ILL Protocol Working Group
Meeting Minutes
March 12, 1999


Carol Roberts (Texas Tech University) , Rebecca Linton (Texas State Library), Nancy Paine (University of Texas Austin), Lisa Anderson (Southwestern), Jeanette Mosey (Austin Community College), Keiko Horton (University of Houston), Tim Prather (Amigos), Heather Perkins (University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas), Sara Lowman (Rice University), Scott Downing (Texas A & M University Commerce)
Absent: Karen Hendrick (Abilene Christian), Brad Eden (Northwest Montgomery County Community College)


1. Introductions and revisions. Nancy corrected the ILL working group roster.

2. TLA TexShare Program and ILL testimonial. Gary Ives will do the testimonial for the ILL working group. Nancy Paine will provide the testimonial for TExpress. The program will be held on April 23 at 8:00 am. Others on the program include Bob Seal, Joe McCord, and Michael Piper.

3. Carol Roberts announced that the Texas Library Association ILL program will feature a national level speaker, Tom Delaney from Colorado State University. The program will be held on April 22 from 10:00 am to 11:50 am.

ACTION ITEM: Nancy will give the corrected roster to Rue Ramirez for inclusion on the TexShare web site.


4. Protocol. The group discussed possible revisions to the ILL Protocol. (Specific information about the revisions will be sent out as notes.) Rebecca Linton mentioned that a bill to bring public libraries into TexShare is pending in the legislature. The group expressed concern about increased costs associated with adding other types of libraries. How do we keep services equitable? The group agreed that there will be lots of issues to contend with in the future.

*Reminder for books circulated via the TexPress courier service. Books checked out via the Texcard and returned via ILL should use bookmark. Suggestion: work with the TexShare Card working group; possibly put an identifier (bookmark) in the book at the circulation point. Transaction is still the patron's responsibility.

The group agreed that the recommended changes to the ILL protocol are all fairly cosmetic and procedural and do not need to be approved by the entire membership.

ACTION ITEM: The ILL working group feels that it is not the responsibility of ILL to pay fines and take responsibility for items that are not originally circulated by ILL. The chairs of both the Courier and TexShare card working groups will be contacted by Nancy Paine for further discussion about this issue.

ACTION ITEM: Changes to the protocol will be submitted to the Coordinating Council. Nancy Paine will update the document, submit it to Michael Piper, and request that he send it out to the Coordinating Council as an attachment for discussion at the June/July Coordinating Council meeting.

Ariel Evaluation. The report was submitted by Keiko Horton and Nancy Paine. Nancy and Keiko noted that Ariel is not cost effective for every library. But, they noted that it works very well and is very convenient. They hope that each library will consider purchasing it. The report indicates under what circumstances Ariel should be purchased and gives information in tabular form comparing costs of using Ariel vs. TExpress and U.S. mail.

Recommendation: Nancy and Keiko will add a brief section stating that in order for libraries to be happy with Ariel, they need to purchase a good computer with adequate memory and a really good scanner. The ILL working group generally is very happy with Ariel. Keiko noted that quality is much better if material is scanned directly, not copied and then scanned.

ACTION ITEM: Nancy will send a copy of the Ariel report to Michael Piper, and ask him to send the report to the Coordinating Council as an attachment for discussion at the June/July Coordinating Council meeting.

ACTION ITEM: Keiko and Nancy will send a copy of the Ariel evaluation report to Rue Ramirez for inclusion on the ILL protocol web page.

5. OCLC statistics reports and load leveling messages: The working group discussed the Guidelines for Load Leveling in TexShare. Nancy noted that the most cost effective operations are in the libraries with the highest volume of lending. The greatest efficiency and cost effectiveness to the state would occur if all lending requests could be filled by the seven to ten highest volume lenders. Nancy pointed out that this is a radical idea and the group was undecided as to whether we want to consider this as a pilot project. If it were to be implemented, a method of reimbursing the large lenders would need to be explored.

