Meeting Minutes

TexShare - Library of Texas Working Group
Tuesday, July 10, 2006

Minutes Recorded by Jeanette Mosey

Meeting Place:
Texas State Library and Archives
1201 Brazos Street
Austin, Texas

List of Attendees:
Kevin Marsh (TSLAC), Jeanette Mosey (Chair), Christine Peterson, Shedrick Pittman-Hassett, Martha Rinn, Beverley Shirley (TSLAC), Kathryn Sturtz
Guests: Judith Hiott (HPL), Diane Neal (TWU, SLIS), Danielle Plumer (TSLAC)

1. Program status update (Kevin Marsh, TSLAC)

  • Kevin updated the group on the status of prioritized cosmetic and substantial software changes. Several were completed in July and others are expected by September 1st. A few need more discussion and/or follow up. Note that there is currently no formal way for libraries to inform Kevin if they have a virtual reference service.
  • Permission forms to link to library catalogs and download MARC records have been mailed to Library Directors. About 75% of libraries are allowing both view and download MARC. The Amigos Help Desk received calls from several member libraries about that issue. ACTION: Chris will check on whether Amigos staff offered a “standard” answer.
  • The WG discussed ways for libraries to alert Kevin to local database subscriptions for linking from a library’s LoT interface page. Options include via the libraries’ TexShare annual report - perhaps a drop-down menu/list; OR an Amigos list via OCLC symbol. WG members can send Kevin a list of their direct database subscriptions.
  • For TLA Annual Conference 2007 there will be a NetFair presentation on using the LoT interface, a session on federated searching at which Kevin will present, and participation in the TexShare Communication WG program.

2. MARC copy cataloging (Jeanette Mosey and Martha Rinn)

The draft “FAQ on Sharing MARC Records” was discussed and revisions suggested. Jeanette and Martha will make changes and re-send to the group.

3. Report on TLA Program (Kevin Marsh)

The handout from the “Got LoT?” program that was presented at TLA Annual Conference (2006) was distributed.

4. Usability Study (Diane Neal, TWU)

Diane distributed the instrument for the usability study of LoT she will conduct and described the process she will use.

5. "Mashing up" and LoT (Adam Wright)

Adam described “Mashing up” and how it is used on some sites. Discussion of how it might be used with LoT followed. The group would like to see the LoT API made available to the computing community for potential development of useful new applications of the technology.

6. Term expirations (Beverley Shirley, TSLAC)

Four members have terms which expire. Beverley will follow-up with them about re-appointments and whether new members are needed for 3-year terms.

7. LoT WG web site

Working Group members should review the LoT web site and other WG web sites for ideas then make suggestions on how to make the LoT WG site more useful. This discussion item will be added to the discussion board.

8. Next meeting

The WG will meet again in early December, probably via a telephone conference set up by the TSLAC staff.

1:00 Adjourn

The Working Group will meet again in Spring 2007.

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