Meeting Minutes

TexShare - Library of Texas Working Group
May 02, 2005

Minutes Recorded by Kathryn Sturtz

Meeting Place: Online via Centra

List of Attendees: John Asbell, Shedrick Pittman-Hassett, Jeanette Mosey (Chair), Antonella Ward, Chris Peterson, Tim Mason, Martha Rinn, Kathryn Sturtz, Beverley Shirley, Kevin Marsh

Absent: Sheri Benton, Luis Chaparro, Adam Wright

Meeting was called to order at 10:10 a.m. Chris Peterson reviewed how to use Centra software.

Announcement: It was announced that Adam Wright will be joining the group, but is absent today. Kathryn Sturtz volunteered to take minutes.

Unfinished Business

  1. Search options – Kevin discussed the Select/Deselect option concerning using only the OPACs, only the databases or both. There was also discussion on removing the “Hide Items” button. Group agreed to include the Selection/Deselect option and remove the “Hide Items” button.
    2. Custom gateway – Kevin reviewed the custom gateway and various databases that are not available in the LOT. Bev summarized that with databases not currently carried by LOT we have 3 options:

    1. The databases are standard compliant with Z39.50 and can be easily included.
    2. Those that aren’t compliant but can be included with some labor and some cost involved.
    3. Others that aren’t compliant can be made visible with a link.

    Bev asked about prioritizing databases and how it should be done. There was some discussion on the cost of databases being a priority factor. It was decided to complete the discussion on prioritizing via e-mail.

    3. Usability study – Chris had nothing to present today. Kevin reported large usage statistics and that trends are going up. It was suggested that it was premature at this point to do a study. Bev suggested that Kevin do a study on options for a usability study and Chris provide the group with a brief overview of usability studies which will be discussed at the next meeting.
    4. Soliciting enhancements – There was discussion on using e-mail or a form concerning enhancements. Kevin reviewed a few previous requests for enhancements especially for interlibrary loan. Bev proposed on where to place enhancements should be covered in the usability study. Also discussed was using an “About” or “Contact” link that would include information on enhancements in process. Kevin will discuss these links with the Web developer.

Jeanette asked about prioritizing the agenda in the interest of time at 11:20. The group decided to put TLA Programming on the bulletin board.

New Business

1. ICOLC - Bev discussed the ICOLC meeting on metasearch tools technology including a federated search engine study from California.
2. Enhancement issues:

A. Virtual reference – Group discussed adding virtual reference to LOT. Some related that they are currently providing VR to their patrons. Group agreed that this was not urgent and could be something to add when time and resources permit.
B. ILL and holds – Group discussed the value of placing holds in local libraries via LOT due to some of the experiences Houston Public has been having with their holds. Kevin volunteered to explore the costs associated with adding the holds feature. Group agreed we should explore the costs first.
C. Hide the ILL option on LOT if owned by local library – Group agreed that the LOT should hide the ILL link if the local library owned the item.
D. Adding wording concerning ILL costs – Group agreed to adding wording to patrons that there may be some costs on ILL transactions. Bev suggested that we work with the ILL Working Group for the wording and the group agreed.
E. ILL data to management systems – Kevin suggested that we work with the ILL Working Group on this because there may be some costs involved. Group agreed to explore this with the ILL Working Group and explore costs.

Kevin asked if we wanted to discuss the LOT’s “Help” feature, but Jeanette suggested that we could put this on the bulletin board.

5. BBS online discussion forum was brought up at 12:00 when the meeting ended.

Respectfully submitted,
Kathryn Sturtz

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