Tim suggested changes to the load leveling message. It was decided to use just the "use me more" list and eliminate the "use me less" list. The message would also include the names of the seven to ten biggest lenders although it would not suggest using those libraries less. It was noted that most big lenders in TexShare are justly proud of their accomplishment and enjoy being big lenders. The group noted that Nancy has done an excellent job keeping the statistics up to date.

The group agreed that it is a lot of work keeping the statistics and the load leveling messages accurate. Although the load leveling messages generally produce some changes in borrowing patterns, it was noted that people only change their borrowing patterns for a short amount of time. Statistics will be posted twice a year in the future. Nancy noted that the statistical reports for June, July and August 1998 were identical. OCLC has agreed to rerun the reports for last summer.

ACTION ITEM: Change the load leveling message to include "use me more" libraries and to indicate the top lenders in one continuous list. There will be no "use me less" list in future messages.

6. LoanStar: Brad Eden to initiate and moderate discussion of issues on LoanStar. Scott Downing suggested discussion of ways to notify patrons requested materials had been received. Other suggested topics: collection development statistics; OCLC ILL management statistics use (downloading).


7. Changes in Copyright Law for ILL (Discussion): Photocopies must include a printed copyright statement from the author or publisher. If the information is included on the article copy, nothing else need be done. If the copyright information is not part of the article but contained elsewhere in the journal volume or issue, a photocopy of the page that contains that information must be included with the article. If there is no printed statement, a stamp copyright warning should be used. This procedure is based on information presented at ALA by Mary Jackson from ARL. This copyright information is to be passed along to the patron.

ACTION ITEM: Send out a statement on LOANSTAR and also put a copyright statement on the web site. Heather Perkins volunteered to write the statement in layman's terms; Nancy will ask Georgia Harper (UT System Counsel) for her input and approval. Then the statement will be placed on the web site and sent out to LOANSTAR.

ACTION ITEM: Any issues about copyright that come up in ILL-L should be forwarded to the LOANSTAR.

ACTION ITEM: Link from the ILL working group web page to Georgia Harper's "Crash Course in Copyright" web site section on ILL www.utsystem.edu/ogc/intellectualproperty/cprtindx.html.

8. ILL Workshop, November 1999: The budget for the workshop was discussed. Nancy distributed a handout with ideas for the next workshop�the ideas were suggested by attendees at the June 1998 workshop. The group discussed organizing and planning the workshop. Subcommittees to work on different functions were created. Approximately 150 people attended the workshop last Fall. The theme for TexShare's Third Annual ILL Workshop will be: "Interlibrary loan in the New Millennium." The following preliminary topics were discussed:

a) Copyright for the New Millenium (1 hour)

ACTION ITEM: Nancy Paine to follow up.

b) Distance Learning/Education: Rebecca Linton, Carol Roberts, and Tim Prather will form the distance education committee to design the program and contact suggested speakers. (1.5 hours)

c) High Tech Delivery to Patrons and Other Libraries: Possible speakers were recommended. Topics include high tech delivery with low tech equipment, forward Arieled articles electronically to our patrons, software (other than Ariel) to transmit documents.. (1 hour)

ACTION ITEM: Brad Eden will be asked to follow up on this aspect of the program.

d) Survey of ILL Procedures: A survey will be sent with registration information. Rebecca Linton will draft and then analyze the survey. Suggested topics include questions such as: How many patrons are sending requests by e-mail, how many people use Clio, expectations vs. reality, etc. The survey will be discussed as part of the program or presented as a display in the conference room. (30 minutes)

ACTION ITEM: send survey questions of interest to Rebecca Linton. If the program looks too long, the survey results could be displayed as a poster session.

e) Lunch discussions: Jeanette Mosey suggested having tables for discussion of specific topics over lunch led by facilitators. There would be 6-7 topics of discussion. People would indicate their interest on the registration form, and then sit with that group at lunch.

ACTION ITEM: Jeanette Mosey will line up facilitators and topics (1 hour). Nancy Paine will handle registrations and assigned seating.

f) Expectations vs. Technology Gap: How to keep up with technology and the technology gap. This section will include staff issues, patron expectations and reality, technical knowledge gap.

