Minutes, ILL Working Group, April 26, 2007


Present: Members present: Mark Dolive, Jerry McCulley (NETLS), Mary McQueen, Lynn Thompson, Linda Cavanaugh, Sue Bennett, Ann Mason, Catherine Hamer, Tim Prather, Lori Williamson, Janet Burk, Christie Ferguson


  • Mostly small libraries
  • Collection of expensive performance rights videos
    • Web-based booking system, can book a video about 12 months in advance
  • Didn’t choose TexShare courier because smaller libraries could not afford the service
    • Using Star Fleet(?) for 2 day/week service
    • Need something other than 5 day/week service, trying to hang on to as many members as can
  • Media collection and ILL have taken off
  • How do they discover what other libraries have?
    • Probably Library of Texas?
    • 14 libraries with same ILS, will soon be able to search each other’s catalog
  • [Possible effect of postal rate changes…]
  • Statistics

Courier statistics

  • Good returns, a few have not turned in their stats
    • Southwestern University – Catherine
    • Texas Southern – Won’t contact now
    • UT San Antonio – Catherine
    • Castroville – Won’t contact yet
    • Mares Memorial – Jeff
    • San Juan Public – Lynn
    • Hidalgo Public – Lynn
    • Burleson Public - Mary
  • Why statistics?
    • Need to show cost avoidance to the state
  • Annual report survey – customer satisfaction
    • Comments received (see handout)
    • TAMU (Lan Yang) is doing a turnaround time study in order to meet GWLA standards – Catherine will ask if she will share the results with the Working Group
    • Problems with local drivers need to be reported to the AMIGOS help desk
    • Misdirected packages – forward or send it back?
      • Call AMIGOS if the package was delivered incorrectly by the courier, and forward to the correct library
      • Call the sending library if they mislabeled the package, and forward to the correct library
      • Ann will send this information via email to the list and the Working Group will add it to the top of the TexShare site list.
      • NETLS uses a 4 digit system to differentiate from TexShare numbering

ILL Comments in Annual Report Survey

  • Sent to directors. Academic libraries are required to complete, public libraries are not required to but still receive the survey
  • ILL protocols were last reviewed one year ago
  • How do libraries use Library of Texas
  • Free Odyssey available for small libraries
    • UT Austin is sending Odyssey brochure to those libraries that require email, mail, fax
    • Good topic for next ILL Workshop

Pre-planning for next ILL Workshop (Spring 2008)

  • Events to avoid
    • TLA
    • Spring break
    • Late semester
    • Decision – try for February 28-29, 2008
    • 2nd choice – February 14-15, 2008
  • Places – preferences from survey
    • 1. Austin (was difficult to find a location)
    • 2. San Antonio
    • Decision – try for Austin
  • Program ideas
    • Free Odyssey
    • OCLC pilot project in Montana
    • – NetFlix model (direct to user, packaging for returning to the library)
    • Open WorldCat / WorldCat local
    • Alternative ILL models
    • ILL and collection development
    • Library of Texas revisited
    • Breakout sessions?
      • Cost of space is an issue
      • Within the same room?
      • Table topics, but some saw as not effective
    • Keeping OCLC holdings updated
    • ILL practices for distance ed. for academic libraries, impact on public libraries (panel?)
    • Changes to copyright law (ALA position paper was distributed at Midwinter)
    • Keynote discussion – deodorant required
    • Courier basics
    • Google books
    • Lee Hilyer
  • Registration fee
    • 2006 $65, out-of-state $75
    • Determine after get hotel rates, etc.
  • Sponsors/vendors used by other meetings
    • Vendors – difficult because of state contract requirements
    • Sponsors – something to look into
      • Talk to foundation to see if they would sponsor small library costs


  • Discussion of those who are going off in August

Next Meeting

  • Possibly the day prior to the fall board meeting (probably late September or early October)


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