Discovery services use a central index to enable searching across a wide range of library resources.  TexShare provides member libraries with information and services to help them provide discovery services to their library users.

Discovery White Paper

Implementing a discovery service can be both challenging and rewarding. The Texas State Library and Archives Commission (TSLAC) contracted with Amigos Library Services to write a white paper to provide basic information concerning discovery services, as well as an overview of the major discovery vendors. For an overview of what is covered, see the executive summary. For full content, including vendor information, “What to Look for in a Discovery Service Checklist,” and “Evaluating Your Discovery Service Checklist,” see the updated full report.

Discovery Texas

Discovery Texas, formerly the Library of Texas, is a service offered by the Texas State Library and Archives Commission that allows users to discover and retrieve desired information from multiple library catalogs, databases, and other knowledge collections. Texans no longer need to use a separate interface for each individual library or database. At present, Discovery Texas searches through more than 150 TexShare member library catalogs and licensed content from EBSCO and Gale.


Working Group Information

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Program Details

Librarians: Please refer to our Discovery Texas librarian information page for details on how to use the Discovery Texas, how it categorizes subjects, how libraries are chosen as searchable resources in the default search screen, how to add your library, and the interlibrary loan process.

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