TexShare Working Group on

Texas Higher Education

Inter-Library Loan Protocol

March 7, 1995 Clarion Hotel Dallas, Texas


Present: Chris Hanson, Chair (University of Texas at San Antonio), David Shontz (University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio), Scott Downing (East Texas State University), Tim Prather (Amigos Library Services, Inc.), Nancy Paine (University of Texas at Austin), Shawna Kennedy-Witthar (West Texas A&M University), David Gunn (Tarlton Law Library, University of Texas at Austin), Rebecca Linton (Texas State Library), Linda Thompson (University of Houston)

Participation in the Texas Statewide Union List was discussed. It was decided that the protocol should recommend that all TexShare libraries participate. Non-participants would be urged to join, and participants would be strongly encouraged to keep their holdings up-to-date. The benefit of using the union list for collection development was mentioned as an incentive as well. It was agreed that the group would recommend that OCLC and Docline ILL statistics be obtained and that TexShare should pay for these reports.

The question of non-OCLC libraries was raised, and it was agreed that all TexShare libraries (present and future) should be encouraged to participate in OCLC at least to the extent of joining a GAC for ILL purposes. The concept of creating subsets of TexShare libraries to facilitate and promote the use of Ariel was discussed. The working group would like to identify and organize such groups. OCLC ILL statistics could be used to identify current borrowing and lending patterns among TexShare libraries, and this information could be useful in establishing Ariel subgroups.

Nancy Paine and Tim Prather will work out the details of designing such a report. The desirability of establishing a statewide delivery or courier service was discussed. The group is very much in favor of this idea and recommends that TexShare address this need in the future.

The draft protocol was reviewed and suggestions for changes were made. The group asked Linda Thompson to survey TexShare libraries regarding the usage of Ariel. She will do so.

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