ACTION ITEM: Heather Perkins to present this topic at the workshop. (30 minutes)

g) Paperless ILL: What files you might not want to keep, what OCLC and NAILLD are doing, what vendors are doing? (1-2 hours). This will be the keynote presentation.

ACTION ITEM: Keiko Horton will contact recommended speakers.

h) Alternate Program or filler if needed: OCLC update: what's new with OCLC, microenhancer, reports, symbols, etc. (15-30 minutes). (Tim Prather would present)

Summary of Workshop Assignments: Scott Downing and Nancy Paine will act as co-chairs. All other WG members are on committees:

Registration: Nancy Paine
Copyright: Nancy Paine
Distance Education: Rebecca Linton, Tim Prather, Carol Roberts
Keynote speaker: Keiko Horton
Technology Gap: Heather Perkins
High Tech Delivery: Brad Eden
Survey of What TexShare ILL libraries are doing: Rebecca Linton
Table Topics and Moderators: Jeanette Mosey
Facilities, Food and Equipment: Susie Thompson, Scott Downing, and Karen Hendrick Publicity and Program handouts: Heather Perkins and Lisa Anderson
ILL Department of the Year Award: Scott Downing, Nancy Paine, Sara Lowman and Keiko Horton.
Workshop Moderator: Scott Downing

Information from Bonnie Juergens and/or Michael Piper is needed regarding the workshop's budget.

ACTION ITEM: Nancy and Sara will follow up with Bonnie on funding for the workshop.

9. Enhancing the TexShare ILL Web Presence: Nancy Paine and Scott volunteered to work on a brief history and overview of the ILL working group. They are also drafting a committee charge or mission statement that will be discussed by the Coordinating Council and posted on the web. A link to the contents of the previous two workshops was suggested. A page with link to useful ILL information on the web was also recommended. Examples of such sites are Georgia Harper's "Crash Course in Copyright," ALA packaging recommendations, OCLC, Ariel, etc. Nancy can provide information for the web site to Rue Ramirez and his staff at UT Austin.

ACTION ITEM: Send possible links (with annotations) to Nancy Paine for an ILL web page.

ACTION ITEM: Sara Lowman to send minutes to Rue Ramirez. Nancy will try to locate minutes of previous meetings not already posted on the web.

ACTION ITEM: Scott Downing and Nancy Paine will write a brief history and overview of the ILL working group.

ACTION ITEM: Scott Downing and Nancy Paine will draft a committee charge to be reviewed by the Coordinating Council.

ACTION ITEM: Ariel Evaluation report to be posted.

Note: Nancy announced that she and Daisy Benson at UT Austin have an article in a new AMS publication edited by Mary Jackson and Greg Sapp. The article is about load leveling and contains a lot of information about TexShare.

10. New programs:

a) Encourage visits to other ILL departments so TexShare libraries can learn from each other. Rebecca Linton will investigate TexShare's funding visits to other ILL departments with Michael Piper. The idea is to create a TexShare fund to which ILL departments could apply for funds to visit other libraries and learn new procedures from others. Requests could be sent to the ILL working group to consider award amounts. Keiko Horton suggested creating a list of departments with expertise in various areas available for site visits to be posted on the web site.

ACTION ITEM: Keiko Horton will develop a list of ILL related subjects, and a corresponding list of possible "expert libraries." Topics to be included are Ariel, Minolta scanners, use of the Texas Group, etc. Nancy and Keiko will also pursue asking recent visitors to their libraries to write up the results of their site visits.

b) Sponsor a campaign to encourage libraries to lend non-traditional items such as videos or CDs. Rebecca Linton would like to do a survey to find out what non-traditional items are currently loaned. Rebecca Linton and Tim Prather will work on a questionnaire and send it to the ILL working group for comments.

ACTION ITEM: Tim and Rebecca will draft a survey for the ILL working group. The survey will then be sent out via LOANSTAR. Results will be tabulated, and sent to the Coordinating Council.

Next meeting: the day before the November workshop

Sara Lowman 3/15/99

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