ILL working group minutes January 22, 2001

The ILL Working Group met in Austin, TX at the University of Texas library on January 22, 2001.

Present Nancy Paine, Scott Downing, Amy Chang, Michael Duncan, Jeanette Mosey, Sara Lowman, Kate Cordts, Heather Perkins, Rebecca Linton, Ashley Schimelman

Absent:Yolanda Calzada, Marilyn Comte, Linda Lupro, Tim Prather

1)Roster changes; housekeeping.Nancy distributed the roster.WG members updated their contact information.

2)Protocol revisions- see notes on ILL protocol sheet.The group made some minor revisions to the protocol, and discussed lending electronic journals.

There were differences in how librarians are interpreting licenses, and generally noted that if the license doesn't explicitly forbid lending of e-journals, it's ok to send a copy.

Action item:Nancy will give the web team at UT a copy of the revisions to include in the online protocol.

3)Workshop Planning- The workshop is scheduled for June 1, 2001 in Dallas.The group decided to call the workshop "New Visions for the 21st Century"

Speaker Planning:

*Mary Jackson-keynote speaker; Will speak about whatever we want- "New visions and technologies"; also "What can I do to change ILL without spending lots of money?How can I solve problems?"were all suggested topics for Jackson.(90 minutes)

Other suggested speakers and topics-

Tim Prather- SOUL Project and Union Listing- (30 minutes)

Ron Glass- ILLiad-OCLC (free speaker) (30 minutes)

Scott Downing--Prospero(30 minutes)

*Lars Leon (Kansas)- "Best practices in ILL"- based on focus groups and study of     Big 12plus ILL librarians (60 minutes)

*Joanne Halgren-"Unmediated ILL" (60 minutes)

ILL Office of the Year- 15 minutes

Lunch- Discussion tables

Kate Cordts- San Antonio Public Library-best practices for large public library- lending non-traditional materials, etc. (30 minutes)

(*--indicates speaker reimbursed for travel)

Action item-Nancy will contact Joanne Halgren and Lars Leon.(Note: Nancy reported in an email message sent 1/24 that both Lars Leon and Joanne Halgren have agreed to speak.)

Action item--Rebecca will contact Ron Glass from OCLC and Tim Prather from AMIGOS.

Workshop miscellaneous planning:

Rebecca distributed lists of packages of hotel options- The group decided that the "Executive Meeting Package" was the best deal, and to serve the stuffed chicken breast.The cost will be approximately $50 for registration per participant.Registration issues were discussed.It was decided that non-Texshare libraries would pay the same registration fee.Nancy and Rebecca are discussing registration details, including how to pay, how institutions will be refunded in case of cancellation, etc.

Room will be available on the day before the workshop for us to use.

Action item- Rebecca is looking for more information from the TSL about funding for the workshop- If we save money from workshop speakers, can the extra money budgeted be used for scholarships to the Workshop?Can some of the hotel service fee money be applied toward the food overhead?Can we reduce the rate for 2,3, 4 people from an organization --$50 for the first registrant, $45 for the second, etc?We also need to offer a vegetarian entr��e as an option.

Action item- Jeanette volunteered to handle the discussion tables organizationally.

Action item- Raffle idea- Rebecca to check with Tim about the possibility of some AMIGOS free training.Another raffle idea is to give a copy of Leslie Morris' "ILL Policies Directory."Borders Bookstore- Rebecca to check about gift certificate.

The idea of having a WG member serve as a technology coordinator was discussed.Scott distributed a form listing possible equipment needs.Each speaker needs to be contacted and asked about equipment.

Action item- Heather volunteered to coordinate A/V and equipment needs.She will work with Scott on getting introductory materials from the speakers.

Action item- Nancy volunteered to assemble a list of the speakers' e-mail addresses for Heather to use when contacting them.

Publicity for the workshop was discussed.The group discussed various means of publicizing the plans for the workshop, including listservs, announcements at TLA, and web site postings.

Publicity Action Items- Scott will send out a message to TexShare lists, the TLA ILL Working Group list and other relevant ILL listservs; Nancy will follow up on TexShare website posting; Nancy will follow up with Tim Prather about posting amessage in "Que Pasa" newsletter; Rebecca will check on TSL library workshops informational literature; Rebecca will ask the TLA program chair for an announcement at their program.

Action Item:Nancy will follow up with speakers on handouts.They can be reproduced at TSL and sent by Texspress to Heather; she will get copies to the hotel.Nancy will print copies of ILL information on websites to distribute.

ILL Department of the YearAward--Marilyn Comte, Ashley Schimelman, Kate Cordts, Nancy Paine, and Amy Chang volunteered to serve on a committee to choose the ILL department of the year.They will meet the day before the workshop to make their decision.

Action Item: Ashley to send out a call for nominations for ILL awards.

Workshop Time Table- Speakers should be confirmed before the end of February; publicity soon.

Action Item:Rebecca will send a message to Scott and Nancy about hotel information to be included in the publicity messages. Scott will then send publicity messages about the workshop and a "hold the date" message.

At the workshop, the following group will serve as the Registration Committee: Linda Lupro; Marilyn Comte, Michael Duncan, Sara Lowman, Yolanda Calzado

Action Item: Nancy will take care of printing name tags; Rebecca will supply sleeves from TSL.

Note: The WG members need to be in Dallas by 1:00 on May 31, 2001.

ActionItem- Amy Chang to investigate T-Shirt project and design contest.Rebecca will check on idea of creating a sub fund for T-shirt sales.

Ongoing projects-

A)Mentor program-7 pairs so far; Program seems to be going well.More publicity will be distributed/discussed at the ILL workshop

B)  PsychLit project- The group discussed the cooperative collection development project involving checking the holdings of TexShare libraries in order to gather data about difficult/expensive to find titles, and decided to move in a different direction.The decision was made to query libraries as to which titles are the most frequently requested.We can then try to create a statewide list of most requested titles and how much materials cost.OCLC can provide a list of titles most requested by libraries.

Action Item Nancy to check with Tim about type of report and cost.

C) Website:Workshop publicity; award information; ILL Department of the Year winners and past history of WG; Ashley and Nancy to provide information and writing.

New projects Encouraging equity in lending or lending non-traditional formats.This is already noted as an encouragement in ILL protocol.Several places have begun lending based on ILL protocol.The WG noted that it is becoming increasingly easier to borrow videos and microformats.The group discussed adding a survey to the registration information.Jeanette mentioned having a spotlight on the webpage.

Action ItemNancy plans to develop a survey about lending of various formats-concerned with audio, video, CD, microfilm, ebooks (whole or chapter), genealogies, DVD, videodisks, microfiche, reference books, bound journals.Jeanette volunteered to see if Austin Community College would create, host and gather results of the survey.(Note: ACC has agreed to do this).

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