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Six Steps to Transform Your Library into a Test-Prep and
Career Development Powerhouse!

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1. Add a LearningExpress Library link to your library's homepage.

  • Email to request your library's unique link for LearningExpress Library. Every library has a different URL to ensure proper authentication and for tracking usage statistics. We'll email you a PDF with the link you'll need.

  • Unlike the other TexShare Databases, the LearningExpress Library link does *not* require password-protection. You can place the link right on your home page.

  • Public libraries with PlinKit websites coordinated through the Texas State Library already have these links.

2. Add a logo with the link! (Right-click to download and save.)

3. Order FREE promotional supplies for LearningExpress Library.

4. View the *brief* LearningExpress Video Guides to get started right away!

  • Access via your link to LearningExpress. Look for the "Video Guides" dropdown menu.

  • We know you're busy! Each topic is only 2-3 minutes!

  • Great for librarians, staff, and patrons.

  • Everything you'll need to know to get started yourself or to assist your library visitors .

LearningExpress Video Guides screenshot

5. Consider running the full-length video (17 minutes) on a loop on a public workstation. YouTube Link is here. (Closed-captioning available.)

Use this code to embed on your website:
<iframe title="Learning Express Libraries Tutorial" 
width="420" height="315" src="" 
frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

6. Track your library's usage stats!

  • Quantify the value of your library (and TexShare) to your funding agencies.

  • Contact LearningExpress customer support at or by phone at 800-295-9556 x2.  Mention your library is part of TexShare and request an administrative login. (Tip: create the login with a library email that's shared, so you can delegate the reporting.)

  • Once you have your administrative login, run your reports at:


What Exactly is LearningExpress Library and How Can My Patrons Use It?

  • Access over 800 online practice tests and interactive skill-building tutorials to help launch or advance their careers.
  • Prepare for professional certification, licensing, and aptitude tests in civil service, law enforcement, firefighting, EMS, military, real estate, and healthcare, among others.
  • Prepare for college and graduate school admissions tests including the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE, LSAT, and MCAT.
  • Successfully prepare for the GED exam when working toward a high school diploma.
  • Dramatically improve or refresh basic skills in reading, writing, and math.

Is training available?

LearningExpress hosts FREE, regularly-scheduled product training webinars. See and click on the "Register" link at the bottom of the page to view the calendar and sign up for a session. Trainers are available to answer your specific questions.

What if my library uses the Library of Texas portal to the TexShare Databases?

  • LearningExpress is just one of more than 50 TexShare Databases. Access them all via the TexShare menu page at

  • If your library already links to the TexShare Databases menu, you do not need to do anything; your library's customized link is already there!

  • Remember: your TexShare login and password may be required to access this portal.

  • Pro-Tip: Set up *automatic login* to the TexShare menu page for staff and public workstations inside your library by registering your library's broadcast IP addresses. Email for information.

  • Even if you link to the TexShare Databases menu, you can still have a dedicated link to LearningExpress Library.

I forgot my library's TexShare login and password.... and I'm the librarian!

Not a problem! Send an email with your full signature line to

Where can I get more information?

Download these PDFs for more details on LearningExpress Library, including the scope of materials available and instructions for use.

You can download new LearningExpress Library logos and graphics here. (600 Kbyte zip archive)

Full-Color, Customizable Posters for Download (PDF)

All PDFs above include a customizable field for your library's URL. Fill in your library's website before printing.

Additonal materials are also available by selecting the Administrator and Featured Resources links at the bottom of the LearningExpress Library main page:


Can my staff and patrons use these resources on my mobile phone, tablet, or iPad?

YES! This new version of LearningExpress is compatible with your mobile devices.

Who's paying for this?

These LearningExpress education and career development electronic resources are funded by a grant from the US Institute of Museum and Library Services. The TexShare Databases are a program of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission, made possible by state and federal funds, as well as through member participation fees.

Page last modified: June 5, 2015