TexShare ILL Meeting
November 21, 2002
Embassy Suites Hotel, Dallas

Present: Nancy, Scott, Kate, Dana, Mike, Linda, Ashley, Heather, Amy
Absent: Tim, Sara, Yolanda, Mary, Jeanette

Working Group Protocol

The group discussed various changes that might be made to the Protocol.

Section 2.4 concerns the Protocol's recommendation to lend generously, particularly specific types of materials that many libraries will not lend through ILL.

Most libraries do not lend their genealogy materials, but will frequently copy the materials. In many libraries, the genealogy materials are high use materials. For example, genealogy is the highest use type of material at the Texas State Library. Scott stated that he thought that genealogy material would be a really great candidate for digitization. The Working Group agreed to add genealogy as a type of material we should encourage libraries to lend generously.

ACTION ITEM: The Working Group agreed to add the word "Genealogy" to the list (Section 2.4) of items TexShare are encouraged to lend to each other. The following will be added after the word: "Copies may be provided as an alternative to loan." Nancy will request the change.

It was also decided to add "photocopies of any length" into the Protocol's list of items to lend generously. Many libraries will only copy 25 pages regardless of the length of the article, making it difficult for borrowing libraries to obtain photocopies of lengthy articles.

ACTION ITEM: The Working Group agreed to add "photocopies of any length" to the list (Section 2.4) of items TexShare are encouraged to lend to each other. Nancy will request the change.

Discussion of Statistics

The purpose of the statistics was originally set so that people can actively check for load-leveling purposes. Load-leveling is not as much of an issue as it once was, and Nancy asked that we review the sections dealing with statistics in the Protocol.

Nancy gets the TexShare reports from Tim. Dana gets TexShare OCLC reports in addition to other OCLC reports for TexNet. Dana says that it is possible that OCLC is in the process of creating electronic reports. We need to ask Tim what is happening in this area; is there progress, and what can we expect to happen in the future.

Statistics are mentioned in several places in the Protocol.

Section 2.6 and the Load Leveling Guidelines (Paragraph 5) both refer to the availability of the OCLC statistical report. Although nobody has ever asked for a copy of the report, should a request come in, either Dana or Nancy will handle. Nancy will continue to post year-to-date statistics for August of each year on the Web, providing TexShare members with the annual statistics for each fiscal year.

ACTION ITEM: Section 2.6, sentence one, will be edited to read: TexShare will make available copies of the statistical reports on interlibrary loan activity through the Chair of the Working Group (link to email NancyPaine@mail.utexas.edu) or the Resource Sharing Consultant at the Texas State Library and Archives (link to dayna.jones@tsl.texas.gov). Nancy will request the change.

ACTION ITEM: Load Leveling Guidelines, paragraph 5, sentence 2, will be edited to read: Copies of the report are available through requests to the Chair of the Working Group (link to email NancyPaine@mail.utexas.edu) or the Resource Sharing Consultant at the Texas State Library and Archives (link to dayna.jones@tsl.texas.gov). The report for August of each year will be posted on the ILL page of the TexShare web (http://www.texshare.edu/memberinfo/statistics/illstats/index.html). Nancy will request the change.

Section 4.3.6 deals with returning non-ILL items through the TExpress courier service. Although laminated book marks to include with such items were recommended, the Working Group agreed to abandon the concept because no one used them. We continue to request that such items be clearly marked.

ACTION ITEM: Eliminate the second (and last) sentence in section 4.3.6 of the Protocol. Nancy will request the change.

Section requests Borrowing libraries to include their Ariel address in the Ship to: field on the OCLC request form. Since libraries generally do not put the Ariel address in that place, we decided that the Ariel address should go in the email or fax field, or in the Ariel field should one ever be created.

ACTION ITEM: Change section to: Ariel address under email or fax field. Nancy will request the change.

Section recommends various ways to ship rush copies. The Working Group considered adding email as an option. Although we feel this is a great idea, the success rates emailing documents have not been good, and many places have not been able to get the email because of attachment size limits. We agreed that we would address this at this time, and not add email to the current list of options.

Section 3.1 requires libraries to join the Texas group (GAC) to participate in TexShare ILL. Belonging to the GAC insures that both selective and full OCLC libraries will have access to the holdings of TexShare libraries for ILL borrowing. We will retain the word "must" for membership of the GAC.

