ILL Protocol Working Group

Meeting Minutes

February 2, 1998

Sheraton-Brookhollow Hotel, Dallas


Lisa Anderson - Southwestern University

Scott Downing - Texas A&M University - Commerce

Brad Eden - North Harris Montgomery Community College District

Ron Glass - Amigos (Liaison)

Joan Heath - Southwest Texas State University (Management Team Liaison)

Karen Hendrick - Abilene Christian University

Keiko Horton - University of Houston

Rebecca Linton - Texas State Library (Liaison)

Jeanette Mosey - Austin Community College

Nancy Paine - University of Texas at Austin (Chair)

Heather Perkins - UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas


This being the first meeting of the ILL Protocol Working Group with the new TexShare members represented, the meeting started with introductions.

Background/Role of Working Group (Nancy Paine)

Creation of the ILL Protocol (1994-1996)

Working Group forms and begins work on the ILL Protocol (94/95)

First draft circulated to membership (4/95)

Second draft circulated to membership (8/95)

Trial Period for ILL Protocol (1/29/96-5/31/96)

Final, revised ILL Protocol distributed to TexShare Directors (1/6/97)

Commissioned statistical report from QCLC

Load leveling messages posted to TexShare and LoanStar listservs

ILL Workshop (November, 1997)

Collected Ariel Statistics in first year

Collect information from users on UMI Proquest Direct document delivery service

Focus Group Meetings on the subject of charging for ILL (6/1997)
Directors Focus Group

ILL Librarians Focus Group
Working Group begins new review of ILL Protocol (12/97)

Protocol Revision

Prior to the meeting revisions to the Protocol proposed in December at the last meeting of the previous Working Group were distributed. The newly constituted Working Group considered the proposed revisions.

There was considerable discussion on the wording of section 8.0 "Costs". (At the 1/27/98 TexShare Advisory Board meeting, Joan Heath summarized changes to the Protocol being considered by the Working Group. A board member suggested that if the ILL Protocol were amended to allow TexShare members to charge, the ability should be limited to those who have historically done so, e.g. medical school libraries.) After much deliberation the Working Group reached a consensus to allow for charging of ILL with the following language in the Protocol:

"The goal is for TexShare Libraries not to charge each other for ILL services and for ILL services and all libraries to participate. TexShare libraries will not charge each other overdue fines or processing fees for lost materials."

Other Protocol revisions:

Sections 3.1 and 5.0 change some wording to "must".

Section 4.3.4. (add) "If libraries use TExpress to return non-ILL items, they must be clearly labeled to indicate where the item should be routed to at the receiving site, e.g. Circulation Department. " The Working Group also discussed the idea of placing a label or bookmark inside the book and agreed to contact Susie Thompson (TexShare Admin. Asst.) to pursue this idea.

Sections 4.3.2. and 4.3.3., change "will" to "must".

This completed the discussion of the Protocol revision. Joan Heath agreed to create a final copy of the revised Protocol and to present it to the Management Team for approval.

TExpress Courier

There was discussion on the need for a user-friendly list of TexShare libraries with information for the courier service (OCLC symbol, location and hub). The Working Group will ask TexShare to put this information on the web page. There was a request that clear instruction be provided for sending courier packages to the Abilene group, UH/VC, and any other multiple library courier groupings.

ILL Statistics/OCLC Customized Report

The Working Group discussed how to simplify the customized ILL statistical report provided by OCLC. Given the increased membership of TexShare the current report is too long and unusable. Nancy circulated a copy of the report used by VIVA, which reports statistics, by type of library.

Rebecca discussed what data is needed with Dale Propp (Texas State Library). He suggested keeping track of total volume for both books and copies. Other suggestions: If possible, track the number of requests, filled copies, and filled loans. Also, include figures on total numbers by type of library (academic, full and selective; medical, full and selective).

After some discussion the group decided against including library to library statistics. The data is large and hard to use. Libraries can get this data from their individual OCLC reports.

It was agreed to request one report including all libraries having an OCLC symbol. We will ask OCLC to separate the report into four categories: state universities, private universities, community colleges, and medical school libraries. The report should include: Name of institution, code, loans, borrows, copies lent, copies received, total loaned, total borrowed, net taken from totals (Net = loans minus borrows). Include a summary page with totals only for the four categories. (referred to Texas Group report which Rebecca had).

There was a suggestion on the frequency of the report. It should include year-to-date and monthly statistics (two separate sections) for the four categories.

Once reports are received a load-leveling message will be posted on the Iistservs for the membership and included in appropriate Amigos publications. Members of the working group will rotate preparing the load-leveling message for the listservs. A copy of the monthly report will be provided to anyone who requests a copy.

Nancy and Rebecca agreed to draft a new statistical report and Ron would contact OCLC. Anticipated costs include $200 for programming plus a monthly fee.

It was also suggested that the Working Group post to the listserv suggested custom holding groups, e.g. TexShare 1, TexShare 2, TexShare 3... indicating what order to put schools within a custom holding group.


TexShare management has asked the Working Group to analyze the success of Ariel within TexShare. Some new TexShare members are trying to determine the cost effectiveness of using Ariel, especially given the availability of the TExpress courier service.

After some discussion Jeanette Mosley and Keiko agreed to draft a survey on Ariel to be sent to the TexShare membership. The goal of collecting this information is to provide TexShare management with a threshold on when it is cost effective to use Ariel.

ILL Workshop

The Working Group brainstormed about programming for a second ILL workshop. Nancy and Scott agreed to co-chair the workshop. Ron suggested that we plan for 150 attendance. The group preferred to schedule the workshop late enough to be past the end of the semester rush; around May 15th or later. Also, we will consider giving a TexShare ILL Department of the Year award. Possible criteria for the award could include: turn-around time, flexibility, innovativeness, attitude, and accuracy. Any signer of the Protocol can nominate.
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