ILL Protocol Working Group

Meeting Minutes

June 4, 1998


Nancy Paine, Chair Lisa Anderson Scott Downing Brad Eden Karen Hendrick Keiko Horton Jeanette Mosey Heather Perkins Joan L. Heath Tim Prather Rebecca Linton


Tim Prather new/returning member


Agenda, Customized Statistics Report, Cost Comparison Chart for Ariel, Minutes of last meeting, Revised Protocol


Joan reviewed changes in revised protocol, and explained that the Advisory Board had approved it. Load leveling guidelines were not attached, but would be included before mailing to directors. Nancy suggested rather than asking directors to sign new protocol, directors should be reminded of their current status and requested to let TexShare know only if they wished to change their status. We will ask the TexShare office to mail copies of the Protocol to ILL contacts at each library. The Working Group also recommended that a sheet with information on subscribing to various TexShare listservs be included in the mailing to ILL contacts.


Rebecca asked about including the suggested custom holdings groups developed for the workshop in the mailing to the heads of ILL. To create the custom holdings groups, Rebecca divided the state into four geographic areas, with larger lenders and medical libraries each in separate groups. The recommended ordering protocol is geographic, followed by larger libraries and medical libraries. The Load Leveling Guidelines suggest that members follow recommended custom holding paths but do not specifically include the custom holdings groups. Rebecca plans to include public libraries in the custom holdings groups. Nancy will revise the Load Leveling Guidelines and send to Susie for mailing. Scott suggested making it as simple as possible to use custom holdings, so we can convince people to use them. Nancy suggested Rebecca could put custom holdings groups on a disc for TexShare members on request. Tim recommended putting instructions on the web. Scott suggested placing medical libraries and other libraries that charge for ILL in a separate custom holding group.


Minutes of the last meeting were reviewed and accepted.


Tim explained that Ron Glass had sent the draft for the new report to OCLC. Fei Fei Guan requested an Excel file, but efforts by Tim and Nancy to forward an Excel file had not been successful. Tim will resend the file until she receives it successfully. Draft of the new design for the report was given to the working group. The report will include statistics for all eligible TexShare libraries regardless of whether or not they have signed up for ILL Protocol.

When we have the new OCLC report, it will not be sent to each library. Rebecca asked about the possibility of receiving the report in Excel format from OCLC so it can be manipulated. Maybe OCLC can put it on the Product Services menu. The group discussed how to use the information for load leveling. Rebecca suggested having several people take turns messaging the membership�praising libraries that have done more than expected and indicating which libraries to avoid and which to use more. The information can be disseminated on TexShare and LoanStar listservs and the TexShare web site.

A subcommittee (Rebecca, Jeanette, Lisa, and Nancy) was created to draft a form message. The Working Group considered whether to report to the membership based on current data which doesn't include all TexShare libraries or wait until new report is created. No decision was reached.

The group discussed collecting DOCLINE statistics for TexShare medical libraries, and agreed to contact Anna Naomi Sams at the Houston Academy of Medicine about that possibility. It was suggested that Michael Piper's TexShare office might be able to integrate DOCLINE and OCLC statistics into a single report. The group also discussed whether to include UT Austin's Document Sharing program statistics. Joan advised not to include Document Sharing, because it provides a different "value added service". Medical libraries (even if they charge) are providing the same ILL service to libraries regardless of whether the request is handled via OCLC or DOCLINE.


Keiko described the Ariel survey conducted during the spring. Most respondents were state-supported university libraries. Less than half of the respondents were using Ariel - 77 libraries responded, 32 were using Ariel. Nancy and Keiko created a cost comparison chart, comparing the cost of delivering a ten-page document by a variety of means. Keiko will post her conclusions about Ariel on the web. Nancy asked all working group members to closely review the "cost comparison" handout to determine if the costs used seemed reasonable for each library.

A formal report evaluating Ariel will be prepared for TexShare management. Keiko will begin drafting the report. It will show the volume level at which Ariel is cost effective while reminding libraries that there are other "equal" factors to consider. Everyone agreed to review the cost chart and send feedback to Nancy.


Registration begins officially at 8:00 a.m. - Susie will arrive at 7:00, continental breakfast will be available at 7:30, the program begins at 9:00. Last year's TexShare Handbook will be available to libraries that do not already have copies midway through the workshop.


1. Brad recommended making better use of LoanStar through moderated discussion of various topics. He volunteered to moderate the first discussion. Various ideas were suggested for topics, including TExpress, ethical issues (e.g., Should a library borrow if tit is not willing to lend? Should TExpress be used for non-ILL stuff?), evaluation of the workshop. Karen questioned whether everyone knew how to subscribe to listserv. We agreed to provide information about subscribing during the workshop and to find out who's subscribed to LoanStar.

2. After discussion, we agreed every 18 months was often enough to hold an ILL workshop.

3. Undertake a campaign to encourage libraries to lend things they don't normally lend, such as multi-media materials or software. This might be a moderated discussion topic.

4. Strengthen the TexShare/ILL web page.

5. Encourage ILL staff to visit other TexShare libraries/ILL departments. TexShare might make grants available for car rentals or other travel to enable visits. Visits could be highlighted on LoanStar.

6. Profile a library's ILL department on LoanStar.

7. Investigate OCLC Direct Request and evaluate for the membership.

8. Consider service quality issues for Lending, and how to deal with them in the Protocol. [This was recommended during the workshop, not the Working Group meeting.]


Scott announced that as Chair of TLA/ILL Round Table, he was always open for program ideas for the next TLA conference. Recommended ideas, which would also be good TexShare workshop topics, included: OCLC Direct Request, directly mailing ILL materials to the patron, Distance Education (Texas A&M separate web form just for distance education; Joyce Thornton possible speaker), copyright issues for electronic reserves. The group agreed early next fall before ILL offices become very busy, would be a good time for our next meeting. We adjourned at 4:10 p.m. although group members stayed to help with collating

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