Section 4.3.2 requires TexShare libraries to use padded envelopes or equivalent protection for TExpress shipments. Because TExpress packages are treated very roughly during shipment, the Working Group agreed to retain the word "must" in this clause.

Nancy mentioned that UT Austin has begun to use the plastic-lined padded envelopes after several books were damaged by water during shipping.

After discussion, it was recommended that Load Leveling Guidelines item number 3 in the list should be reworded. When load leveling messages were sent to the membership, some big lenders liked filling a lot of requests and did not want to be on the "use me less" list. For some, filling a lot of lending requests was perceived as a badge of honor.

ACTION ITEM: Load Leveling Guidelines, item number 3, reword to: "When you have an option, choose a net borrower before a net lender as defined by the OCLC Monthly statistical report, available on the Web." Nancy will request the change.

Several unwanted question marks appeared on the copies of the Protocol printed from the Web by the Working GroupChair. These may be appearing in lieu of hyphens.

ACTION ITEM: Nancy agreed to mention this to Norma. On the ILL Guidelines for Load Leveling, there is a "?" on the first line of #1. There are also question marks instead of hyphens on #8 in the Load Leveling Guidelines. Nancy will request the change.

Best Practices Discussion

Do we want to pursue "Best Practices" for TexShare ILL? Scott suggested that we give a "Top 10 Tips for ILL" at the 5th ILL Workshop tomorrow. We began compiling a list, although we did not use it during the Workshop.

OCLC non-referral days were discussed as a possible Tip. Since OCLC is now considered an international database, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve and Day, Thanksgiving and the day after are the only non-referral days.

We also discussed filling from ejournals and whether it is appropriate for a library to request items they own, but cannot locate.

At our meeting in December 2001, we agreed to publish a monthly message on LoanStar with ILL tips with a different Working Group member taking each month. During the past year, there have been few volunteers. So the Working Group developed ideas for Tips for the coming year, and everyone present volunteered. The list follows:

Tip of the Month:

1. Protocol changes as a result of the November 2002 meeting-Nancy in December
2. Responding to unfilled lending requests using Reasons for "No" and how easy it is to do-Dana in January
3. Downloading Reasons for "No" for your own patrons' unfilled Borrowing requests-Kate in February.
4. TAE or TExpress address-Linda in March
5. Packaging for TExpress shipments in padded envelopes-Michael in April
6. Non-referral days for OCLC-We will ask Tim to do this as soon as possible
7. Downloading and using the OCLC Reasons for "No" report-Kate in May.
8. Sending and replying to conditional requests; remember to reply with something in the lending notes, since it lets the lender know it was handled-Scott in June.
9. Verification of periodicals-Amy in July
10. August, vacation month. Nobody will do a tip of the month.
11. September-URLs for union catalogs, etcs. Presenter to be determined

Working Group members will send the tips to Nancy, and she will place the information in the template send the messages out to allow for conformity.

ACTION ITEM: Nancy will remind presenters when their turn is coming up, and will send the final messages to LoanStar.

TexShare ILL award process:

Ashley lead the discussion on the TexShare ILL Department of the Year Award. The call for nominations was pretty much the same as it was the last time. The request for nominations was sent out on the TexShare message lists for administrators and users and on LoanStar. Ashley indicated nominations were usually returned via email, although occasionally she will receive a written nomination. This year was unusual in that a lot of nominations were received for one person, primarily sent by patrons and staff of that library rather than other libraries. This begs the question whether the award is based on Borrowing or Lending services or both. How should we handle this circumstance in the future? What is our focus for this award? Is this a lending award? Is this a slight to the borrowing side? How can the process be made less subjective, and how do we make it easier?

Nancy suggested that we think about how this procedure is handled and bring it to the table at our next meeting. Scott suggested that we put the question out on LoanStar to see what the response would be. Nancy is going to talk to other places and groups that give out similar awards to see if there is anything that would help us. Should we consider combining the nomination process with a general election by the TexShare membership-sending the nominations to all TexShare libraries to vote. If this were to be done, would each library have only one vote? Would a representative of the winning library's ILL department have to be present at the Workshop to receive the award?

ACTION ITEM: Nancy will learn about other awards and how the recipients are selected. Scott will query LoanStar and assemble the remarks.


The remainder of the meeting was preparation for the Workshop. Handling registration and lunch time discussions was considered. Handout packets and name tags were assembled and readied for distribution. The Fifth Workshop was held November 22, 2002.

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