrary Services area.

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